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Riven General Guide by XOSmlp

Riven - Tons of DMG

By XOSmlp | Updated on January 11, 2013

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welcome to my first guide on the most glorious of all the bunnys - Riven.
My Name is XOSmlp and I hope I can give you a quick overview of Riven.

This is my first guide so constructive criticism is always welcome.

As you might have noticed by now, I am not a native english speaker, so please feel free to tell me about any mistakes I have made throughout this guide.

Then let's get right to it.
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+ fun to play
+ insane DMG in all stages
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- can be countered by Garen & Olaf
- have to get used to her cooldowns and her ult
- hard CC is your worst enemy
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Skills Explanation

Q - Broken Wings

This skill lets Riven dash forward and deal moderate DMG. This skill can be used up to 3 times, although there are some bugs where you can use it 5 or more times. Also this can sometimes be cast during your GA-Revival. IMPORTANT: The 3rd activation of your Q knocks enemies back a short bit, but this can be really useful to get ganks happening.

This skill has a fairly low cooldown, as all of Rivens skills, so you can use this to escape some situations.

W - Ki Burst

Deals high DMG and stuns all enemies in a circle around you. This can be used to interrupt ultimates like Katarina's Death Lotus or others. This has a low cooldown and some people max it first but i prefer the higher DMG on the Q over the lower cooldown stun.

E - Valor

A pretty straight forward skill. Riven dashes to your cursor and gets shielded for an amount based on your AD.

R - Blade of the Exile

Gives you a lot of bonus AD so you will have 300-400+ AD when you are full build. This is really useful for going into 5 enemies into Q or W and then just spam the heck out of your skills and then finish of with the other part of "Blade of the Exile":

Riven has the ability to cast Wind Slash, a conal skillshot that deals more DMG, the more health your opponent is missing. This is an extremly useful ultimate since you can kill them when they think the will get away. Most people underestimate this ability until they see you killing them time after time.
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Tips & Tricks

If you are getting ganked and the enemy is at about 50 % health or less, you can try to use your ultimate and kill him and then get away. The surprise effect it will have will often work, since Riven has such a huge amount of Burst DMG and alot of people underestimate this.

If you are getting towerdived, use your ultimate, and then Q and W the heck out of your keyboard. This will often turn into a double kill.

Your E and Q can be used to get to lane really fast since they dont cost any mana and you can spam them like I told you before.
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Item, Runes and Masteries

The Items are pretty simple:
Get boots and 3 potions, or a ward if you feel they will do a LVL 2 gank.
Rush for the Black Cleaver, dont forget your wards everytime you go base.
Build a Bloodthirster and improve your boots, depending on who your lane opponent is.
Get your Guardian Angel and you are ready to roll.

The Last 2 Items are of your choice but often the game won't last this long.

My Runes are AD Reds, Armor Yellows, MR / MR per LVL Blues and AD Quints.
I think those fit Riven the best since you are really aggressive from early on
and this just improves your early and also grants you some nice stats for the late.

My Masteries have the same thoughtprocess as the Runes. Tons of Damage in all game
stages while not dying too quickly.
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Laning Phase

In Laning phase you must try to farm as much and try to outzone/outfarm your enemy as good as you can. If you have the map nicely warded you can just push your creeps to the enemy's turret and let your opponent lose it. If you want to get a kill, push your lane and then run down to Mid and try to gank. This gets really easy once you are LVL 6, since your ultimate is a really nice finisher.

If you can't gank mid or just don't want to, you can also counterjungle your enemies, but you have to be really careful that you know the position of their jungler or know that they cant get aid from their teammates in time so that you can kill them.

Try to ward their Red/Blue of your enemies depending on what side you are on.

If you have the Tribush on your side, either make sure that both the River and the Tri are warded
or ask your teammates to ward your wraiths, so you can see when their jungler comes into your jungle and might possibly gank you. If your wraiths are warded just ward the River and push like the farming machin you are.

Farming is farely easy with Riven because of 3 reasons:

1. You have no mana, so spam your skills like the Riven you are. Beware that fast junglers like Hecarim or someone might run just through your ward and push you back, so try to have at least your Q or E up at any given time.

2. Your Q and W are both aoe and you can easily clear the waves with this.

3. Your Riven.

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Riven - Tons of DMG