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Ryze Build Guide by Nicklas4Charity

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nicklas4Charity

Ryze - Master Of Mobility (Season 3)

Nicklas4Charity Last updated on January 17, 2013
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Hey everyone :)

Nicklas4Charity here, this is my first guide ever, so before you down vote, try to follow this guide and see for yourself, how to "Ryze - Master Of Mobility" is. I began my journey with Ryze and even though I play several other champions, Ryze will always be my favorite. Ryze is the most unique mage in LOL. Very different from any other AP hero, he scales his damage with mana, but y'all knew that already. Ryze also has one of the coolest passives in the game. Cooldown reduction. This makes him a very deadly champion throughout the game, both early and late game.

This Guide is not for the new LOL player. This guide is specifically for advanced players. Player skill comes with time, patience, and most of all, the ability to look in the mirror to and understand what YOU did wrong and what YOU can do to improve.

Lets get started!

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I tried alot of builds, and I found this out to be the best one!

9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Is really nice/imported to have a good amount of Magic resist early in the game when you are mid.

9x Greater Seal of Scaling Mana
I suggest going mana per level yellows. There is just nothing better than passively increasing damage just by gaining a new level.

9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
I found out to this be the best althoung I find Mark of Scaling Mana pretty good too!
You can go with both.

3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Is the best for mobility !

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I go with 9/0/21 for Ryze. Remember last hitting minions are one of the most important early game skills to master. If you learn this, will you quickly be launched into mid game and overwhelm your opponent. Arcane knowledge is a "no brainer" for any player.

I also like to max Strength of Spirit for more survivability, it will help you alot both early and late game.
Awareness is a must. you want to gain levels are quickly as possible to gain the benefits of level scaling effects (including runes).

As most of you mabye know, Ryze is a ture mana carry. So this mastery is mostly best scal on him than any other Champion!

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Skill Sequence

I usually start with a point in "Q" first. This is Ryze's signature spell. Get used to it.

Secondly, I put a point in his "W".

I put my third point in his "E" so I can farm better/ brust.

After the first 3, ALWAYS MAX Q first. The passive of this ability gives cool down reduction, not to mention that its the highest "single target spell". I am aware of the ricochet effect of his "E". The benefit of maxing Q first is essential.

NOTE: make sure to max your ult "R" as soon as possible

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Summoner Spells

I usually choose Ignite and Flash but Teleport and Flash will be a good choose good!

Ignite can be used to finish escaping opponents, especially early game. Don't underestimate it. You burst down a champion and cast ignite, if they survive, they will think twice before poking you again. Also a good way to force you opponents to back early, miss much needed early game farm/exp,

NOTE: This is MOST effective against Tanks/meele with HIGH Health Regen! since is put a healing debuff on them!

Flash is a must. There is nothing worse than farming and all of a sudden, the enemy jungler is in your face. Flash to tower, this shouldn't be hard.

Teleport is one of the greateste Summoner spells made after flash, let me say it this : You see emeny bot lane push to far, you can just teleport to yours team Ward in sec and take them both with Bot.