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Rell Build Guide by JCgo22

Support S13 Engage Support Guide

Support S13 Engage Support Guide

Updated on July 27, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JCgo22 Build Guide By JCgo22 2,682 Views 0 Comments
2,682 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JCgo22 Rell Build Guide By JCgo22 Updated on July 27, 2023
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Glacial Augment
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Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Bone Plating

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+6 Armor
+6 Armor


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Flash Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

S13 Engage Support Guide

By JCgo22
The Role of a Support
Your main purpose of a support is to empower your adc to carry the game. You do this by peeling the adc, engaging good fights, setting up vision control, and funneling gold to your adc. If you do this better than your support counterpart, then you will have a positive winrate.
The game of League starts in champ select. A good pick order is usually has jungle and adc picking first and then having support, mid, and top have counterpick opportunities. Having a favorable 2v2 matchup can completely win a game from champ select and support counterpick is usually what makes or breaks this matchup.
When the game loads in, having control over the middle lane bush is one of the most important things as a melee engage support since you need the bush to stay out of vision and create windows of opportunities to make a good trade on the enemy bot duo. Getting level 2 prio is the most important thing early game, but there are many different situations that you have to know in this role. If the enemy bot duo has 2 range and gets to lane before you, then you have to give up level 2 prio and let the wave crash since you will get poked out if you try to melee the minions and the enemy bot duo will hit level 2 much faster than you. If the enemy bot duo is 1 range 1 melee or you get to lane faster or push faster than the enemy bot duo, then you will want to auto the melee minions as much as possible and use your relic shield on 2 melee minions on the second wave to secure level 2 before enemy bot duo. If you are winning lane and the third wave, the cannon wave shows up, you may want to hard shove it into the enemy tower so that it bounces back and give you a window to zone the enemy from csing the wave. Around 2:30 is when the enemy jungler can finish 3 camps and hit level 3 and around 3:20-3:30 is when the enemy jungler can finish a full clear and hit level 4 which is the time which scuttle spawns so at these times, you will want to set up vision control to avoid ganks, secure scuttle crab for your jungler, or have your jungler countergank which can win the lane for your adc and the scuttle for your jungler.
After winning or losing an early game skirmish, you will get your first buy as a support which is usually boots, sweepers, and maybe a ruby crystal or a control ward. As you head back to your lane, you can look for lane gank opportunities through top or mid. If top or mid has their wave frozen and it is gankable, you have the option to lane gank them and win their lane. The adc oftentimes can just soak wave xp and the wave will most of the time just push towards them. By the time you get back, the wave will likely be crashed and you can be there to protect your adc against the dive, and share the gold and xp from the wave. When the jungler wants to take drag, it usually means that 1. Bot lane has prio and has pushed the wave into the enemy tower 2. Mid lane has prio and has pushed the wave into the enemy tower. If your team has both of these, the enemy team will usually just give the objective and farm the waves that are crashed under their tower or if the wave is in a neutral state, you can crash the wave into the enemy tower to deny the enemy cs and xp and also get a back timer that is 10-15 seconds faster than the enemy team. If the herald is spawing you as a support can roam there and secure the objective for your team. If the enemy support is also there, then there will oftentimes be a teamfight over the objective.
Once the game reaches midgame one team usually has an advantage and will try to use that advantage to siege towers, set up vision control over objective, and will be looking to fight over anything since they are stronger. At this point of the game, you are looking to siege tier 1 towers by using rift, and your gold advantage to win fights. If you are the losing team, you are looking for other win cons by holding onto these towers and waiting for the enemy team to overcommit so that you can punish them and take their shutdown gold and xp to turn the tides of the game. This is where splitpushing becomes very strong since many teams will not be strong enough to just 5v4 dive the enemy team under tower so the one splitpusher can get so much value for the team by taking solo lane gold and xp and also take towers which give gold and objective bounties to the entire team if your team is behind. What is even better is that if your solo laner cannot be matched, the enemy team has to send 2 or more to kill them which gives your team a numbers advantage that you can use to secure vision control over objectives, siege mid and bot tower, and take favorable 4v3 skirmishes. Many times, the game state is usually in a 131 setup with the top laners top, mid laners bot, and bot duo and jungles hovering around mid. As the losing team, you are looking to defend tier 2 towers since they give the enemy team lots of gold, will make it much hard to defend your jungle from invades, and will make it much harder to have vision control and access to objectives.
Once it hits mid-late game, the objectives are dragon soul, baron, inhib towers, and even inhibs. When taking an inhib, you need to make sure that you can capitalize on the pressure it provides and no just give the enemy team free xp and cs. When an inhib is taken, that lane will always push towards that broken inhib since the super minions will always outpush the enemy wave. This means that it will deny your team some gold and xp is no one is there and create permanent pressure in that lane. You need to make sure that you don't take tht inhib too early which is before you can take baron and siege other towers. Once you take baron you need to have waves pushing from two different lanes unless you are much much stronger than your enemy and can just 5v5 dive them under tower. At this game state, you will want to take baron and siege the enemy team from two lanes. Do this by going 5 man one lane and take the towers and inhibs there and then go 5 man another lane and take the other towers and inhibs there.. You can also look for a 140, 131, or 230 setup to thin the enemy's defenses and take the towers and inhibs. If the enemy 5 mans one lane and kill your allies in that lane, then you can push into the enemy base and take the towers and inhibs before getting out. Once you take the towers and inhibs, you should look for a reset if you cannot end the game there and get a reset in and spend your gold while the enemy team has to spend time pushing out all of the lanes. Many times, you have to wait 1-2 minutes for the objectives to spawn so make sure that you push out all the lanes as much as you can before the objectives spawn so that if you win the fight, then you can end the game as the waves are pushed, or if you lose the fight, then you won't lose very much since the lanes are pushed.
The difference between good players (top 10%), Old Plat tier (now emerald tier) and High Diamond/Master tier players (top 0.5%) is their teamfighting, ability to recognize game winning plays and work together as a team to win the game. In my experience, in plat games players fight over anything and everything and throw their leads all the time making the games last 30-35 minutes, but in diamond/master tier games, when one team has a large enough advantage, the game is basically over as the team with the advantage will use that advantage to win teamfights, take neutral objectives, take towers, and eventually end the game in 25 minutes.
Laning Phase
Laning phase is the first 10-15 minutes in the bot lane 2v2 matchup. As a melee engage support, you are looking to go even or win the laning phase by taking good trades, setting up ganks for your jungler, and not dying to ganks. Oftentimes, the enemy team will bait out your engages if their jungler is nearby so pay attention to the enemy adc and support's body language and the game state before making an engage. If you and your adc do not win the 2v2, freeze the wave under tower and get as much cs and stay as healthy as you can. Eventually, you can get a midlaner roam or jungle gank to get a reset.
There are roam timers anytime you get a back in, anytime the wave is frozen under your tower and your adc cannot get dove, when you have crashed a wave into the enemy tower, or when you have killed the enemy adc. When rift herald is spawing, this is usually an indication that the supports are roaming top to secure top prio for herald and there will usually be a fight. Roams mid with your jungler can be gamechanging as winning mid and jungle prio is massive for bot and top pressure.
You always want to be at every skirmish as a support so look for every opportunity to take a good fight and make sure that your teammates can follow up. If the fight is bad, just don't take the fight and let the enemy make a bad engage that you can punish.
Vision Control
Vision control is one of the most important things in league as with information of where the enemy team is and their positioning, you can determine whether an engage you want to make will be favorable for your team. Sweepers and control ward's ability to deny is is one of the strongest tools in league to bait the enemy team into taking a bad fight since if they don't know where you are, you can find an angle into the enemy backline and disrupt the entire enemy team which leaves an opening for your team to followup and delete the enemy backline. Setting up and denying vision around objectives can make or break teamfights which is essential in winning games.
Objectives are what teamfights break out over. At basically every objective spawn, there is a teamfight and whichever team wins the teamfight, usually wins that objective. Objectives can also be traded such as dragon for top or mid tower which teams will do if they don't think they win the teamfight.
Team Fighting
Teamfights will almost always break out over objectives like dragon and baron which are objectives that can make the enemy team stronger by giving them stat buffs and gold that will help them win teamfights.
About Me
Hi I'm JC, a second year university student and I enjoy playing league! I'm a Masters support main and will play pretty much anything that is meta (acc names below). I will occasionally post guides here so enjoy! :)
Masters 1 -ÉÈFLØW 87-56
^link does not work
Plat 1 - 32-13
Main Acc -
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JCgo22
JCgo22 Rell Guide
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S13 Engage Support Guide

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