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Ashe Build Guide by SweatMeALake

ADC [S10] A Guide to a Deadly Ashe

ADC [S10] A Guide to a Deadly Ashe

Updated on October 16, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SweatMeALake Build Guide By SweatMeALake 1112 54 2,480,638 Views 22 Comments
1112 54 2,480,638 Views 22 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SweatMeALake Ashe Build Guide By SweatMeALake Updated on October 16, 2020
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Runes: Lethal Tempo

1 2
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Why Choose Ashe?

Is one of the best utility picks when you are in need of CC and enagage. She is able to make important picks, and can be the factor in which you win the game. As Ashe your team relies on you, and plays around your picks with arrow. You are high range and can often punish others.
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Ashe's Pros and Cons

+ High Range
+ Enchanted Crystal Arrow Allows For High Range Engage
+ Frost Shot Allows For Easy Kiting
+ Volley Allows For Good Poke And Wave Clear

Ashe is able to abuse most with auto attacks, with her being one of the highest range ADC's. She has a high amount of poke using . Ashe also has a really high range engage with her global ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Ashe is good choice for those who like an easy and not mechanically challenging ADC.

- Immobile
- Not very high damage output
- Low movement speed

Ashe is often punished when she is out of position. She is often beaten in a 1v1 if she misses her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow. She relies on her Volley and Ranger's Focus. She is also really bad once she is behind, you become a living ultimate, where you are only useful when landing your ultimate.
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Abilities + When to use them

Passive Frost Shot is one of the reasons why is such a great utility champ. All damaging abilities or auto attacks apply a on-hit slow. This ability ramps up as she levels up and critical strikes, don't do extra damage, instead they apply a stronger % slow. This ability allows you to effectively chase down enemies in team fights. Or even be some what effective when you are behind spamming W, applying a slow to the enemy champion.

Q Ranger's Focus This ability grants Ashe stacks of focus whenever she auto attacks. When she has 4 stacks of focus, she can activate this ability, and for 4 seconds you get an attack speed boost and you deal additional damage. Her arrows become a flurry applying on-hit effects. You want to max this ability second. This ability is your main auto attack damage. You always want this ability active, whenever you are constantly auto attacking you want to activate this ability immediately. This is also the ability that works well with the blade cleaver build. You apply a lot of on-hit damage with Blade Of The Ruined King and Black Cleaver.

W Volley This ability is an AoE ability that deals physical damage and applies your passive. This abilities damage ramps up with physical damage and leveling. Each arrow can be blocked by a minion or another enemy champion. This is your bread and butter poking ability in lane. You use this ability to spam at your enemy champions later in the game. This ability works well with your Essence Reaver build. You have the CDR and mana to spam. This ability and passive gives you the ability to chase down enemies. Your passive allows you to use this ability defensively or aggressively.

E Hawkshot will reveal parts of the map. It should be maxed last, since this ability is a high cooldown and the upgrade will not do much, or as much compared to your other abilities. The main use for this ability is for revealing the enemy junglers location early game. Late game you use this to spot groups of people in the fog.

R Enchanted Crystal Arrow Is the main part of your kit, the reason you play Ashe. This ability has infinite range and is a skill-shot stun. This ability is your engage, and will allow you to make your picks late, or early game.
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Rune + Summoner Spell Explanation

Should be used on every ADC, it provides the gap closer needed on most ADC's and will save you from a lot of situations. This summoner also allows you to open up for offensive opportunities.

Should be used on every ADC, it provides a an area heal needed on most ADC's. This can also save you or your support when you are in a pinch. This also allows you to gain a burst of movement speed to make plays or leave when flash is down.

This is arguably one of the best keystones for ADC's to choose. When at 100 stacks you gain HP, and a burst of movement speed. Moving and auto attacking minions or champions charge stacks. This is important on Ashe because often times you need the movement speed given from fleet to either be aggressive or get away from situations. It also provides decent sustain in lane when you are down on potions.

This keystone is also viable on Ashe. This allows you to break the attack speed cap, and gain a burst of attack speed for 3 seconds. This keystone has a 6 second cooldown, and is a great option if you are confident in laning phase. You keystone is overall more DPS as you are attacking a lot.
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is the initiator. If the you ever spot an out of position enemy champion with or with your vision, you fire your Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

1) Think about the situation. Are you in a safe position? If yes you are able to attack the closest enemy champion and dish out damage. If you are not, you must be able to spam W from a distance and slow the enemy champions until you find space.

2) Priority focus. The golden rule for an ADC is to attack the closest person to you. Though if there is a big tank not in your face and you have the room to attack someone important, do that. The point of a tank is to be obnoxious to you and other carries. If the tank is not doing their job you have the room to do damage to carries.

3) Keep your distance, be aware of threats. If they have a Zed with his abilities, then he is likely going to save them for you. you need to either fully grouped within your team, then they will effectively peel for you. Don't get caught out by these assassins because you are your team's main damage source and engage if you choose Ashe.
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Who Am I?

I am SweatMeALake, a gold ADC main on the NA server. I've been playing since season 5, and she has been one of my best utility picks since.
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