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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Mr. Hello

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr. Hello

-Rolling In Money and Cards

Mr. Hello Last updated on November 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

Threats to Twisted Fate with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gragas Pre-6, you can win him. Post 6- play a bit safe. Try to flash out of his ult and you should win him.
Annie Watch out for the stun! Be wary of her flash-stun + Tibbers combo
Azir Very annoying. Try rushing Athene's Unholy Grail instead.
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About myself :)

Hi readers. I am an average player in [_ O [_ and I have played twisted fate ever since the day it was released. I absolutely adores this card master and I am reasonable safe to say that i have played at least 1000 games with it. Though I ain't the best twisted fate player, i still want to share my experience and my feelings on how to play this card master.

P.s. this is my very first guide. Please read finish this whole guide before deciding if it is good or bad. I swear that I put a lot of time and effort in compiling this guide. Comments, no matter positive or negative, are welcomed :D

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Pros / Cons


Global presence with ultimate.
Easy farming.
Gold card pretty much secures a kill.
Good poking/harass
Fast pusher/split pusher
Can refund mana!
Does not really need blue buff


Low base hp
Extremely squishy
Can be crippled easily if cc'ed
Weak to a lot of other mid laners

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Ah.. items. There are over 50 major items in this game. Which one to build? Which are situational? Which are essential?

Rabadon Deathcap
Lich Bane
Sorcerer's Shoes/ Ionian Boots

Zhonya Hourglass
Athene's unholy grail
banshee veil
Rylai's Ability Scepter
Guardian Angel

Void Staff
Zhonya Hourglass
Abyssal Scepter

As a twisted fate player, you must get for him ALL the essential items. With these items, Twisted Fate really becomes a champion which all fear. Your combo gold card + wild card really scares squishies.

Always pick at least 1 defensive item. I normally buy Zhonya Hourglass. Sometimes I would get banshee's veil/guardian angel.

As for recommended, I generally get them to fill in any additional slots in my inventory.

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Skills explanation

Your passive gives you additional gold between 1-6 for every kill you make, including minions. Not much explanation needed. It is usually this passive that lets you be the first person to have a major item.

At level 1: I level up W because of how useful it can be. Slow, stun or mana refund, how can it get useful anymore? At level one, stun is an extremely powerful crowd control and when use correctly, it can help your team get first blood, adding 80 dollars or so into your pocket if everyone participated in the kill.

Afterwards, proceed to max your Q first, Many people would have ask: Why Q and not W? I have tried out the Max-W-Route before and all i can say is, it is not as reliable as maxing out Q first. Due to your short range, enemies can avoid being hit by your pick a card. Of course, one can argue about zoning. But, maxing our Q first will significantly increase the amount of damage you dish out at level 9. Dont believe? Try it out yourself.

Many people have complained about E being significantly useless. However, I feel that it is the skill that gives Twisted Fate the 'Lucky hand'/.

Many of times, Twisted Fate does not have the insta-burst potential yet. Thus, the added bonus from E gives a little extra edge of power. Just take it as a mini ignite passive ._. it can really be useful for last-hitting creeps and killing.

Lastly, your ultimate, Destiny. Press once, you can see all alive opponent champions. Second press, you can choose a place to teleport to after 1.5 seconds. Do take not, that stunning, snaring, dancing (sona's ultimate), rooting or any form of cc that makes a champion unmovable for a while would cancel your teleport. Oh, and pushing you (lee sin's ultimate, Veyne's Comdemn etc). Do take note!

With your ultimate, you will maintain a global presence for the whole game. Enemies who push too deep will be punished when you teleport down. Also when you see a fight break up, teleport to there and assist your team. You might turn the tide around.

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So, you have locked in Twisted Fate, gone through the loading process and you are in Summoner's Rift with Twisted Fate.

As my guide says so, purchase a doran ring and 2 health potions, warding totem (trinklet) and head down mid.

Generally, I help my jungler leash his buff buy throwing a red card. It deals AoE (area of effect) damage, which maximises output.

When I head down lane, farming begins. Always note that twisted fate is not an early game champion! keep in mind that early game, you should just be last-hitting and light-poke your enemy. Do not get out of position! At the three minute mark, ward one of the side bushes, and just stick around that side of bush. If the jungler comes from the warded side, you can back a bit. If they come form the unwarded side, just get into the jungle and loop back into your lane.

When you have around 1300 gold, shove the wave into the enemy tower and recall. Buy a sheen, a ward, some potions, change your trinklet to sweeping lens, and return to mid lane.

With Sheen, your damage is boosted by quite a bit, although you have low hp. The passive is extremely useful and can be used with your pick-a-card simultaneously for a nice damage.

One trick I have now is to gold card the opponent, Q, and auto-attack until the opponent have slightly less than half hp.

Just when he thought we can do nothing else, quickly pull out a gold card, flash-stun-Q-ignite-auto attack and it will net you a kill.

Although you blow up all your summoner skills, it is worthwhile because kills is essential for twisted fate's development late game.

Note: This tactic will be useless when facing a champion with heal, barrier, exhaust, or fizz.

Always look at what other lanes are doing. When you think a fight is about to break out, use sweeping lens on the brush you are in, check for wards. Then, you can be the initiator! Teleport there, lock in your gold card WHILE TELEPORTING, so that when you reach the lane you are ganking, you can immediately stun the target; ADC when ganking bot lane. Your gank will have a 99% chance of guaranteeing the kill.

Last-hitting is important. Grants you gold. Easy as that. Try to reach the meta: 200 cs at 20 minutes.

To have all 6 creeps when a wave arrives, use red card at the second melee minion. Then, proceed with a Q. This should clear out all the minions unless:

1) You threw your Q slanted -_-
2) You have not enough AP
3) Your Q is not maxed out yet

Don't forget, when you are low on mp, use blue card :P

When Ulti-ing, do not immediately go down just because you see an opportunity! There has been instances where Twisted Fates just go blindly for ganks and get slaughtered.

Think of the following questions before teleporting:
1) Are your team in good shape?

if your team is slow on hp or shabby looking, blown away all their skills, no mana etc, you are just wasting time going down. In fact, you will just be berated by your team for wasting their precious time which can be donated for farming.

2) Is their jungler there?

Most junglers have high burst potential/ counter gank potential.

3) Do you have enough health?

If you have less than 50% hp, I do not recommend you to fly down because most of the time your ganks involve tower-diving, I have no idea why...

Secure dragons. Global gold, I am not sure about exp. Very useful. Your team should be able to take it down in like 10 seconds flat. Good objective.


Blue card procced with lich bane deals good damage to towers. Bear in mind that since you have ap, towers will receive additional damage as well.

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Late game arrives

So, late game. i sincerely hope you have the full build now. Your burst in insane now, a stun card + Q + ignite + stacked deck can wreck the adc.

If you manage to take away the opponent adc, your team should win the teamfight because it is the adc that deals the MOST amount of damage in a teamfight.

Always look to secure baron when the enemies are defending or whatever, Winning teams get baron to give themselves and extra edge closer to victory, losing teams get baron to see some hope.

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Allies, enemies...

As Twisted Fate, you generally favour teams that can deal good amount of cc. Examples of such champions include amumu, leona, malphite, and riven.

Twisted Fate can go well along with a jungler like Lee Sin, Amumu, Rengar, or Fiddlesticks.

As mentioned above, Twisted Fate should avoid opponents like Le Blanc, Veigar, or Zed, or any champions that have high burst potential.

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Of course, no guide-writers write perfect guides. No one cam be absolutely sure their guide is 100% good. Furthermore, this is my first guide. I really have lots more to learn. So please feedback me of how i can improve on this guide. And, if you think my guide is good, please vote it up. That one vote can spur me on to write guides for other champions!

Credits: Misaya, the person who makes a lot of people fell deeper in love with twisted fate.

jhoijhoi, for teaching me how to make a guide.