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Rumble Build Guide by fatman1337

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fatman1337

rumble dumble

fatman1337 Last updated on September 26, 2012
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Chapter 1


If you want to be a bully in lane, Rumble is your man. This amazing character can grill his opponents and still out farm them.

Well, now that I've presented Rumble to you, I think it's time to introduce myself. My League of Legends name is "Tha Feared" and I've played LoL for a couple of years. When I began playing this game I didn't really enjoy the champions I bought so I decided to save up for Rumble. This little yordle made me love the game. Just think of it... who doesn't like to fry their opponents and shoot harpoons at them.

I also think I should tell you that this is my first guide

Pros / Cons

+ He has a really strong harassment
+ He has no mana
+ He has strong slows
+ He has an ult that easily can kill an enemy under their turret
+ He has massive burst damage in late game even if he builds tanky
+ There is only a few counters to him

- Can make you miss a kill if you forget about your passive
- Can be squishy in early game
- You don't have good CC, you only have a single target slow


The extra AP will give you advantage in lane and increase the damage on your harass. Together with the quintessences and masteries, you should start the game with 29 AP.

I take these runes for extra damage reduction, especially in early game. These runes will keep you fat until you get your Chain Vest.

As you know, many champions lack MR in early game. Therefore I recommend these runes. With their low MR and your magic penetration, you will almost deal true damage

These runes will give you the AP to deal "Tons Of Damage".

As you want to go for AP in early game I recommend you to go 9-21-0. With 21 in the defensive tree you will have Juggernaut and Veteran's Scars. These masteries will keep you tanky throughout the laneing phase. You will also have Vigor to help you stay in lane.

The reason that I pick Hardiness before Resistance is because you usually face AD champions like Renekton on top lane.

Summoner Spells

Ignite This is a really good summoner spell that can help you get many kills in lane.

Heal I know many of you think it's bad to use heal on Rumble but I love it. Heal have saved me and given me a kill instead of a death millions of times.

Flash is the most used summoner spell in the game and it's also good choice for Rumble. It can secure a kill and save your life.

Unique Skills

[icon=jungkyard size=55]
Junkyard Titan This is a really powerful passive that can help you alot if you use it wisely. Try to keep your heat above 50 so you get the bonus effects on your spells. Also make sure you use your Flamespitter to overheat when fighting. A flamespitting overheated Rumble is nothing to play with.

Flamespitter is Rumble's main source of damage. As mentioned above try to be over 50 heat at all times. If you are able to use this ability while above 50 heat, you will get 30% bonus damage.

Important!!! Flamespitter only deals half the damage to minions

Scrap Shield has saved my life so many times. This shield blocks attacks and gives you MS. It can be cast to get out of a team fight when you are low or to chase down an opponent. This ability might also save you if you get tower dived. Above 50 heat this shield will give you extra MS and a stronger shield.

The only thing this shield can't do is save you from heavy CC (like Alistar's) or continous slows (like Nunu's)

Electro-Harpoon is great for harassing, chasing and last hitting. And the best part is that it can be fired twice >:D. This attack has a great slow that gets really strong above 50 heat. Together with Rylai's Crystal Scepter this slow almost snare.

And finally, 1 of the best ults in LoL The Equalizer. This ability deals "Tons Of Damage" and save your life if you use it wisely. This ability doesn't get any bonus for being above 50 heat cause it would be too op.

Skill Sequence

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

As you can see i max my Flamespitter to maximize my damage. I follow up with Electro-Harpoon for a strong slow to be able to chase my opponent. And last but not least i take the Scrap Shield. As you can see i haven't mentioned his ult above and that's because you allways pick ult at lv 6, 11 and 16 (if you don't play Udyr)

The reason i max my Electro-Harpoon before my Scrap Shield is because i'm really aggressive in lane. Important!!! If you are aggressive in lane make sure you always, I repeat always have a ward!!!


Harass 1: -->

Use your Scrap Shield to get close and then activate Flamespitter. This combo helps you to zone your enemy.

Harass 2: --> -->

Use your Scrap Shield to get close and then activate Flamespitter. You then use your Electro-Harpoon to slow them so they have to stay in your Flamespitter.

Going in for the kill: --> --> --> -->

Activate your Scrap Shield to get close and then activate Flamespitter. Use your Electro-Harpoon to keep him close. Then you ult to block his path and activate Flamespitter.

Don't initiate a 1v1 with The Equalizer because if you end up without the kill you've wasted you ultimate.

Team fights: --> --> --> -->

Wait until the has stared and then use The Equalizer. Try to hit as many targets as possible. You then activate Flamespitter and Scrap Shield and attack the squishiest targets first (usualy the carry). You then shout Electro-Harpoons at him so he wont get away as you activate your Flamespitter for a second time.

Escaping Ganks

First of all I have to tell you to allways ward your lane. If you ward your lane you will know when the enemy jungler is coming for a gank. This means you will be able to escape most ganks by just running back to your tower. But there are some ganks you might have problems with. An example is when you've overextended your lane.

If you get ganked when overextended use this combo:


Early Game:
Boots of Speed is the best item you can start with. Not only does it help you harass, but it also makes it easier for you to escape. Boots of Speed might save you from a gank from the enemy jungler.

Health Potion will allow you to stay in lane.

Hextech Revolver gives you spell vamp for a cheap price.

Mercury's Treads Always get these boots. It will help you against heavy cc and give you MR.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the best item you can build on Rumble. It gives you health, AP and makes your spells slow enemies. This means that when you catch up to the enemy and uses Flamespitter, the enemy can fight you and die or try to run and die.

Rabadon's Deathcap gives you tons of AP that will let you burst down any opponent easily. This is a must have item for most AP casters.

Zhonya's Hourglass is an awesome item that provides you with tons of AP and some armor. This item can be really useful if the enemy has a fed carry or a champion like Morgana or Kennen. Zhonya's Hourglass will block their ults and you will come back unharmed.

Sunfire Cape is a really good item for Rumble. This item will give you both health and armor while providing you an awesome passive.

Guardian Angel will help you a lot if the enemy team target you in team fights. It also provides you with extra armor and MR.

Void Staff is a great choice if the enemy start building MR.

Abyssal Scepter is also a great choice if they start building MR. This item will not only help you, but your mage too.

Hextech Gunblade Can be built from your Hextech Revolver. The reason i pick Hextech Gunblade instaed of Will of the Ancients is because they have the same amount of spell vamp and there is only 10 AP in difference. Then we have the 40 extra damage, the 15% life steal and the active. In my opinion the AD from Hextech Gunblade stacks really good when you overheat with your passive Junkyard Titan.

You don't actually need the life steal and the active because you don't focus on auto attacks and you will have a Rylai's Crystal Scepter to slow your enemy.

Haunting Guise can be built if you need early magic penetration, but it falls off late game and should be replaced.

Force of Nature can be built if the enemy has many AP champions, but I usually never build it.

Ranked Play

Remember to always ward so you don't get killed by the enemy jungler.
You can use your The Equalizer to save a running ally.
Try to hit all enemy champions with The Equalizer in a team fight.
Only overheat after using a Flamespitter, the damage will be really high.
Try to not overheat in lane unless you are going for the kill.
Don't underestimate your power.


As I mentioned in the introduction this is my first guide and I would be really happy if you could make a comment on what was good and what needs to be better.

Thx for reading my guide :D