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Riven Build Guide by lWesl

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lWesl

Riven Solo Top

lWesl Last updated on June 13, 2013
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I am making this guide because Riven is my personal favourite champion in the entire game, i have mained and played Riven pretty much since i got her which was as fast as i could, because i thought a small girl with a giant sword was totally kick *** (which it still is.) She was my third character (after Ashe and Nasus) and i have played her pretty much a **** load for the past year i've been playing league and i consider myself extremely skilled with her. Although i am only a Gold 3 player i have extremely good Riven stats and never really let my team down and will continue to love this babe until i stop playing. I hate seeing people play bad as Riven so really im just making this guide because 1) I think you're a disgrace half the time playing this champion and 2) I'm bored ****less and instead of playing i'm going to help you get better as this Battle Bunny Beauty.

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The Basic Knowledge of Raping lane and Taking Advantage

Riven is a high damage and mobility champion who has the ability to burst down squishy targets, stay alive and be a huge threat to the enemy team. She is good at more then just being in the team though because she is something known as a "lane-bully" and is really good at taking advantage of laning and snowballing out of control. Riven has the ability to get an early kill or advantage and hold onto it to force the opponent out of lane and push them further behind with ease, if Riven gets an early gank from her jungler or just gets a kill in general then that lane is pretty much yours to play with. for example Riven vs Rumble, Riven is a very strong pick against Rumble and therefore can kill him pretty easy, if Riven does kill him she gains money to buy more damage and rumble misses minions/money of his own and with that small advcantage riven can proceed to kill him again and again with ease. Now sure yes a lot of champions can do this and its only natural that you are stronger but Riven is exceptionally good at it.

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The Goods and the Bads

The Goods
  • High Damage
  • High Mobility
  • Short Cooldown Shield
  • 4 Short Dashes
  • 2 forms of cc (stun and knock back)
  • Sexy as Hell
  • Snowballs like crazy
  • You cant really kite riven because of her 4 dashes and cc
The Bads
  • Relies on mobility and shield = cc can screw her over
  • She can snowball well but can also be put behind very easily
  • Not very tanky
  • She isnt that great at taking down targets with high Health/Armor
  • Q can sometimes bug and dash you in the wrong direction which can be life threatening

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Early Game

Ok so first thing you want to do when you start a game is buy your items as fast as possible and run to your jungle to help with either blue (blue side) or red (purple/red side) when you help pull for either of these buffs for your jungler you want to make SURE you do not miss experience on the first minion death because every little bit of experience is important, a lot of the time you will not get there in time for the last hit depending on how good of a leash you give but you just need to make sure you get the experience. Now early game is the most important time for Riven because you can control the fate of the game by how you play your lane. you want to push up the first wave and get level 2 as fast as possible so ofcourse there is risk of a jungle gank. the jungler will usually finish red with a smiteless blue leash at around 3 minutes 10 so you want to ward at about 3 minutes. this is only for blue side though, if you are on purple side they most likely started blue and went red and you can wait another 30 seconds or so before warding, on blue side you want to ward their tri bush and on purple side you want to ward the small bush in the river. As soon as you hit level 2 get your w and go in for harass making sure not to miss much cs, with Riven she does exceptionally more damage with comboing her abilities with auto attacks, if you were to use q-q-q in a row you would do about 100 damage max which really isnt that much, but her passive allows her to have more damage on auto attacks from her abilities so you can get a lot more sustain damage by putting auto attacks inbetween your q's and w's, for example q-auto-q-autp-q-auto, the additional damage from your passive and the cc to stop any counter attack can add up to about 300 damage at level 2 at the cost of about 50-80 life return you want to keep up this harras until you either kill them or push them out of your lane and gain an advantage.

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Mid/Late Game

At this point of the game you will have some or most of your core items, and with these items you should be able to deal a lot of damage, especially to squishy targets, in a team fight make your soul objective to kill either their ad or ap carry (ad usually first) even if it costs you your life, Riven is pretty good in aoe comps but she can fit in most comps as long as she gets her job done. The ad carries usually cant escape your cc and constant dashes and stuns and you should kill them very quickly then you can change target or make an escape depending on how the rest of your team is going. Riven is not much of an engager but you can make some nice plays with your flash and stun.

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Things you may not know

Things you may not know
[*] Her ult gives bonus ad adding damage to both your abilities and basic attacks for 12 seconds
[*] The second part of her ult is an execution based move that deals more damage the lower life they are
[*] Her q's cooldown is not lowered when the abilitiy is level'd up
[*] All of her abilities scale off of AD (including her shield)
[*] She gains additional attack range with her ult activated