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Ryze Build Guide by aeroswifty

AP Offtank Ryze Basic Guides And Builds

AP Offtank Ryze Basic Guides And Builds

Updated on January 13, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author aeroswifty Build Guide By aeroswifty 7,556 Views 0 Comments
7,556 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author aeroswifty Ryze Build Guide By aeroswifty Updated on January 13, 2015
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  • LoL Champion: Ryze
    Normal Ryze
  • LoL Champion: Ryze
    Athenes Build V2

The Athene build

this build is my version of the old meta breaking build from athene
all i did was remove manamune and add voidstaff instead since MR is a lot stronger in the current season and if you would like to go manamune i would suggest picking up iceborn gauntlet
This build is mainly meant for midlane and safe play please dont run this build unless you are good at playing safe you can pick up manamune instead of void IF the enemy team doesnt have any MR and if you have one tear fully stacked.
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The Standard Ryze Build

Standard Ryze build consists of 4 things utility, tankiness, lategame scaling items and high DPS. You can edit it for situational purposes for example full ad team (thornmail zhonya or randuin instead of visage/banshee) Ryze has a really good lategame and great laning once you understand the basics of him you should be able to win most of the lanes with your insane sustain of damage. however if you don't feel comfortable in your laning skills or you wish to play passively you can pick up tp instead of ignite to ease up the laning. however if you are going over the skill cap of Dia III i would suggest to pick up teleport since the opponents are well enough aware of your burst and therefore will play a lot safer than for example someone in plat V-Dia V.
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Quick summary of all you need to know

Ryzes autoattack is hard to use for farming and takes practise i suggest using mainly abilities for farming if you are really bad at using his autos efficiently.
Ryze scales at level one trades quite well because of his long range and fairly ok base AD try kiting the opponent and using your q as many times as you can on level one. level 2 your should avoid poking the opponent and focus on rushing level 3 at that point you should ask for a gank since ryze gets almost always pushed in by the enemy opponent due to his poor waveclear ryzes combo is quite simple just q w r q e q for full combo and q w e q for standard poke keep in mind that ryzes e bounces A LOT and if its utilized correctly it will deal HUGE damage ryze is great at dueling an enemy opponent due to his skill resets and MR reduction from his e bouncing back and forth with him and his enemy. in teamfights you should try doing max aoe damage with his ulty and ccing their most fed carry with your w if played right ryze can pretty much single handedly win a teamfight.
Picking ryze grants your team 4 things Lategame, a tank, Crowd control, and huge AOE damage.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author aeroswifty
aeroswifty Ryze Guide
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Ryze Basic Guides And Builds

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