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Draven Build Guide by guns n axes

ADC [s11] unkillable draven build

ADC [s11] unkillable draven build

Updated on May 21, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author guns n axes Build Guide By guns n axes 4,961 Views 0 Comments
4,961 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author guns n axes Draven Build Guide By guns n axes Updated on May 21, 2021
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

[s11] unkillable draven build

By guns n axes
S6 draven is back


update: used the new version and climbed two ranks in two days, never got to very late game with 5/6 items, the new build is bt,shieldbow, ie, lord dominiks. if they have alot of heal i suggest thornmail if they auto, or executioners if they are like vlad ( spells mostly). if you want more damage you can go for collector as fifth item, more sustain would be spirit or runaans. I had alot of fun coming up and playing with this build so I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, thumbs up would be nice
Hello, I'm guns n axes, I'm not really sure what I should write here so I will just explain my thought process. I'm a diamond player. i fluctuate between diamond 4-1 every season. as i don't play consistently. anyway I mained draven for 6 years now and I loved the playstyle back when I started to main him, where you just run it down and kill everyone you see, since season 8-9 as i remember, draven became a bad adc, as the items were not working on him properly. I saw alot of lethality builds. I tried them all but I never enjoyed playing with them. therefore I ended up not caring if I win or lose games. Anyway, I started making my own builds and this is the first time to post one on mobafire so I hope you enjoy trying it :D.

(warning this build might not be for you if you are not super aggro).

how i came up with build

I started this season trying the ravenous hydra build ( i included it but its just for fun its not that strong), and then i replaced an item by item by item until i got this build as a final result.

Favorite Supports

The problem with draven is that you need to snowball early on, but this season i feel that supports do way more damage to me than the enemy adcs, therefore you either need a support that can deliver you kills, or keep you alive. My favorite is rell, because she has so much cc and you've got the damage.


After first back, you need b.f sword if you have a good engage support so you can kill the enemy faster, vamp scepter if you are against poke champions in lane and need sustain, noon quiver if you feel like your attacks are slower than you want (or dont have enough gold for b.f sword).
You need to build bloodthirster first item as it will give you so much sustain (after the nerf to lifesteal it seems that bloodthirster didn't change) and then shieldbow to increase your survivability (so you don't get 1 shot) as you have a shield.
Third item depends on the enemy team and who is fed, if they have 2 ap champions and an assassin and the assassin is fed, build spirit visage and steel caps, he wont be able to 1 shot you and you will have sustain. ravenous is better 3rd item against tanks. ie is better 3rd item against squishies if you are snowballing. build thornmail instead of spirit visage if they are full. for the late game you can sell the boots to buy one of the four items listed above. if they have ad and ap fed champions you can go thornmail with spirit visage. if they have alot of tanks go lord dominiks. if they have alot of lifesteal buy mortal reminder.
I don't like buying berserkers greaves as I feel that i prefer to live than to attack faster (shieldbow+runaans are enough for me as I only use 3 axes).


Now that we've got the items covered lets go to the runes. we go conquerer because of its extra lifesteal at full stacks plus the adaptive damage. triumph cause i end up taking blue buff unless the midlaner needs it (plus the survivability ofcourse).tenacity is good against cc. alacrity is good for attack speed early before immortal shieldbow completion. coup de grace for the kill steals ;) lol, its good as you're playing as a 1v9 champ so you're gonna be doing more damage overall. i go absolute focus so the more you snowball the stronger you are. gathering storm incase your team ints and the game goes longer than 30 mins.

Lane phase

During lane phase you have the highest damage per auto attack amongst all adcs, so if you poke 1 auto for 1 auto and back off its worth it, make sure to farm all minions as its easier with your high damage. Don't all in unless your support gives you a chance to or the enemy is low enough for you to 1v2.
I usually like to ward both bushes and help the jungler with the **** so i can push the enemy bot into turret all game, as this will cause the enemy jungler to camp you, if you are ahead enough you will be able to 2v3, however i even do that early levels so i can poke freely under turret as the enemy adc will have to choose between getting hit by you or missing minions. usually get 3 free autos per wave and boom they lost atleast half their hp at lvl 3-4, now you let the wave push back to you and see what they do. if the enemy jungler comes you will have to decide whether you can 2v3 or not, if not just back off. if the jungler doesn't come, just let the wave push to you, when its close to the lane bush closer to your turret walk up and they wont be able to push, now you set up a freeze and dare anyone to walk up. if they try to farm KILL THEM.... anyway, now you have 1-2k gold in inventory recall and buy an item from the ones shown in the guide.
Make sure to roam and help the jungler and midlaner after setting up a slow push if you don't wanna recall or dive the enemy.


Now teamfights are your favorite part, its where you get most kills, by now you should have 2/3 full items, and you are stronger than the enemy adc, focus the fed person first as they are the only one that can kill you with this build, and then clean up everyone else. make sure not to tunnel vision and end up in between all the enemies and your team is far. you are allowed to run it down but make sure to know your limits so you don't die and give up a huge shutdown.

axe catching

its good to practice juggling axes in the practice tool, use alot of attackspeed items and try to juggle 5 axes. once you master that you will be able to juggle 2/3 with no effort in a game. if you mess up an axe and it would ruin your position to get it, just let it go, you can get a new axe, but if you die you lose your passive stacks which wouldnt be worth it right??? pfft the shutdown too? nah thats no problem just dont lose your passive cause of 1 axe.

final tips

with this build you can solo baron easily but i dont recommend it. it takes a very long time alone, while you can just go with your team and turn, kill everyone and take the baron for free.
try this out in normals before ranked. and actually run it down after you get couple items completed. see the lifesteal and feel how much you gain per auto. see the damage you do. (i noticed with a full build you can crit for 900+ damage)
p.s: this is a for fun build. I do use it in ranked but its just cause I tested it enough and basically don't care about my rank as i know i will end up in diamond either way.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author guns n axes
guns n axes Draven Guide
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