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Rumble Build Guide by Fnif

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fnif

Rumble, The MVP Yordle. [Ahri Patch]Junglin' incl.

Fnif Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Rumble is a well known danger on high elo. But you should abuse the oppertunity to get alot of credits by your friends, and a have a hellalot good time in some normal games, and get the thrill everytime the enemyteam forget to ban this OP midget!

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Pros / Cons

Can tank or being a mage, or both at
Really good pusher!
Can initiate in lack of the tank...
Massive AOE!
Take solo top and you will win!
Awesom skin, and skinnames :)[*]
So much fun to play!


On high ELO rumble is a potential 1st ban.
If the enemy know how to counterplay him, it might give some probs.
If the enemy dont get scared of your hp-bars, they will focus YOU!

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration I have chosen Insigt for the Magic Pen. As all other APchamps, you can defently feel when the enemy got some MR. These 9 runes will give you 8,5 and with Haunting Guise and Archaic Knowledge you will get a total of 28,5 and 15% of there MR Magic pen. Against an early game enemy, this will take somewhere around 40-70% of there MR. It result in atleast 10% ekstra damage, in most chases even more!
Greater Seal of Armor For seals you should try always to use the bonus you get in armor or Hp when taking a seal. I chose armor cuz Rumble is a bit vulnerable at the earliest game. And if you face to oppenents, this seal and a dorens shield, will definitely make you stay healthy, and even bait them so your jungler can come and pick them, OR you can go for a double kill which is my favorit part to do with Rumble.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power This is just a boost of your damage and substanity. At lvl 1 your Flamespitter will damage 7 per tick on minions, at lvl 2 it will damage 8. This is a visuel improve for every lvl. All of your spells stacks with it. So it is a musthave rune!
Greater Quintessence of Vitality Some might not agree with me here, but as i see it, Rumble is great early game, but his force is when he gets his ult at lvl 6, and beyond that. At lvl 6 the rune will have given u 16,2 hp each. And if u compare with the flat, there is a 10 hp diffrent each rune. Already at lvl 9-10 you will have reached the flat, and Rumble is really getting dangerous now! And with the increased hp, you can truly feel the OPness of Rumble. At 11 and 16 you wont just have an advantage, it will simply be unfair for the enemy...

Other options could be Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed or Greater Quintessence of Ability Power For a great escape and chasing option. Or Potency for a really badass opening of the match

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For masteries i pick the offensive talenttree, to get as much AP as possable, i do 21/9/0 for more durablility. I pick armor over MR since minions is attacking with pchysical damage, wich armor lowers. Minions is a great part of early kills.

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The items i have chosen is focusing on AP, cuz Rumble is one of those rare champions, where all of his abilities stacks with AP! He can use the AP more then any other mages.(To take an example: Fiddlesticks Terrify is preseted! It wont be affected by your AP). All of Rumbles spells is improved by AP.
The early spell vamp will give you an easy way to stay at safe amount of HP. At start you cant see the healing, cuz it aint showing healing under 20. But i can insure you that it will give you substanity.
Rylai's Crystal Sceptor Is the most important item. It gives you alot of HP, AP and the ability to slow your enemies. Without Ghost it is tough to catch up on a quick carry. But Rylai's will bring you an easy kill, every time.
Zhonya's Hourglass Is also a must have item. On a higher ELO, you will be focused often. Pop your abilities, let Flamespitter damage full time, then pop Zhonya's and repeat. If you can complete this circle of doom, there wont stand a living enemy on the Field Of Justice.
You most always have in mind, that this is a guideline, not a everytime use. If the enemyteam got alot of AP, then get some MR. If they got AD, get Armor, be creative :)

Cuz of Ninja Tabi you dont get the Tenacity, so i will recommend Moonflair Spellblade if they are melees and got some crowd control

Mercury's Threads or Sorcerer's Shoes are other alternatives.

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Summoner Spells

I take Teleport for being able to rescue my lane, AND save the bottom if they cant handle it. Tp gives better mobility and easier ganks. I recommend it.

After Fizz Patch Flash is really bad, and Ghost is buffed to 35% with talent. So i pick Ghost over Flash. This is a choice of taste, but I recommend it!

Flash is an alternative, just aswell as Ignite.

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Team Work

With Rumble on your team you shouldn't worry about missing a player when a 5v5 starts. If you are playing your opportunity right, 4v5 is enough. Try run abit away from the enemy, make them chase you. This will often result in a situation where the enemy is lined up. Then pop the The Equalizer and Flamespitter, and burn them to ashes.
Rumble works REALLY good with Galio, his Idol of Durand and Rumbles ult, you can make an ace easily. This is not a think i have made up, happened lots of time, you should try it out.
He works great with Amumu aswell. But it aint the same, still dealing tons of damage.

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You wont have the best farm then first 5 min of game. The next 10 min, you should be able to make the 100 minions at the 15 min mark. If it takes you 20 min it aint no problem, you will already have some championkills,you can use to compensate the lack of minions. Have no worries, it is really hard to be "Underfeeded" with Rumble... It will always feels like you are fed when playing Rumble.

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Yes it is actually possable to jungle with rumble, go with smite and ghost, and u are good to go.
I start with a good pull on blue, wolves, wraith, golems, red. You can start with a Doran's Shield or Amplifying Tome and HP pots, both are able to complete route, but i can recommend Doran's Shield for safer ganks, and the HP5 can really help you out. Take defensive masteries instead, as shown in the top.

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I will thank all of you who have watched my guide. I Would really love some feedback, cuz this is my first guide. I hope it has been an inspiration, and remember to stay creative, and buy the items, and make the changes you feel is the best-to-do. Hope you enjoyed it, and enjoying Rumble just as much as i do! Good Luck out on the Field of Justice.

Guys one last question

"Have you ever looked up to a Yordle???"

And thanks to for making a really nice and profesional guidemaking tool :)

Ingame name: Fnif. EU, East.