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Teemo Build Guide by MSWarson

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MSWarson

[S3] Teemo by MSWarson

MSWarson Last updated on December 29, 2012
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[S3] Teemo by MSWarson

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Not Updated For Current Season

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I like my guides to the point and basic. It serves more as a personal collection of everything I found good (by testing, calculating and playing myself) from other people's guides. A lot of thanks goes to the other guides findable for laying out the groundwork for this collection.

Thank you.
- MSWarson

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Build Info

First return: 1700cr.
You can do a good first return if you have 1700cr: Sorcerer Shoes (750cr)+ Recurve Bow (950cr).
Adds movement, magic penetration and attack speed.

Runaan's Hurricane allows you to farm much better; attack one enemy and it auto-attack two nearby enemies.

Stinger can be purchased in between if you have to return, otherwise save up money and farm for the main items. Likewise for Needlessly Large Rod.

Optional changes:
Rylai's Crystal Scepter can be changed by the following items:

Mushroom focus: Liandry's Torment: this will give your Mushrooms a large bonus in bringing down the enemy's HP much faster than usual due to the additional DoT and slowing effect. Focus heavy on placing a lot and well located Mushrooms. Do note you lose HP statswise and will be weaker in teamfights. Very nice for passive playing.

Heavy magic enemy team: Wit's End: can be taken if the enemy team is very heavy magic attacking and you need more MR. Adds some attack speed, but you lose out on ability power. Not adviceable, but again if you need more MR take this.

Counter MR enemy team: Void Staff: can be taken if the enemy team is (lategame) very MR to counter your magic attack. It reduces 40% of their MR.

If you suck: If you die a lot, then stop putting yourself in a situation where you die in. Alternatively get Guardian Angel.

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Spells info

Provides an escape more useful than our Move Quick as it allows you to jump over walls and out of slows. It's the best escaping spell out there.

Simply the best offensive spell out there, doing over time true damage to the enemy. Great to counter HP potions or finishing off an enemy on low HP who often is running away.

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Runes info

Greater Seal of Armor x9: A bit of armor will make you feel a little more comfortable. Not recommended for mid lane. If you upfront know to be mid lane take Greater Seal of Attack Speed.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed x9: More attack speed.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9: As an AP carry, glyphs offer the best boost to ability power. So we take it.

Greater Quint of Attack Speed x3: More attack speed.

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Skills info


If Teemo stands still and takes no actions for 2 seconds, he becomes stealthed indefinitely. After leaving stealth, Teemo gains the Element of Surprise, increasing his attack speed by 40% for 2 seconds.

New Teemo players will often ignore this. However it can be used very efficiently to your benefit. The attack speed bonus is very welcome, not to mention the enemy loses sight of you if they didn't saw exactly where you stood still. Can be used nicely also for sneak attacks or being a temporarily living sight ward. Don't ignore this passive and learn to make use of it!

Blinding Dart
Obscures an enemy's vision with a powerful venom, dealing damage to the target unit and causing all attacks to miss for the duration. Deals 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.8 AP) magic damage and causes the target to miss all of their attacks for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds

It increases the range of our harass, does decent damage and blinds the enemy. Early point in it as it's very useful and allows you to either defend your farming area, or be "aggressive" to prevent the enemy from ideal farming. First attacks missed by the enemy used on can be useful also in unique situations, like when an enemy us running after you when you're on low HP. Often gives you that bit extra with the miss+blind to safely run under you turret.

Move Quick
Passive: Teemo's Movement Speed is increased by 10/14/18/22/26% unless he has been damaged by an enemy champion or turret in the last 5 seconds. Active: Teemo sprints, gaining twice his normal bonus for 3 seconds. This bonus is not lost when struck.

Run Teemo! Run! Always put a point in this at the start, gives you great movement speed allowing you to escape the ganking enemy if you saw him coming. Depending on how you play you can max out Blinding Dart first (more aggressive play on your lane) or max this skill out first (more moving yourself, being ganked a lot yourself).

Toxic Shot
Teemo's basic attacks poison their target, dealing 10/20/30/40/50 (+0.4 AP) magical damage upon impact and 6/12/18/24/30 (+0.10 AP) magical damage each second for 4 seconds.

This is what makes Teemo kill (aside Mushrooms). Unless you can upgrade your Mushroom skill, max this skill up. The majority of our damage will come from this skill. The DoT does not stack, but it is refreshed upon auto-attacking. Even when no longer attacking the enemy (eg. enemy runs off on low HP out of range), you can still end up killing it due to DoT. This is why we need attack speed: more hits, more poison lands, more damage.

Noxious Trap
Uses a stored mushroom to place a trap that detonates if an enemy steps on it, spreading poison to nearby enemies that slows movement speed by 30/40/50% and deals 200/400/600 (+0.8 AP) magic damage over 4 seconds. Traps last 10 minutes, Teemo can store a maximum of 3 traps on his at once.

Being our ultimate you should put a point in here whenever you can. These Mushrooms hurt greatly. Location of these is very important: offensively in bushes, adding map vision, on your retreat path saving you, or on the enemy's retreat path giving you a kill afterall. Play with Teemo a lot and observe how the enemy plays and where it moves, then begin laying "minefields" or strategic Mushrooms.

Mushrooms can also be used for farming up large groups of minions, place a minion between the 'melee minions' and the 'magic minions' and move back. When a minion moves on it, the Mushroom explodes and due to the range all the minions will receive the magic damage and be slowed. You'll kill them all at once and receive the gold.