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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Katarina Build Guide by lFatality

AP Carry [S3] French Killing - Pentarina

AP Carry [S3] French Killing - Pentarina

Updated on May 25, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lFatality Build Guide By lFatality 57 10 265,179 Views 35 Comments
57 10 265,179 Views 35 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lFatality Katarina Build Guide By lFatality Updated on May 25, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Katarina
    Mid Lane Power
  • LoL Champion: Katarina
    Roaming Power


This guide is different from the others.
It's made with a grapic program - completely.
I've made this choice to introduce some new design to mobafire and to avoid the BB-Code.
But let's don't talk so long - let's start. :)


Guide is under construction at the moment!(25.05.13)
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Pro / Contra

filler filler
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Champion Abilities

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Summoner Spells

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Kata and the Blue Buff

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Some more facts

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Thanks to C4ke for the tip with the Rylai's + Liandry's combination.
Thanks to Ildephonse to tell me that the magic penetration apply order changed.
Thanks to just1 to tell me Tough Skin doesn't protect of minion damage anymore.
Thanks to ViktorLar for the advice Viktor is more of a 4 than a 3.
© by lFatality for guide design.
© by RoseberriesART for her Katarina picture.
© by bluelightt for her Katarina picture.
© by DiffTheEnder for his infographics.
© by Quiet-Lamp for his Katarina picture.
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Change log / Update Section

17.12.2012 Officially published!
18.12.2012 Pre-Chapter update.
19.12.2012 Item update. Pre-Chapter update. Credit section correction.
26.12.2012 Matchups added.
28.12.2012 Update added. Fixed a problem with Gameplay and Items.
10.01.2013 New Update Section, Changed Extra Chapter
13.01.2013 Changed Ryze text and rating in the Matchups Section (3->4)
16.01.2013 Changed Akali text and rating (2->4). Correction in an Item section calculation.
01.02.2013 Added Warmogs in the optional section.
02.02.2013 Changed masteries (tough skin -2 , restistance +1, hardiness +1)
20.02.2013 Changed Viktor text and rating (3->4). Adjustment for new (old) Rabadons.
20.04.2013 Rework of the complete guide (not finished yet)

Update 18.12.2012: Rank 5 in the top ten Katarina guides and 1600 views in just one day! Thanks so much! Im currently working at the matchups section to make the guide complete. :)

Update 19.12.2012: Rank 3 and 4000 views at day two! Just awesome - you're great! :)

Update 26.12.2012: Near 9000 views. :) For some reason 2 people rated the guide down. If you do so, please leave some constructive criticism to let me know what's wrong. Thanks!

Update 28.12.2012: Broke the 10k! And two people voted up again. Thanks for your support! :)

Update 10.01.2013: After some absence of the top ranks caused by some negative votes we had great support and we are back at rank 4! :) 15k views and counting.

Update 17.01.2013: Finally got 20.000 views. We're still at rank 4 with 15 upvotes and 3 downvotes (74%) at the moment. :)

Update 30.01.2013: 35.000 views and rank 3 with 77%! You make me happy! :)

Update 05.02.2013: The fact Katarina was in the rotation this week gave us a huge boost and now we got 52.000 views! Additionaly we received a lot of votes and got 81% now! Awesome!

Update 22.02.2013: We got 70.000 views now. This makes more than 1000 views a day since the last update. Additionaly we're at 84% with 30/3 votes now! :D

Update 17.03.2013: 100.000 views! :D
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Extra Chapter

My guide is made with a graphic program. I think everyone can see it is a full guide.
But mobafire lists a guide as full build just if:
-30 mastery points allocated in each of the champion builds
-18 skill skill points allocated in each of the champion builds
-9 marks, 9 seals, 9 glyphs, and 3 quints in each of the champion builds
-2 summoner spells selected in each of the champion builds
-5,000 typed characters in the "body" of the guide (made up of visible characters to the viewers, or in behind the scenes coding)

This is absolutely okay. But for my guide this is a bit tricky. All the letters I typed are not counted, as they are in one big picture. So I have to type a little text. Just 5.000 characters.
Hmm okay I’m not sure what to tell you.
I think as this is a Katarina guide I present you her story additionaly (so you know why she has this scar at her eye):

Driven by an intense killer instinct, Katarina uses her talents as an assassin for the glory of Noxus, and the continued elevation of her family. While her fervor drives her to ever-greater feats, it can sometimes lead her astray.

From childhood, Katarina displayed a natural gift for combat. As the daughter of a prominent Noxian general many paths were open to her, but she rejected them all for the path of the blade. Rigorously trained by the finest assassins in Noxus, her father the best among them, it was not long before Katarina demanded her first assignment. The task they gave her was aggravatingly simple: assassinate a low-ranking Demacian officer. As she set to her work infiltrating the enemy camp, Katarina discovered an opportunity too tantalizing to pass by - the arrival of a Demacian General. Stalking him to his tent, she quietly dispatched his guards and slit his throat. Pleased with her impressive kill, she disappeared into the night. Katarina's elation faded the next day when her original objective, the Demacian officer, led his forces to ambush unprepared Noxian soldiers. Though the Noxians fought valiantly, they suffered heavy casualties. Furious at her mistake, Katarina set off to complete her original task. Returning to the camp, she spied her now heavily guarded target and realized a stealthy kill was no longer possible. Drawing her blades, Katarina swore the officer would die, no matter the cost. She leapt into battle, unleashing a whirlwind of steel. One by one blades flashed and guards fell, each strike bringing her one step closer to the officer. A final thrown dagger restored her honor. Bloody and bruised, Katarina barely escaped the Demacian forces, and returned to Noxus a changed woman. The scar she earned that night now serves as a constant reminder that she must never let passion interfere with duty.

''Never question my loyalty. You will never know what I endure for it.''
-- Katarina

Ok, this was her story. And to know the whole family you get the story of Cassiopeia, her younger sister, as well:

While her sister Katarina has always been the most celebrated member of the household, the Du Couteau family has a long history of service to Noxus. It has often been said that no soldier has ever been as fortunate as General Du Couteau to have been graced with daughters. His youngest, Cassiopeia - despite lacking her sister's killer instincts - was equally renowned in court for her stately character and elegance. Cunning as she was beautiful, the temptress could never be found far from the arm of any foreign dignitary, her wiles prying secrets from the lips of even the most wary attache. With the Noxian barbarian pacification campaign having ground to a standstill, Cassiopeia had set her sights on a diplomat from a tribe of the Freljord region. Thinking him an easy mark, the scheming seductress set about beguiling him. He refused to confide in her, however, until she swore an oath of secrecy upon his sword - a strange weapon with a serpentine curve to the blade.

Once her tryst was over, Cassiopeia provisioned her father with information regarding the barbarian resistance. As she divulged this intelligence, a wave of revulsion washed over her. She screamed in agony as her silky skin hardened to scales, her lustrous hair thickened to leather, and her manicured fingernails sharpened to claws. Dazed, she fell upon a group of horrified servants, rending them limb from limb in a heartbeat. When it was over the blood-soaked figure was no longer the ravishing jewel of the Noxian court, but a horror trapped somewhere between woman and serpent. Unable to serve in her traditional capacity, Cassiopeia departed for the League, continuing her service to Noxus on the Fields of Justice.

''Though she may have appeared the innocent flower, she was the serpent under it.''
-- Katarina, the Sinister Blade

Ok I am at 4000 characters now. 1000 left. 1000 characters I still have to fill. I put everything I wanted to say in the guide and now I have to write even more. But my head is empty now. I’ve made this guide in 5 days of hard work. 16 chapters in 5 days. A bit more than 3 at one day. How many characters now? 4200. Ok it’s going on. Let’s see what I can tell you furthermore. Ah yes. You may wonder why there are so many numbers (especially in the some facts) and calculations in the guide. That’s just because I like mathematics. Yes, I do!
One thing I want to tell you: I’m German. My English is okay but not perfect. Especially the commas are difficult. The German language works with a lot of commas, the English doesn’t. It’s hard to tell for me wether there has to be a comma or not. I’m sure there are some English mistakes in the guide. If you want, let me know where they are, so I can improve this. 4860 characters.
Ok last words I want to tell? I hope you have fun with my guide, a lot of good matches and get high ELO some day. But don’t forget there is still a life outside. The real world. Don’t set your virtual life over your real life. Ok, everything’s said.
Goodbye and have a nice day.

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