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Ryze Build Guide by Kulos

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kulos

Ryze to Power

Kulos Last updated on March 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone,

Kulos here, this is my first guide but before you down vote, try to follow this guide and see for yourself, how to "Ryze to Power". I urge you to read thoroughly and listen to what I have to say and my reasoning before you criticize. I'd like to begin with a little history about myself as a LOL player. I began my journey with Ryze and even though I play several other champions, Ryze will always be my favorite. Ryze is the most unique mage in LOL. Very different from any other AP hero, he scales his damage with mana, but y'all knew that already. Ryze also has one of the coolest passives in the game... Cool down reduction. This makes him a very deadly champion throughout the game, both early and late game. In this guide, I will show you that even as squishy as Ryze maybe (early game) you can overcome and put fear in your enemies eyes. From the very beginning, you make your opponents think twice before poking at you.

This Guide is not for the new LOL player. This guide is specifically for advanced players. Player skill comes with time, patience, and most of all, the ability to look in the mirror to and understand what YOU did wrong and what YOU can do to improve.

So before you get hasty and down vote this guide, I really want you to try this build, and most of all, diagnose why this build was either effective or not effective. This build is meant to specifically maximize EVERYTHING that is OUT OF PLAYER CONTROL. What does that mean?

Examples of things that players can NOT control:

1. Bad teammates/ Fed enemies
2. Game mechanics (you can not modify the game)

Examples of things that players can control:

1. Positioning on the battlefield/ team fights/ laning/ etc
2. Efficient farming
3. Efficient use of spells and mana reserves
4. Watching for ganks/gank opportunities
5. Effective use of time, gold, map control
6. knowing enemy champs abilities and awareness
8. skill shot dodging
9. Anything and everything that you as a player can decide.

Minimizing mistakes is the single most important thing any player must strive for. Maximizing your champion's effectiveness should be something every player should want. This guide will maximize you damage with a "Q" attack hitting for over 600 damage! not to mention the extremely low cool down before its ready again. No, this is not a fancy guide with flashy colors and cool pictures. This is a guide for a serious player who means serious business on the battlefield. Although I truly believe that NO guide is perfect, maybe this guide will get you thinking just a little bit outside the box.

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Runes. Runes. Runes.

I've ready several guides, most of which are great. In this build, we are going to take an alternative path which will lead to overwhelming damage. Our goal is to force our opponent to "back to base" as often as possible (if he is smart) or securing kills from those who rage attack when poked.

I suggest Mpen Reds. There are no other alternatives for this. You MUST penetrate defenses in order to maximize damage, and during early game poking, this needs to be exploited as much as possible. Also, junglers who gank mid usually have very little Mres during early game so you will def make the enemy jungle think twice before helping his mid laner agianst you.

I suggest flat mana blues for all 9 glyphs. This is extremely important, for you are a burst mage, and must have mana to cast the flurry of spells at your opponents. Also, Ryze's abilities scale with mana FAR better that AP. Not only does this help maximize the number of spells you can cast before depleting, it will also maximize each spell's damage, giving you a bigger bang for your buck.

I suggest going mana per level yellows. There is just nothing better than passively increasing damage just by gaining a new level. I wouldn't trade these for anything. This also keeps Ryze from damage capping due to lack of items. You damage output as well as number of spells will increase with levels.

For the quints, I suggest either mana per level's or flat mana's (aggressive players). Either of these are viable choices. Like I stated earlier, this is not a guide for new Ryze players. This guide is specifically for those who are well experienced with Ryze, LOL, enemy champs, positioning, skill shot dodging, etc.

Remember, the most important decisions made are the decisions with in the first 10 minutes of playing. thee runes are meant to maximize the effects of your spells and force your opponent to run back crying if they should survive. This will either devastate you or launch yourself into God-mode as you quickly "Ryze to Power".

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i like to go with the standard 9/0/21 for Ryze. Notice I put points into both "Butcher". This will more than pay for themselves when early game farming. Last hitting minions are one of the most important early game skills to master. Master this, and you will quickly be launched into mid game and overwhelm your opponent. Arcane knowledge is a "no brainer" for any player.

I also like to max Strength of Spirit, for Ryze is a true mana carry, and thus gets the most effect from this mastery than any other champion. Believe me, it makes a HUGE difference in sustain, especially early/mid game where Ryze is his most vulnerable.

Awareness is a must. you want to gain levels are quickly as possible to gain the benefits of level scaling effects (including runes).

the minor sell vamp helps. But Runic Affinity is a MUST. Any experienced jungler will give Ryze the sec blue buff and so forth. Ryze becomes a god with blue buff so why not be god for 20% longer??

All the rest of the masteries are pretty self explanatory. MS, mana, improved spells, etc. Again, maximizing uncontrollable game mechanics...

Pick pocketing makes harassing your opponent a little more rewarding. use a w, ba combo or a q, w, ba combo or even a q,w,e, ba combo will earn you some nice cash!

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Skill Sequence

I usually start with a point in "Q" first. This is Ryze's signature spell. Get used to it.

Secondly, I put a point in his "W". The CC followed up by a quick "Q" attack while level 2 is devastating.

I put my third point in his "E" so I can quickly burst all three spells at level 3.

After the first 3, ALWAYS MAX Q first. The passive of this ability gives cool down reduction, not to mention that its the highest "single target spell". I am aware of the ricochet effect of his "E". The benefit of maxing Q first is essential. NOTE: make sure to max your ult "R" as soon as possible (that's a given).

I secondly max his "W". Why? It adds a little more damage, but the greatest benefit comes from the longer CC'd status effect it gives, which means more times to launch spells or escape (jungle ganks) before they are free again.

I max his "E" last. It is a great spell, but Ryze needs the benefits of the other spells more importantly.

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Summoner Spells

I usually choose ignite and flash. If you experienced, this should be self explanatory.

Ignite can be used to finish escaping opponents, especially early game. Don't underestimate it. You burst down a champion and cast ignite, if they survive, they will think twice before poking you again. Also a good way to force you opponents to back early, miss much needed early game farm/exp, as well as put fear and hesitation in further confrontations.

Flash is a must. There is nothing worse than farming and all of a sudden, the enemy jungler is in your face. Flash to tower, this shouldn't be hard if you are NOT OVER EXTENDING LIKE A NOOB! If you push you lane too hard, grab wraiths and be back in time for the next wave. Experienced junglers wont mind wraiths being taken. Its "understood" that the mid will take them to keep up farm while not over extending and risking an enemy gank. Also, the constant flow of gold will project you further a head of your laning opponent as far as gear. Don't underestimate it. The goal is to maximize efficiency in every way possible.

Pro tip: invest in wards. If you are taking wraiths, spend a little in a ward and place it on either side of the river (in bushes). Farm push on that side more. This will keep you safer and farther from incoming junglers. This will also show jungler traffic for your bot/top lanes.

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The part all of you have been waiting for.... What items will make Ryze a God? I've seen other builds, much of which are great, especially in creating a well-rounded Ryze. this guide is to make you as efficient as you can possibly become by full filling you SPECIFIC ROLE as a the MAGIC DAMAGE CARRY (AP carry). Since you are not carrying AP, its more fit to call yourself a Magic Damage Carry.

I always start with Sapphire Crystal and 2 health pots. It is the single most powerful bottom tier item for Ryze. It not only adds a whopping 400 mana to your mana pool, it boosts early game damage even further, synergizing with your runes. This magnificent item also get upgraded into Ryze's signature item ( Tear of the Goddess) and must be upgraded as quickly as possible. The earlier you can grab this item, the earlier you van begin filling it. Every spell from here on out (except the item cool down) will add to your over all mana pool as well as your damage. You will not maximize efficiency if you do not build this first. You should not need boots early game since you will NOT be over extending and you will be bringing great pain with your Q. Efficient farming (player skill) will quickly earn you enough gold to get this. I usually get enough gold after 3-4 minion waves (give or take loss due to harassing, movement, etc), with enough gold for a ward or a health/mana pot. Whatever I need.

I usually don;t back again until I am out of mana, low on hp, or my lane is pushed and wraiths are killed, and neither other lane can use an effective gank.

After Tear, I buy level 1 boots (sorc boots if I can afford) and or another Sapphire Crystal. I buy pots and wards through out the game as needed. If I more than 2k gold by the time I back, Ill build straight into catalyst the protector. this item not only gives a great mana/damage boost, but gives you a decent amount of hp. the passive on level of this item gives Ryze tremendous sustain too!

After catalyst and tier 2 boots (sorc), I build a glacial shroud. It gives a mana/damage boost, armor boost and an amazing CDR passive! At this point you are well into your mid game.

Next I will upgrade the catalyst into RoA. Why RoA before Frozen Heart? The passive of RoA takes time (uncontrollable), so you want these bonuses maxed out as fast as possible!

Next is.... Yep, Frozen Heart. This item was made with Ryze's face engraved on it. Every buff on this item id perfect for Ryze. It is a must have next item.

After these 4 items, I will buy 2 more Sapphire Crystals since these will max damage out put per spell. Mana should never be an issue for you now. But you spell damage can never be high enough. If there is left over gold, I will upgrade 1 or both into catalysts. Why? the health, mana/ damage boosts from these items are the most gold efficient for Ryze. There are no other items in the game that benefit Ryze as much as these. The health from these items makes Ryze an off tank ( I know you have little Mres, its ok). After these 2 additional catalysts, you should be have no problem with enemy champions, especially in a team fight. Any item after this should be bought if over fed, or if the enemy team is doing well due to the lack of skill of a teammate or 2 of yours.

If the game persists longer, and I have 2 catalysts, I upgrade them to RoA's when I can afford them. Yes RoA's. Why? These items give AP, hp, and mana. All of which are useful on Ryze. Chances are, you won't be buying these because by then, you have already won, or should have. I've played a few games where I had all 3 RoA's maxed out! After that, I could literally burst down any champion, multiple champions with ease. Your Q will be dealing over 600 damage per shot alone! With a 3.5 second cool down before your CDR and your passive activating, you can spam that Q all day! This is not including your "W" and "E" spells or your ult. You can take out even tanky Mres stacking champions with little effort. If you are having a problem with enemy casters focusing you, or you can not get battlefield positioning under control, swapping a RoA for a Banshee's veil is completely acceptable. That's another good thing about this build. You can easily adapt and overcome based on your needs.

Lastly, if all else fails, I will upgrade my tear into the archangel's staff for completing Ryze's Godhood. I have yet to play a game where the enemy team could with stand us long enough for me to purchase this item so I have no idea what hidden power this staff will bring...

Why do i choose these items? I believe that these items maximizes Ryze's role as a Magic Damage Carry. With over 6000 mana and 3500 health, you are pretty much God. But you have to remember, this is a TEAM GAME. Knowing your position on the battlefield and knowing when to initiate in team fights makes all the difference (player controllable). More on this below...

Remember, if you can afford an additional Sapphire Crystal, invest in it! Remember, it is the single best tier 1 item for Ryze. It will do nothing but bring you additional power!

I also realize that this is a big stink about stacking items... Well, for one, people stack items all the time (ex. Phantom Dancers). You MUST understand that Ryze is TOO unique to play by traditional rules and common law. Hr is the "Rogue Mage" btw... Fighting like one will surely bring you victory :)

I dont feel like re-editting this part. Most is the same. just look at build differences. Muramana is a must on Ryze over seraph's. Know your place on the battlefield and you won't need the shield. Also, you will have roughly 3500 hp late game with great armor. You lack Mres but you should be able to out burst ANY mage who dares fighting you.

Just watch out for cc heavy teams. Swap a RoA for a banshee's veil if you find that the cc is overwhelming. It's still a great item and it solves the Mres/CC prob, while still eilding nice damage from the mana.

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Team Work

I just wanted to say a few things about being a TEAM PLAYER, and not a single lane farmer. If your lane is pushed or you forced your opponent to back, help gank other lanes. Ping that you are on your way. Especially if your other lanes are not doing as well. Also, ganking the same lane as your jungler GREATLY increases the odds of a kill. 4 v 2 in any lane is devastating. Also, you are the all powerful Ryze!

When ganking, follow your jungler. Let him initiate, never go ahead, and help secure a kill or 2. Even an assist is gold in your pocket as well as other team members (that helped). this maximizes total TEAM GOLD, like dragon and baron. If done precisely and correctly, this will lead to even a destroyed tower which is even MORE money in your pocket. Just be sure to gank and quickly run back to your lane so you minimize loss of farm and enemy push. Also, its never a bad idea to take the LONGER and SAFER route through your jungle to get back to your lane. This will minimize counter ganking especially if you are injured from helping gank another lane.

You should NEVER be on the front lines and never be targeted first. If you are, this is your fault. You should always be behind your team along side your ADC dishing out massive damage. The large health pool is mainly to tank RoE damage and effects as well as dashes and ranged pokes. You are able to burst down even the tankiest of champions with ease, even when stacking Mres and health. You should always focus the enemy ADC and APC, but if you can not safely reach them, you make sure to burst the hell out of there bruisers while you are in the area. Switching your focus to an engaging ADC or APC once you have engaged is critical. Your spells have ultra low cool downs and you have decent health and armor, makes sure neutralize the threat (APC) and your teams' threat (ADC) as fast as possible.

Knowing your role and how to play it EFFECTIVELY is the difference in a good player and bad player, a win or loss. This guide helps maximize Ryze's ability to perform at his peak through out the game. Kills do not win games. Lack of giving up kills wins games. Ending a game with 3/0/5 is great. With Ryze, that is almost impossible, given you as the player active MINIMIZES mistakes though out the game.

I wrote this as a GUIDE to Ryze to POWER. No guide is perfect or should be set in stone. Before rating this guide, I urge you to test this theory, and before you decide whether you love or hate this guide, really look back and see what decisions you could have made that would have made you experience more EFFICIENT. I urge all players to do this, and most of all have fun with it.

This is what I have personally found works for me, and has made me an efficient Ryze player. I hope this guide helps and wish you summoners the best. If you see me game, say what's up. Summoner-> Eraisuithon.

There have been complaints about this build so I played one just now to show you that right NOW, this build works... Sorry, the enemy team surrendered to my "Ryze in Power" so it wasn't finished.

Some of you voted after a SINGLE game of trying this build. Since when in history, has any conclusion been made after a SINGLE trial?? There are just too many co-founders that can not be accounted for in ANY single experiment. I stated earlier, that this guide is for ADVANCED TACTICS. If you are not an advanced player, work on your game play before blaming others...

new items tested.