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Vayne Build Guide by thelolbeast

Bottom [S10] Increase Your Skill - Vayne

By thelolbeast | Updated on January 11, 2020

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Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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ADC Role
Ranked #7 in
ADC Role
Win 54%
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Champion Build Guide

[S10] Increase Your Skill - Vayne

By thelolbeast

+ Absolute Beast Late Game
+ True Damage
+ Tank Shreder
+ Hard to Play Against
+ Very Fun to Play

Vayne's biggest pro is her insane late game. She deals extreme amounts of damage while being very hard to kill because of her stealth and knock-back. A good Vayne play will always be able to carry teamfights and probably win 1v2's / 1v3's late. Also, Vayne is extremely fun to play so you can never go wrong with picking her.

- Bad Early Game
- Short Range
- Squishy
- Requires Good Positioning in Teamfights
- Hard to Play

Vayne's biggest weakness is her weak early, maily because of her short range. If you are able to survive the early game, you should be able to dominate the late game easily. A good Vayne player is beautiful to watch, but don't get dragged away, because Vayne is still a difficult champ to play.
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Press The Attack

Press the Attack synergizes well with Silver Bolts. Since you will already be looking to get 3 autos off to proc your Silver Bolts, we will automatically proc Press the Attack. With Press the Attack we increase our single target damage by a lot.


Triumph always comes in handy in teamfights. It will add a lot of healing by the end of the fight. The extra 20 gold per takedown is always sweet aswell.

Legend: Bloodline

Legend: Bloodline gives you lifesteal which I prefer over Legend: Alacrity and Legend: Tenacity because it provides you with a lot of healing late game.

Coup de Grace

The small amount of damage from Coup de Grace definitely helps out when finishing off people on low HP.

Taste of Blood

Taste of Blood goes well with the rest of the lifesteal in our build. This way we heal for a lot making us even harder to kill in teamfights.

Relentless Hunter

Relentless Hunter give you extra out of combat movement speed which makes moving around the map a lot quicker. If you get all the stacks you will get +55 out of combat movement speed.
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Flash + Heal

Pretty self explanatory, just like every ADC you take Flash and Heal because there are the best options that help you survive in teamfights and carry them. You could also possibly choose Barrier if your supports decides to take Heal.
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Doran's Blade

Doran's Blade is the best starting item for most ADC's. It gives you 2 less AD than a Long Sword but it provides you with a little extra sustain aswell as suvivability with the health and lifesteal.

Blade of The Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King should always be your first core item, aside from Berserker's Greaves because of the attack speed, attack damage, on-hit damage, lifesteal and the active. This way you will get your most important stats from your first item.

Berserker's Greaves

Most of Vayne's damage comes from her basic attacks and that's why attack speed is one of your most important stats. Sometimes you could get Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads when you need extra defensive stats. But most of the time you should get Berserker's Greaves

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Guinsoo's Rageblade is such a powerful item on Vayne. The main reason for this is that, when we stack it, we can proc our Silver Bolts with 2 auto attacks instead of 3, and with all the extra attack speed we will be getting a Silver Bolts proc every second and this will give us insane damage and let us shred tanks in the matter of seconds with just 2 items.

Phantom Dancer

After getting Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo's Rageblade I like getting some crit in my build. Most often I get Phantom Dancer because of the extra survivability with the shield, but alternatively you can get Stormrazor, Statikk Shiv or Rapid Firecannon.

Infinity Edge

With our build we get a lot of crit, so the extra crit damage from Infinity Edge is very important. It also gives you 80 AD which makes your basic attacks deal more damage. Definetly, buy this item in every game that you can.

The Bloodthirster

At this point we have a lot of damage, so we are looking to get some extra defense. Bloodthirster is one of my favorite items. I like getting life steal as it allows you to heal in and after teamfights. It also gives you an extra shield which is always helpful.
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Night Hunter

Vayne gains Movement speed icon 30 bonus movement speed when moving towards a nearby Sight icon visible enemy champion.
Final Hour FINAL HOUR: Night Hunter's bonus movement speed is tripled to 90.


Vayne dashes forward, though not through terrain, and her next basic attack within 7 seconds deals Attack damage bonus physical damage.
Tumble resets Vayne's basic attack timer.
Final Hour FINAL HOUR: Tumble's Cooldown reduction icon cooldown is reduced by 30 / 40 / 50% (based on Final Hour Final Hour Rank), and Tumble turns Vayne Twilight Shroud old2 invisible for 1 second on-cast.

Silver Bolts

PASSIVE: Vayne's basic attacks and Condemn Condemn apply a Silver Bolts stack for 3.5 seconds, up to 3 times. Attacking a new enemy removes all stacks from the previous target.
The third stack consumes them all to deal Hybrid penetration bonus true damage, with a minimum threshold, and capped at 200 against monsters.


Vayne fires a heavy bolt at the target unit, dealing physical damage, Airborne icon knocking them back 475 units, and applying a Silver Bolts Silver Bolts stack.
If the target collides with a wall, they take bonus physical damage and are Stun icon stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Final Hour

ACTIVE: For a duration, Vayne gains bonus attack damage and triples Night Hunter Night Hunter's bonus.
Additionally, Tumble Tumble gains cooldown reduction, and casting it grants Twilight Shroud old2 invisibility for 1 second.
While active, whenever a champion damaged by Vayne dies within 3 seconds, Final Hour's duration is extended by 4 seconds, up to a maximum of the original duration.
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Laning Phase

At level 1, you should take your Tumble. At level 1 you are pretty strong, the only downside is that you are short ranged, and when facing champions such as Caitlyn they can easily poke you with their autto's without you being able to fight back. When you arrive in lane you should be looking to push the first wave to be able to hit level 2 first. You can also try poking your opponents if they let you. Keep in mind that your Tumble is an auto-attack reset. If you can start off the trade with a basic attack, immidetly use your Tumble and back off. This way you get 2 autos in a short amount of time because of your reset. Also, make sure to use your Tumble to dodge enemy skillshots and reposition.

At level 2, you should take Silver Bolts. When going for the Silver Bolts proc make sure you use your Tumble as an auto attack reset to get the Silver Bolts proc off faster. After you hit level 2, you should no longer push the lane. Instead of pushing, you should start only last hitting the minions and letting the enemy wave push into you. Once it gets close to your tower make sure you leave alive 3 caster minions and let them sit outside of tower range. This way you will set up a freeze and the wave will stay outside of tower range until the freeze is broken. This way you are safe under tower and your opponent has to overextend in order to farm, which opens up opportunities for your jungler to come in and gank.

At level 3, you should, obviously take Condemn. At this point you can get a Silver Bolts proc by using an auto attack, followed by another auto attack with the auto attack reset and then using Condemn, but keep in mind that this will not proc Press the Attack, so should try to fit in 1 more auto attack if you can. Now that you have your stun, so look for opportunities to push your opponents into a wall and stunning them, to get a good trade and maybe even a kill. Keep on farming and try to get as much gold and exp as you can.

Once you get your Final Hour you are actually pretty strong in duels where your opponents don't have the range advantage. You can use your stealth to outplay and juke your opponents, aswell as reposition in order to push them into a wall. At this point if you opponents are overextended don't be afraid to fight, just make sure you don't underestimate your opponents and give them a free kill.

Out of Lane

Once laning phase is over you should have your Blade of the Ruined King and maybe even your Guinsoo's Rageblade, which means you will be fairly strong.

Overall, just stay with your team and focusing on taking objectives whilst keeping up in CS so that you can get your items faster and stop games. You should group with your team to get as many objectives as you can. Focus on towers, dragons and rift herald. Always stay near your support, because if you get caught alone you will most likely be insta-killed.

Make sure you are maximizing your gold by getting as much farm as you can. If you see a side lane is pushing in and there is a lot of farm, you should go and get it, just make sure your tell your team that you are leaving them so they don't start a fight. You shouldn't be spliting away from your team when dragon is up, especially if it's infernal or mountain dragon, because you might just let your opponents get away with having it. When you see a mispositioned enemy you can use your Condemn to stun them and secure the kill.

As you get more items, you will get much stronger. Every single item is important on Vayne. If the late game comes you will be a monster being able to dominate teamfights by shreding tanks in seconds, while being an unpredictable and unkillable ninja. The more you play Vayne the more you will get better at her mechanics.
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Teamfighting is my favorite part of the game when playing Vayne. As I already mentioned Vayne is a total monster in teamfights, if played correctly of course. So, let's learn how to actually play correctly.

First of all, positioning. This is very easy to understand, but when the pressure is high you might mess it up pretty often. At the start of the fight you stay in the far back of your team. As you melt their frontline you will want to get in a good position to kill the enemy carries while still being safe, mainly by using your stealth and popping out right next to their carries, leaving them no option but to die.

Second up, your focus. You should always remember that Vayne's damage is single target, meaning that switching targets is most often a bad idea, because it will mess up your Silver Bolts stacks. You should start off by focusing whoever is trying to kill you. Probably an assassin or a bruiser. After that you should start focusing their tanks because you are probably the only person in the team that can destroy tanks, after which you should shred their carries, ADC and/or mages.

When you get dived by a bruiser or an assassin, you will want to go in stealth and reposition in a way that the wall is behind your target, so that you can get off the stun. Pop out of stealth, get the stun and right click them. If they get out of the stun alive, use your stealth again to reposition.

Here is a tip: When going in stealth don't use your Tumble and immidietly auto attack. This is something that a lot of players get wrong. You actually have some time in stealth which you should use to get in the most unpredictable and safe position that you can.

Another tip: In order to juke, when your Final Hour is active what you can do is walk in one direction, then quickly move in another direction and use your Tumble in the direction you were first heading. Your opponent will probably think that you went in the direction you juked in for a split second, but you will pop out right on the other side.

And that is how you play Vayne. Thank you for reading my guide and good luck in solo queue!
League of Legends Build Guide Author thelolbeast
thelolbeast Vayne Guide

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[S10] Increase Your Skill - Vayne