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Rumble Build Guide by Daigga

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daigga

Rumble - Rape-face Engage.

Daigga Last updated on October 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Honor Guard

Defense: 8

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Rumble , The Mechanize Menace

Even amongst yordles, Rumble was always the runt of the litter. As such, he was used to being bullied. In order to survive, he had to be scrappier and more resourceful than his peers. He developed a quick temper and a reputation for getting even, no matter who crossed him. This made him something of a loner, but he didn’t mind. He liked to tinker, preferring the company of gadgets, and he could usually be found rummaging through the junkyard. He showed great potential as a mechanic. His teachers recommended him for enrollment at the Yordle Academy of Science and Progress in Piltover, where he may very well have become one of Heimerdinger's esteemed protégés, but Rumble refused to go. He believed that Heimerdinger and his associates were "sellouts", trading superior yordle technology to humans for nothing more than a pat on the head while yordles remained the butt of their jokes.

When a group of human graduates from the Yordle Academy sailed to Bandle City to visit the place where their mentor was born and raised, Rumble couldn’t resist the temptation to see them face-to-face (so to speak). He only intended to get a good look at the humans, but four hours and several choice words later, he returned home bruised and bloodied with an earful about how he was an embarrassment to "enlightened" yordles like Heimerdinger. The next morning he left Bandle City without a word, and wasn’t seen again for months. When he returned, he was at the helm of a clanking, mechanized monstrosity. He marched it to the center of town amidst dumbfounded onlookers and there announced that he would join the League of Legends to show the world what yordle-tech was really capable of, without hiding behind a foreign banner.

"Ugh, it’s gonna take forever to scrape your face off my suit!" –- Rumble

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Hey all, This is my first guide, so i thought i'd write it on one of my favourite Champions. Rumble , The Mechanized Menace. I know there are better guides, by far, but i figured i'd show you all how i play Rumble. Aggressive and pure dps.

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Warning! Warning! Warning!

Now, some people may be saying. "HURRDURR YUR STOOPID". And thats cool , everyone has an opinion. I'm simply sharing what works for me and in no way am i saying this will 100% work for you.

This build is one i always use, it always gets me a positive K/D ratio despite my aggressive playstyle.
I've never played against an enemy Rumble that i couldn't beat 1v1. So Enjoy!

P.S. Be gentle ;)

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Pros / Cons


  • Doesn't use mana!
  • Great harrass with Flamespitter
  • Able to solo lane very well
  • Scrap Shield gives a nice speed buff and shield that scales with AP.
  • Excellent farmer after getting some AP and ranking up his Flamespitter
  • Is fairly tanky even without items
  • Amazing ultimate that can annihalate in team fights.
  • Electro-Harpoon is great for checking brush, seeing as you can use it twice before setting off the cooldown

  • Alot of the time the enemy will see you for the threat you are and target you in team fights
  • Spamming abilities inappropriately can cause you to over heat and get yourself in a bad position
  • Melee range champion, you need to be fairly close to ensure your [[Flamespitter] is used to its full potential
  • NEEDS MORE SKINS. Shooting flaming pineapples and being a pirate is cool and all, but im hoping for a halloween Rumble skin. WHO DOESN'T LOVE HALLOWEEN?!

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These runes are pretty standard caster runes. They give you AP and Mpen. Its completely viable to get armour and MR, i just do not recommend it. Rumbles meant to engage rape-face, not soak it up.

[Greater Marks of Insight]

[Greater Glyph of Potency]

[Greater Seal of Potency]
More AP....

[Greater Quintessence of Insight]
Oh look. MORE AP!

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For masteries i try to get the most AP possible from the trees, going 22 into Offense taking Summoners Wrathand 8 into Defense for the standard Magic resist, Armor and Health route for the survivability that i do not aquire within the item build.

You might be thinking to yourself 'HURRRRRR IDIOT' (actually i wouldnt really know what you're thinking , im unsure if it is strange for Masteries to stray from the 21,0,9 deal after the changes). But it does make a significant difference.
Paired with.

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Now for items. There are two ways i've seen Rumble played.
- Tanky, with average dps
- AP, with amazing dps

The latter being more successful in my experience.
I'm not saying 'Tanky Rumble' is horrible , i'll include these items in situational. But my core items are what i will be focusing on.

I start with a [color=#ffffff Doran's Shield[/color]. The Health per 5 and 120 HP give me a really strong early lane presence. Since Rumble does not use mana, it can help him lane without having to go back until he is atleast level 6

Depending on how much you were able to farm before going back, go ahead and buy Sorceror's Shoes/color] and an [color=#ffffff Amplifying Tome

If you were unable to farm this much gold, get what you can afford in the item order listed above. However, if you were able to get MORE gold, work towards your Rylais' Crystal Scepter

I'm not going to ramble on too much about item order seeing as it was posted above. All i have to say is , wards are your friends.

Core Items

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Great item in my opinion, gives a nice amount of ability power and health, and the unique passive on it is amazing to keep them in[color=#00ff00 Flamespitter[/color]'s range.

Rabadon's Deathcap
Lovely amounts of ability power on this , and an extra 30% to boot! Once you get this you'll notice a significant boost in your damage output.

Abyssal Mask
As i have stated, i dont build rumble as a tank in the sense that i WANT to be the one taking damage.. However that does not mean you wont be. against a heavy AP team this item is perfect.

Void Staff
Ahhh.. The giant ribbed ***** of **** YOUR MAGIC RESIST! I may be wrong, but this paired with abyssal scepter should halt all enemies resist to you (Correct me in the comments below if it is not worth getting both, would be a big help)

Zhonya's Hourglass
Nuff said. If you do find yourself getting focused, pop this beauty.

One of two things will happen;
In the case that the enemy team is smart, they will stop focusing you and move on
On the other hand, if the enemies are derp-tastic at this game, they'll stand around you like hungry buzzards ready to eat your flesh.. except these buzzards will be swarmed upon by the angry force that is your team.. (HOPEFULLY!)

Activating [Zhonyas old-school time telling device of immunity] does NOT stop your Flamespitter. I honestly cannot tell you how many times 3-4 of the enemies (All on low health i should add) have tried to rush me as the sole survivor for an ace. Lets do some Daigga maths here!

X = Rumble
Y = A Single enemy

X+(Y4/4) = An easy quadra and a mad enemy team!

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[color=#00fff Sorcerers' Shoes[/color]
These are my standard 'Go to' boots for Rumble. Personally i feel i build enough resist and health from the two tank sticks and magic watch. Although if you are against a cc heavy team, next boots are an obvious choice.

Mercury's Treads
Good boots, i still prefer the spell pen shoes rather than these though. If the enemies are CC heavy i do get them. Its not very fun being taunted before you get to Hulk Smashery the enemies.

[Ninja Tabi

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells

I run this on ALOT of champions, its an amazing spell for chasing, running and most importantly stopping those meddling samurais.. you know who im talking about.

The bonus from Summoners Wrath reduces the enemies Armour and Magic Resist whilst under the effects of Exhaust and is a great combo with my next skill!

MORE FIRE, FEED THE GODS WITH YOUR FLAME. Just like Exhaust, Ignite also benefits from Summoners Wrath. Whenever it is on cooldown, you gain 10 AP for the duration of the cooldown. I tend to use both summoner spells at the same time to ensure a kill. You gain AP, they lose Magic Resist. A match made in heaven!

Other Possible Choices

Im not going to go into detail about WHY i dont use these, i just prefer the other two. I dont really have a reason why you shouldnt take these spells really..

Good escape tool, can be useful if you find yourself getting ganked frequently

Good for chasing down enemies, but with the amount of slows and speed buffs you already have at your disposable, it isnt really a solid choice

Nice little pick me up if you notice yourself losing a fight, not a very solid pick for my playstyle. I prefer to negate a chunk of their damage rather than let them do it and heal. If they arn't dead before exhaust is off them, i aint doing it right!

I take this if im solo top. It's a must if you're in a solo lane. This keeps you up on your farm and pretty much gives you a free health restore without losing farm and experience.

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More to come!

Let me know what you thought, this WAS my first build so i appreciate some constructive feedback! This guide isnt complete as of yet. I'll be adding more sections in future aswell as match history screen caps and possibly a video version of my build and guide.

So please, +1 if you enjoyed it. Downvote WITH some feedback on why you didnt like it.