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Ekko Build Guide by ChronobreakEkko

Middle [S13.2] EKKO MID GUIDE

Middle [S13.2] EKKO MID GUIDE

Updated on August 5, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChronobreakEkko Build Guide By ChronobreakEkko 35 2 37,179 Views 7 Comments
35 2 37,179 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ChronobreakEkko Ekko Build Guide By ChronobreakEkko Updated on August 5, 2023
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Sudden Impact
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Treasure Hunter

Absolute Focus

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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


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99,99% of your games
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide


By ChronobreakEkko
(S13.2) Rank 21 Ekko EUW
Hello everyone, my name is Chronobreak and I am an Ekko Onetrick, currently Emerald on the EUW Server. I have been maining Ekko for about 3 years now and I believe I have a lot of knowledge and tricks on the Champion that I would like to share with you in order to help you learn the Champion and climb the SoloQ ladder with Ekko. If you have any questions regarding the Champion, the game in general or anything mentioned in this guide, feel free to ask me about it in the comments. you are also very welcome to check out my stream on if you want to watch me play Ekko live. The guide is still quite unfinished, but I'll try to be done with the most of it by the end of this week. I think you can still learn a lot of things about Ekko already.
Ekko's identity
On Ekko, your job is to oneshot the enemy's carries. To achieve this goal you want to be ahead in gold and xp and build as much damage as possible.

Ekko's early laning phase is not the best, but if you play around your opponent's cooldowns very well, you can get solo kills and take over the game from that point on. Ekko can be a super explosive snowballing champ, especially mith Mejai's Soulstealer as your first legendary item.

But Ekko is not just a good oneshot-burst champion with a lot of mobility, he is also a really good sidelane champ. I usually sidelane a lot when we are behind and I don't have enough damage to oneshot the enemy's carries yet. If you know that you will be sidelaning a lot in your game, Nashor's Tooth will help you cs very well and deal more damage to Turrets.
you pretty much want to take Electrocute all the time on Ekko. There can be some games where First Strike might be a valuable option too, but Electrocute will be the ideal option most of the time. It's ideal for short burst trades and oneshotting. I've seen some Ekko players go Dark Harvest which is just a bad rune in my opinion, especially on mid lane because it doeesn't give you any trading potential at all, unlike Electrocute or First Strike.
Hextech Rocketbelt is the perfect item for Ekko. It's almost like the item was designed just for Ekko or even by himself. It grants enough ablity power, ability haste, and flat magic penetration for Ekko's kit. The active of the item is also super useful to gap-close and to proc your combo as quick as possible. The item is superior to all other mythic items on Ekko and you always want to buy it as your first item on Ekko. The moment you finish your Hextech Rocketbelt is the exact moment Ekko becomes a Champion, big powerspike.

There is a big discussion between Ekko mains whether Lich Bane or Nashor's Tooth is the better second item on Ekko. In general, Nashor's Tooth grants more damage than Lich Bane if you add one or more autos to your full combo. It also has more DPS than Lich Bane, so it is very effective against targets that take more time to kill + it is the better item if you are going to split push.

However, I found myself being way more consistent going Lich Bane instead of Nashor's Tooth as my second item in the majority of my games. The movement speed is very useful to roam early and to chase down targets. The sheen damage of the item also helps you oneshot your target. It's overall a very good item to dive the backline and disengage immediately. Another bonus that makes me prefer Lich Bane over Nashor's Tooth is the build path. Aether Wisp, Fiendish Codex and Sheen are all three good items to buy early as they give you really helpful stats. If you want to build Nashor's Tooth, you are going to lose a lot of gold efficiency on the Recurve Bow, as Ekko can't really use the attack speed and on-hit damage from the item too much. I also think that after finishing your Hextech Rocketbelt, the flat AP from Blasting Wand of your Nashor's Tooth will be less useful than the movement speed from your Aether Wisp or the spellblade damage from Sheen.

What I want to say is, your second item choice should be personal preference. While Nashor's Tooth might be mathematically the better item in a lot of situations, Lich Bane fits my playstyle way better and grants me more success. Honestly, you should just try out both options and find out which item feels better to you. In this guide, I just want to explain my own playstyle to you, which brought me a lot of success in SoloQ.

Don't get confused, I talked about Lich Bane and Nashor's Tooth as your "second item" earlier, because most people dont see Mejai's Soulstealer as a full item. But as you can see in the build path on top of this guide, I build Mejai's Soulstealer before Lich Bane, no matter how many Dark Seal stacks I have. On your first back, you always want to buy a Dark Seal and transform it into Mejai's as soon as you can after you finished your Hextech Rocketbelt. But you should not save your gold if you recall and can't upgrade to Mejai's Soulstealer yet. I usually rush Aether Wisp if I don't have gold to purchase my Mejai's.

The next items you want to build are Rabadon's Deathcap and Void Staff after. They will both give you huge damage powerspikes which allow you to oneshot and carry the late game. If the enemy team has built a lot of magic resistance, you want to purchase Void Staff first and Rabadon's Deathcap after.

SITUATIONAL: Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonya's is a niche item which should almost never be purchased on Ekko. Going full damage with the build mentioned above will be 100 times more effective and your kit gives you enough safety already, so you won't need Zhonya's to survive. I buy this item only if I really struggle to survive teamfights and skirmishes or if I know winning time can win me/my team fights. your W stun can also get activated if you are in the active of Zhonya's Hourglass, so you can stun enemies who are on top of you and ult them as soon as your invincibility expires. But this mechanic is most likely to work in low elo as high level players will not stand in your W.
I go Sorcerer's Shoes all the time on Ekko. The flat magic penetration is really useful to get more damage off. I always finish my boots after my Hextech Rocketbelt.

Mercury's Treads can be a viable option too if you are faceing a heavy cc comp and think you need the tenacity. But keep in mind that you are missing out on a lot of damage if you buy Mercury's Treads instead of Sorcerer's Shoes.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChronobreakEkko
ChronobreakEkko Ekko Guide
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