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Evelynn Build Guide by UDYSOF_OCE



Updated on August 29, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author UDYSOF_OCE Build Guide By UDYSOF_OCE 91 11 274,629 Views 5 Comments
91 11 274,629 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author UDYSOF_OCE Evelynn Build Guide By UDYSOF_OCE Updated on August 29, 2023
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Runes: Rune Page

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Magical Footwear
Future's Market

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide



My pre-season stats - ALL CHALLENGER GAMES

Hey guys welcome to my challenger Evelynn guide. I'm a challenger Evelynn player and Pro player from OCE. I started playing Evelynn in Season 7 for competitive play and soloqueue. Evelynn was a fundamental champion I played when i finished rank 14 on the OCE server in season 9.

I'll list some of my achievements on Evelynn.
  • Rank 14 OCE
  • Highest Ranked Evelynn OCE
  • Competitive games as Evelynn
  • Highest winrate 2020 on eve in pro play (100%)
  • Played on the worlds stage

So...if you want to see how I do it...come check out the stream if you haven't already! I play Evelynn a lot and other champions to prepare for 2021 Professional play - - I also upload videos to my YouTube from time to time! -

This is a new chapter to my guide and I think it's the most important one.

Evelynn is a very simple champion. She can only be built for one objective - to one-shot! The way to play Evelynn is to be permanently checking your lanes to look for which lanes are winning and which are losing, you must play towards winning lanes early since eve before level 6 is very weak. I usually start red then krugs wraiths and then full clear my topside.
You can also start blue and full clear to red-side depending on which ever lanes are strong. If your laners are taking trades you can easily blow flashes or get early kills especially against enemies heavy trading lanes once you finish your full clear. When i path as Evelynn I aim to focus lanes who have hard CC to set up ganks. Once I have ganked early I would have at least blown a laners flash which means I will path towards that lane again and look to repeat gank them either killing them or putting them far behind in XP as they have to base. Getting a kill before level 6 as Evelynn secures a win honestly, getting your jungle item early is GG.

Evelynn is about finding picks with her R, Look to fight on side-lanes, getting pics on side-lanes is the Evelynn bread and butter, getting item leads and Mejai stacks is the way to win as Evelynn. Sometimes you can also pick on the mid-lane, this is dependent on having the enemy bot-lane be behind in the mid-game.

If a game is stale you can threaten Baron and 50/50 Baron as Evelynn her R + Smite in the mid game can do 1500+ Damage which means she can never lose a smite fight.

I take Electrocute because all games I build a lot of Damage stats such as Rabadon's Deathcap on Evelynn which means I am able to land a lot of burst and push out my damage through my spells. In fast fights Electrocute is superior to most runes.

Sudden Impact is great for Increasing damage in skirmishes your Q->E makes sure you secure all kills. Eyeball Collection is my rune of choice because it allows me to focus on fighting and stacking up damage which is Evelynn main objective. Relentless Hunter Allows for you to move fast around the map and get into a good position for picking on squishy champions.

For my secondary runes I like to take Inspiration as I like the movement speed and free gold from Magical Footwear because I can easily run down enemies and find good engages. Future's Market is the most underrated rune in the game. If you can get your item spikes faster than the enemy and one-shot them to get some extra gold to speed up your snowball you will always find success as Evelynn.

My plan for every game I play on Evelynn is to be passive early - we have no gank threat level 2 and can't fight many junglers in the early game. So I usually aim to either survive early, or punish weak junglers.

If you have weak really weak laners like Kassadin you can full clear the jungle but without pressure early on Evelynn But you must use your early gold lead to then take dragon .

Invading early game

Invading in season 10 is very valuable as killing your opponent stops them farming, which is super important due to the decreased XP of jungle camps meaning it is very easy to fall behind in jungle.

Below are a list of champions you want, and arguably need to invade in the early game:
Master Yi

What commonalities can you guys see in that list? I can see a few to be honest...
-> Tanks
-> Farm heavy
-> Slow clear
-> Weak 1v1

Generally, if the enemy jungler is/has at least one commonality listed above then we definitely want to be invading them early and piling on the pressure. In the 'Early Game' chapter I will talk about HOW we go about invading, but for now it's important to talk about WHERE to invade.

Most junglers start bot side of the map for an easier leash, especially in lower elo, so you guys can easily predict where the enemy jungler is starting and look to invade. Therefore, if they start bot side of the map we want to invade them in their top side at their second buff, and vice versa. Now the champions above will be on their second buff from anywhere between 2.30-3.10ish depending on if they want to hit level 3 as soon as they can or if they full clear.

As you may have noticed, some champions are not on that list, and these include:

-> Elise
-> Ezreal
-> Graves
-> Jarvan IV
-> Kindred
-> Lee Sin
-> Nocturne
-> Rek'Sai
-> Udyr
-> Warwick
-> Xin Zhao

Again, what do these champions share in common?
-> Strong duelers
-> Fast clear

The junglers just mentioned are to be invaded with caution if you choose to do so. I invade pretty much every game regardless of which champion I'm against but I've done it so often that I'm used to it. If you guys aren't comfortable with taking on these guys earlier in the game there's nothing to be ashamed of - and trust me, when I started out playing Evelynn and invading every game it wouldn't be uncommon to see me 0-3 at 5 minutes.

For champions like Elise, Lee Sin, Rek'Sai, their clear is insanely quick. Normally they will start bot side of the map, clear one other camp and finish their 2nd buff and then pressure that side of the map so we only have a small window to invade. Also, they are strong early game champions so if we get spotted by a ward or hit by a crowd control (CC) ability then we may have to ff at 15.

Those champions in the second list, most of them at least, will get their 2 buffs and level 3 as soon as possible and gank a lane - a bit like us but we're slightly quicker since we can gank at level 2. Therefore, we can get to a lane without threat of being (and I'll show you guys the best clear for Shaco in the 'Early Game' chapter if we want to gank) and pick up easy kills. This will be easier to envision in the forthcoming chapter but we need to think about WHICH LANE to gank. I'll list a few reasons why we'd want to gank a certain lane early...
-> Our laner(s) has CC
-> Enemy champion(s) has no Flash or their Flash is on cooldown (CD)
-> Enemy champion(s) will push the lane early (making them more susceptible to a gank)
-> The matchup is 'snowbally' - one kill might decide the lane
-> We anticipate that the enemy jungler will gank that lane early, so we want to counter-gank IF we win the 2v2 or we try to get there first of course
If a lane has only one reason I listed then it's still worthy of a gank early game!
Thank you for reading.
This is not going to be a huge section. But if you would like private coaching dm me on discord udysof#9437(this is my job fulltime).
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League of Legends Build Guide Author UDYSOF_OCE
UDYSOF_OCE Evelynn Guide
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