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Xin Zhao Build Guide by SeacritAsianMan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SeacritAsianMan

Runeterra's Yellow Flash: Xin Zhao in the Jungle

SeacritAsianMan Last updated on April 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, SeacritAsianMan here. I know Xin isn't really a popular pick in the higher elos, but the main reason why is his terrible scaling into lategame. Instead of building him tanky DPS like most guides do (resulting in a poor lategame), building him more heavily oriented towards damage helps him to abuse his strong earlygame and soar into a pretty damn good late game as well.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed x 9
Greater Seal of Armor x 9
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed x 9
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x 3

This rune set up allows for a pretty decently fast clear time and helps with Xin's already pretty amazing attack speed. The reds and blues give Xin that head start he needs to be crazy fast in the jungle. The yellows are a must for junglers, and the Quints also help to kick start his jungling (not to mention, helping him lifesteal more per hit)

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust Smite

Simple. Smite for jungling (duh), and Exhaust because it helps so much with his ganks. he has a great gap closer ( Audacious Charge ) and like I said before, his ganks are all or nothing. No flashing out allowed, ty.

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I run a super aggressive 21/9/0 Mastery Tree on Xin. This kind of leaves us with an "all or nothing" mentality during ganks. It's either full engage and kill the gankee or end up dying.

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Skills and Sequence

Challenge : Just let me say.. wow. This skill is amazing for Xin. Along with Wriggle's Lantern, this gives Xin enough lifesteal and sustain to win 1 v 1s and even 1 v 2s. On top of that, this lets him stay pretty healthy throughout jungle.

Three Talon Strike : Sometimes, it's hard to land all three hits for a knock up, but I guess that's what Phage is for... anyway, it doesn't do much besides the knock up,so we leave this for last.

Battle Cry : Freakin' amazing. 40% passive ASPD and 80% upon activation? daaaaamn. This lets us just grab a Zeal and The Black Cleaver and lets us have more than enough attack speed. Heck. we have more attack speed than most others too. Max this second, it's amazin'.

Audacious Charge : Now, it might be weird to max this first, but hear me out. We know for certain Three Talon Strike won't be maxed first... so why not Battle Cry? Xin's build is pretty damn expensive, and in order to get it all going, he needs some good, successful ganks. With a point or two in Battle Cry early, Xin has enough ASPD to last him into midgame. however, the scaling slow from Audacious Charge is crucial to his ganking prowess and what allows him to get fed and turn into the beautiful carry that he is.

Crescent Sweep : beautiful ult. The damage might not be the best... but it's still not bad. Use it early in teamfights, don't try to KS with it, pls. pls... This is what allows us to build him more damage oriented rather than health oriented. In lategame teamfights, an ult on all give will give him 25 + 13 x 5 (that's 90) extra armor and MR, enough to hit the soft cap of armor and MR.

Skill Sequence: R > E > W > Q (Explained in skill explanations above)

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Vampiric Scepter : helps with the early jungling. along with his passive, this allows Xin to have more than enough sustain in the jungle

Berserker's Greaves : This helps Xin to get some early attack speed which along with Wriggles contitutes the core of this build.

Wriggle's Lantern : a freaking amazing item on xin. the armor helps him to stay healthy throughout ganks, the extra lifesteal lets him heal like a monster (which is enough for the rest of the game, really), and the free ward is always nice.

Phage : the early phage helps to deal with the squishiness. this pretty much keeps you healthy enough to last until Guardian Angel. On top of that, if you can get the slow proc on the first 2 or so hits after Audacious Charge, it's a guaranteed knock up and kill.

The Black Cleaver : this is your first major, major item. And it's a great one at that. Attack speed, Damage, and armor shred, what more does Xin need? As Xin's earlygame glory begins to fade into midgame, he needs a heavy item to keep him in the game. This item provides all that, along with a little more, as that extra armor shred helps him in lategame.

Trinity Force : a somewhat controversial item on Xin.. however, I feel like it gives him everything he needs to be amazing. The Phage which we got before helps him to stick with enemies and gives him a little bit of tankiness. The Sheen gives him a nice big hit on his first attack, and solves all his mana problems. Lastly, the Zeal lets him have some nice movespeed boost and allows him to have even faster attack speed.

Side note: Some people prefer Phantom Dancer over Trinity Force. I like the latter because of a few reasons... 1) it makes you just a little more tanky, which is always nice
and more importantly... 2)Xin's attack speed with W is already so great that Phantom Dancer is often a little bit of a waste. Yes.. it'll get you that 2.5 ASPD or so, but I'd rather be hitting hard.

Infinity Edge : Lategame time. Xin's falling off terribly, and he needs something that will keep him up there. This is it. His Crits now do nearly 1k each, and along with the armor shred from The Black Cleaver, Xin's going to be hitting like a truck. After you get this, it's pretty much GG.

Guardian Angel : The only thing more annoying than a Xin wrecking your team is when he dies and comes back to life... self explanatory..

The Bloodthirster : a nice replacement for Wriggle's Lantern in the late game.

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Jungling with Xin is pretty simple. Wolves > Blue buff > Wraiths > Red buff > Double Golems, then gank bot or mid.

Just a side note, at any time after level 3 (when you get Audacious Charge), go ahead and gank if there's an opportunity. You just need those 3 skills to pull off a successful gank.

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Team Fighting

In team fights, his job is pretty simple. Dive in (preferably after a good initiate from a tank), Crescent Sweep, Activate your skills, then wreck faces (hopefully a carry's face first). Just focus who you need to focus, you'll melt them before they can do anything.

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Welp. that's my build. I've always felt that Xin's been a viable champion, though others think otherwise. He just needs to switch out of that tanky metagolem type build to really shine. Hopefully, this build will work out for you, and you can see how strong this asian bro really is. Thanks for checking out my guide.