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Rammus Build Guide by ryozedt

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ryozedt

Ryoze Rammus basic Tank

ryozedt Last updated on June 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is just a basic tank stradegy for Rammus

You can switch fortify to Cleanse, If you do that spec Cleanse instead of Fortify.
When your gonna engage you have to use "PowerBall" to engage someone.
After you've used "Powerball" use "Defensive Ball Curl" and then taunt the strongest AD in the other team with "Puncturing Taunt" and immediately use "Tremors"

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Items / Skills

If you like "Powerball" more than "Taunt" switch your skill upgrade.
So the "Powerball" item build you only have to switch "Ninja Tabi" with "Boots of Mobility" or "Boots of Swiftness"

Skills 2 :
If you want to play as a suprising Rammus, Take Teleport and Ghost or Flash and then you do this when your teleporting back to combat:
Use "Powerball" when your at the base. When the your spinning really fast teleport to a minion in your team and then try to touch someone in the other team.

Item Build Tip:
I have the "Frozen Heart" because you need mana but you dont need it you can switch it to like "Warmogs Armor" and any other item that gives you hp,armor or Tenacity (dont know how you spell it).

If the other team doesn't have any op Ad or any Ad at all you shouldnt take Rammus because he is concentrating on armor. But if you already have chosen him try to buy alot of Magic Resist if the other team has alot of ap's.

You dont really need that "Health Potion" and "Mana Potion" in the beginning. If Evelynn, Shaco, Twitch or Teemo is on the other team buy an "orcale" so you can see invis units.
Only buy an orcale if your laning with the other invis champion, or if he's ganking alot, or if it is alot of team battles.

If Teemo is on the other team buy an orcale when hes lvl 6 and if you step on alot of mushrooms.

Don't forget to buy the builds for the item's :)

Skill basics:
Q:How do you know what to buy?
A:There are colored number next to the damage the skills are taking.
ex. (This skill will take 100dmg (+0) and stun the enemy.)
(+0) = Armor
(+0) = Ability Power
(+0) = Attack Damage
and some skills will give you ex. ASPD (attack speed)(Xin Zhao) then ur supposed to buy attack speed and attack damage.

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Tank Instructions

Rammus shouldn't play in middle he should lane with someone that can stun or snare or if no one in your team can do that then take someone that can slow.
It's best if you play defensive in the beginning so you can taunt the other team so they will hit you and then you run to the turret and then your turret will aim at them so they will take alot of damage.
When they have low lvl and you have all skills do this:
Go into the brushes and then you and your team mate try to do as much damage as possible.
You should use your skills in this order : Q W E (R if you have)
[Powerball to engage, DefensiveBallCurl for defense, Puncturing Taunt for the enemy to stay, Tremos for damage.]

Team Battles:
You are the Tank in the team so you have to stand first in your team, But not when your teammate is dumb and just engages by him/herself.
It's your job to engage.
When your team have killed most of the other team and still have your ultimate, you can use your ultimate to kill the turret. Just dont do that when the turret have really low hp and you have alot of ad's in your team.

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Rammus is best with someone who have a ranged stun ex. Ashe,Sion,Taric
You only have to communicate with your team mate.
Get along well and decide who's gonna Taunt and stun first.
Rammus is really good with Lux because Lux can snare 2 players.
Don't forgot to say "ss reports" (ex ss 2 bot)
ss stands for miss, and that means one/two/three,etc is missing from the lane your at.
You only have to do reports in your lane. This is from preventing the other team from doing succesfull ganks.
If the other champion comes back just say re bot/mid/top

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You can switch the "Greater Quintessence of Fortitude" to "Greater Quintessence of Resilience"
which gives you armor instead of HP.
If you cant afford Tier 3 buy Tier 2 or 1
You don't really need the "Greater Marks of Insigt"
you can buy any other marks that you like.

Remember :
"Marks" are runes which is best at melee. Ex. ASPD (attack speed) AD (attack damage) etc
Marks limit: 9

"Seals" are runes which is best at defensive things. Ex. Armor, Hp(health points) etc
Seals limit: 9

"Glpyhs" are runes which is best at magic. Ex. AP (AbilityPower,Magicpower) Magic penetration etc.
Glyphs limit: 9

"Quintessence" are runes which is good at all stats. They are expensive but you can only equip a limit of 3 Quintessences

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If you wanna jungle as him go to another Guide. I will make one in the future.
Just dont forget Smite :)

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I made this guide for my buddy who just begann playing League of Legends.
I have to keep making these guides because my other friends want guides on other champions.
I also made this because i didnt found any other guides which where similar to this one.

Well have fun ^_^
im too lazy to make it rainbow colored.

If you think i should change something comment.