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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Rumble Build Guide by kickassellisl4d2

AP Carry Rumble - The OP-AP Top Lane Carry

AP Carry Rumble - The OP-AP Top Lane Carry

Updated on December 4, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kickassellisl4d2 Build Guide By kickassellisl4d2 5,853 Views 0 Comments
5,853 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kickassellisl4d2 Rumble Build Guide By kickassellisl4d2 Updated on December 4, 2015
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Hello everyone! Welcome to my Rumble Top Lane guide! I've recently started to main Rumble, and I've found out what I think is the most effective way to play him. This guide will give you information about how to play the champion, how to farm, when to Overheat, when not to, how to chase, item effectiveness, etc. Let's hop right in!
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Skill Sequence

I like to max Rumble's abilities in this order: R > Q > E > W

R: The Equalizer
Obvious reasons. It's his ult, duh.

Q: Flamespitter
100% AP scaling + Huge cone hitbox = Incredible 2v1 potential AND lane harass.

E: Electro-Harpoon
The chance for a double slow with this ability is invaluable. Incredible for lane poke and chasing.

W: Scrap Shield
While the utility on this ability is insane, the damage on Q and E just outmatch it in priority.

Against a Ranged Laner: R > E > Q > W
Against a Lane Bully: R > W > Q > E
Against a Ranged Lane Bully : R > W > E > Q
Against Another Rumble: R > QE (max both together) > W
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The runes I take are pretty standard for Rumble, but really give him a lot of power to work with.

Marks: Magic Pen.
Rumble just scales really well with Magic penetration, and these marks help him out a lot.

Seals: Armor
A lot of meta Top Laners are AD, and this just helps him out with lane sustain.

Glyphs: Scaling Ability Power
Rumble is an early game lane bully, and doesn't scale too well into late game (unless he's really fed) and the scaling glyphs give him more late game power.

Quintessences: Ability Power
The flat Quints give him an early game power spike, helping him deal tons of damage in lane.
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I like to take Deathfire Touch on Rumble, because the Magic Pen from the Offense tree + the DoT is incredibly effective with Rumble's kit.
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Pros / Cons

-Scales well with Magic Pen.
-Lane Bully
-Excellent auto-attack trades
-Has an escape (W)
-Godlike teamfight

-Overheating is tricky to time
-Falls off late game
-Squishy early game
-Vulnerable to ganks
-Tendency to push up the lane
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Early/Middle/Late Game

Early Game:
Rumble excels in the early game. His manaless poke build makes him an annoying lane bully with good roam potential. You can take him in the middle lane to be extra infuriating. Push the lane and try to farm as best you can. If the enemy engages you, you'll usually be able to out trade them easily. If someone comes in for a gank, just use the speed boost on your W and the slow on your E to escape. If worst comes to worst, ult to buy you time to run.

Middle Game:
Rumble hits his power spike in the middle game. By this point, you should have a Liandry's and Sorcerer's Shoes. This will make you a terrifying presence in a dragon fight, or even just a skirmish at bot lane. You should spend the mid game roaming around, looking for fights and assisting teammates. Occasionally, you should go back to top to push out the lane and get some farm so you don't fall behind.

Late Game:
Rumble's power falls off late game, so by this point you should be building up his tanky side. Dead Man's plate and Banshee's Veil are excellent choices depending on who's fed, or you could build some utility like Banner of Command or Abyssal Scepter. Regardless, your ult still scales fearsomely into the late game, providing endless utility with the slow and DoT. If you play smart, you'll do fine in the late game.
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Team Work

Rumble has a fearsome team fight with his AoE damage and ult. His Flamespitter already torches anyone who dares to come near him, and his ult punishes those who choose to engage his team. His ult also serves as an engage (rather than just a disengage). He can slow the enemy to prevent their escape as well as deal buttloads of damage to them. The hardest part of using Rumble is is ult, but if you aim it well, there is no escape for the enemy team.
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To conclude; Is Rumble good? Hell yes! Is he perfect? Hell no! He has his weaknesses like any other champion. However, he's still one of my favorite champions due to the fact that's he's not only strong, but fun to play! He's out of the meta right now, but damn if he can't be a good Juggernaut! He mixes in damage with tank just as well as other champions, and i you follow my guide, you too can carry your games!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kickassellisl4d2
kickassellisl4d2 Rumble Guide
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Rumble - The OP-AP Top Lane Carry

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