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Sona General Guide by Aveldine

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aveldine


Aveldine Last updated on January 6, 2013
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hi guys! This is my second build and I'm doin AD Sona this time. It may make you wonder " AD Sona? WTF?!" We'll in reality, it's really strong. It just falls off late game, so at that point, go AP if you're having problems with your AD build. Sona is a very powerful support, with her harass and heals, she's amazing. But she is also amazing as an AD.

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Summoner spells

My choice of summoner spells for AD Sona are: flash and

Let's review summoner spells....

I personally would never use this, but I'm not forcing you to do anything.

do not use this!!! :( you are not supporting your opening a can of WHOOPASS. This is useless to you.

wouldn't recommend since you're going to get manamune, but if you feel like you might have mana issues, then go ahead. But seriously you're not spamming spells you're auto attacking....

if you stay back or can solo people, you really won't need this.

. If you're feeling confident about playing AD Sona, you don't really need this, but if you're new I might suggest this.

. No need for this, you're not supporting, you shouldn't have to use this. And you're not in dominion.,, xD

. He11z yeah, if you want to chase people down and PWN their faces, use this and pair it with exhaust.

yeah it's an alright spell for AD Sona.

ummmm.,,never in a million years would I use this, and besides, you're not the hero to save the day...


Only use this if you're forced top lane.

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Why I level the abilities how I do

this is Sona's most powerful ability (besides her ultimate), and the aura gives you bonus AD and AP, which is why I max it FIRST. Whenever your passive procs, use THIS aura for HIGH damage

don't use this too much, you'll run out of Mana, so....max this last. When your passive procs, use this passive for a damage decrease on an enemy.

this is a movement speed buff for you and your allies. Max this second because its great for escaping and chasing.
When your passive procs, use this aura to slow an enemy.

. Ahh, her beautiful song of DEATH. Use this to stun your enemy so you can beat him to death.

No aura for crescendo.

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Ok here we go... I have a lot of explaining to do

First off we have

. Why 2? Well, because it gives you early sustain and health.

why berserkers greaves? Well, because it gives you more attack speed! Yay!!

why this? Well because the extra move speed is nice

I get this because Sona is a huge mana *****, why not have extra mana and ad? It comes in quite useful, trust me.

this item is AMAZING on AD Sona, the slow is soooo good, and not to mention she gets a ****load of HP. ^_^ definitely a getter.

I like this item alot because of the sheen proc and the extra movement and HP. "We'll why the he11 would you get FM and TF?!?!" Well, because it works out really well in the end, just trust me <3.

for the health and armor pen, heck yes!!!

if you're gonna be AD Sona, do it the right way

this is amazing with a Infinity Edge :0

this is great for armor pen and plenty of AD, counter tank BABY.

this is good for 3's, and 1v1

these are great if you're using the pure AD build

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Pros / Cons

Pro: OP auto attacks
Strong in fights
People don't know what to expect
Strong early game
Strong combo

Con: squishy
Can be slow
AD falls off late game

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Farming is really easy for AD Sona with sheen and AS.


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