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Tryndamere Build Guide by Haziiyama

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haziiyama

S3 Tryndamere Guide - Crit Slap

Haziiyama Last updated on June 26, 2013
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Hello everyone, my name is Haziiyama. This is my first guide on mobafire, and it will hopefully provide you with the basic build and techniques you need to dominate the Rift with Tryndamere.
I have been playing League Of Legends for 6 months now, and I feel I can share my knowledge with the community.
Enjoy :]

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Pros / Cons

So let's jump into the main Pros/Cons of Tryndamere in Summoner's Rift.

One of the best duelers in the game.
Amazing lane sustain
Easy to farm
Wins early trades with most top laners
Can tower dive safely at Level 6
Snowballs quite easily after 1 kill

Countered by hard CC
Easy to burst (Without Ult)
Doesn't bring much to a team
Can get over-confident if you have a kill

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My normal start on Tryndamere is 2x Rejuvenation Beads and 3x Health Potions. I choose this start to stay in lane forvere and out-trade and out-farm the opponent. Teleport goes really well with this start, because on your first back you can get your 'Tiamat' or 'Avarice Blade' and Teleport straight back into lane and get even more gold! 'Tiamat' makes it incredibly easy to farm, and 'Avarice Blade' grants more gold for each CS you get, similar to Ashe's passive on her 'E' ability.
Statik Shiv is probably my favorite item to get early on Tryndamere, mainly because it further increases your farming potential and grants you movement speed, attack speed and more importantly, critical strike.
Movement speed is great on Tryndamere, it helps keep up with fleeing opponents to get them vital last melee attacks for the kill. Attack speed and Critical strike also go great with Tryndamere's passive and ability set.
After Statik Shiv you're going to need some LifeSteal, to further increase your chances of coming out on top of an engage, LifeSteal will also keep you in the fight for longer. The perfect item for this is 'Ravenous Hydra', especially considering you have already purchased the 'Tiamat'.
If you don't have Boots by now, I would normally recommend 'Berserker's Greaves'. In some cases Mercury Treads, only if the opposing team is just pure CC.
Your next item should be Phantom Dancer or Infinity Edge, it's up to you. I normally go for the Infinity Edge first, as it provides you with the AD you need.
Last Whisper is probably the item to get next, especially if their team has stacked some armor. If the opposing team has simply just stacked Warmogs, then get yourself a 'Blade of the Ruined King', for that % damage.
Finally, I would purchase a 'Guardian's Angel', basically to troll the enemy team. You effectively have 3 lives if your ult is up!

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Team Work

You may think that Tryndamere is a terrible Champion regarding Team Work/Fights, and yes in some cases you could be correct, but I believe it's down to how the player uses Tryndamere.
You shouldn't engage with Tryndamere, let your main Tank do this. Once the engage has occured, jump straight onto their ADC or APC, keep slicing them until they're dead. Seen as though you are effectively playing an 'anti-carry', you may get focused, but this focus will be futile, you are Tryndamere ! And with a GA you will have 3 lives to focus through !

How to get to the ADC; Most likely the opposition will be trying there best to peel for their main carry, with your 'E' you can spin straight into the carry's face and crit him/her to death.

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I made this guide simple and quick for a reason. It is for the people that really don't have the time to read through mounds of text, but to simply click on the guide, quickly scan the items and have a quick read through of the nicely concentrated text. The basic guide to bossing the Rift with Tryndamere.
Try this build before rating, and I hope you enjoy spinning and winning !

Thanks, Haziiyama