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Ashe Build Guide by PokeChase

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PokeChase

S3 Ashe, nuff said.

PokeChase Last updated on February 24, 2013
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This build is extremely effective late game. Although it lacks in anything early game, once you have a Phantom Dancer and some life steal, not much will do damage to you. I made this set partly off of the recommended Ashe items, but with tweaks that improve Ashe a lot.

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I choose to have as much attack speed as possible. So the Greater Runes of Alacrity help a lot.

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The Masteries should be pretty obvious. The early game minor life steal helps, and then the enhanced recall allows you to leave quickly since there you don't build any armor and only trinity force and Ionic spark build health.

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The items are pricey but the end result brings terror to anyone and everyone. I chose these because they benefit each other. High attack speed and damage allow the Bloodthirster to give you high amounts of life steal. And also with high Attack speed, the Ionic Spark's effect activates much quicker. The trinity force at the end can be swapped out for anything. I personally prefer it, but if there is a mage on the other team then I would suggest Force of Nature.

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Skill Sequence

Volley is a great skill to have, after a volley, you can activate frost shot to keep them slow and deal good amounts of damage. Although early game it is not very effective due to the cool-down, however, hen maxed out it has about a five second cool-down. Hawkshot Is the last to be maxed due to the limited usage. I like to fire it off towards the other teams jungle whilst fighting baron to assure no one comes to quickly.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ghost and Flash since only two items build health and there isn't any armor being built, normally you'll need to get out of a gank very quickly to avoid a death. Also, if the enemy team has 3 champions taking on a turret close, but not very close, you can ghost to thier and hopefully save the turret.

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When in early game, do not act to aggressive. Since you are very squishy throughout the game, a lot can kill you quickly. So activating frost shot, flashing out, and then hitting the enemy champion a couple times will allow you to escape in most cases.

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Pros and Cons


    Very pricey
    Weak early game
    Low armor

    Insane attack speed
    High life steal
    Easy escape (if both summoner spells are available)
    High damage
    Great late game

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After you have bought an Ionic Spark, you can Jungle effectively. Starting out with a volley and then having the Ionic Spark activate, the minor creatures like the little lizards, will die quickly. While the wolves, golemns, and wraiths with only take a few more shots. After you have obtained a bloodthirster, or at least a vampiric scepter and B. F. Sword, then taking on the Ancient Golemn and Lizard Elder become much easier. If the game has gone on for a while then I would recommend killing he wraiths and wolves in both jungles after all the minions in your lane are dead (that's if you are Going mid, kill the golemns if you are bot and the wolves if top)

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Team Work

If you are roaming around late game and here is an enemy champion near you and doing well, end it. Jump in and hit him with your ultimate, then as soon as you can, volley then turn on frost shot so he can't run that fast. This is most effective when the champion is in top or bot and is alone. However, if both enemy champions are close together, just hitting one of them is debilitating.

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Early Game it is of utmost importance to farm as many minions as you can, due to the high cost of all the items.

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Early Game

Early game it is Not the best idea to charge in and try to get a kill. Stay back and don't try to push too much, the first tower is as far as you should go. And only rush past towers to get a kill if the champion has close to no health, otherwise, let it go.

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Late Game

Late game is when you can start being aggressive. Having the extra health from the Ionic spark let's you kill champions with less worry if they start running to their towers. After Bloodthirster has been upgraded a good bit, Start leaving your lane more often and going for ganks. Letting off an Enchanted Crystal Arrow will cripple even a tank. And Since the champion will be slowed from Volley and Frost Shot, it makes for an easy kill even if they try to attack.

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Thank you for reading my guide And I hope this helps any of you who like good Ashe sets.