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Sona Build Guide by Shoine

Other ♔ [S4] AP Sona ♔

By Shoine | Updated on March 15, 2014

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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✿ Introduction

Hello summoners! This is my first guide at Mobafire, hope I did it right ;v;

Sona is being classified as a Support in LoL, but here, we will be playing as an AP Sona. AP Sona is good in many ways, she can heal, damage and increase speed for your allies and also have kills. It may be a little hard to get some kills in the early game, but you can poke/harass your enemies easily.

Sona is VERY squishy, so she needs some defensive items to secure some kills. Sona has low mobility, so if she's caught, there's literally no way to escape if its a teamfight. Unless, you are really lucky or if your teammates managed to save you.

Hope you will enjoy this guide, and please, if possible leave some advise to improve this guide more!

*Credits for the images found at the "Thank You" section
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✿ Pros / Cons

+ Low cooldown skills
+ Ability to poke/harass easily
+ Can turn the game around with her ulti
+ Can heal quite a lot if going AP
+ "Unlimited mana" in late games
- Low mobility
- Very squishy
- Hard to escape once caught
- No specific targets for her abilities (except ulti)
- May lack of mana in early games
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✿ Summoner Spells

Why do I choose ignite instead of some support spells like: Exhaust, clarity, etc? Because we are going AP Sona, which means you will be getting kills too, instead of just healing, poking, buffing your allies... Use your ignite when you see someone's hp is low, ignite him/her and use your Hymn of Valor if its not on CD.

Oh.. this spell. This is your "standard" summoner spell, whichever champion you use I believe you would choose Flash. Flash is very useful because you can use it to escape someone, or to chase an enemy. Try not to accidentally press it, its very waste :/ (Ahem... I do accidentally use it quite a lot of times too xD) Oh and if you have not unlocked Flash yet, you may choose Ghost.


Do you even need heal when you have Aria of Perseverance?

It won't take you too long to walk from your base to enemy's base, or to your teammates, anything. It is NOT recommended to replace ignite/flash with this.

Not recommended, as you are going AP Sona, and not full support.

I believe your mana don't run out so fast...

Probably you don't really need this when you can heal?


Looks like you are in the wrong game mode...

I don't think you are going to jungle with Sona?

You don't need this...

Who still uses this spell when there is wards?

I suppose you don't intend to feed? Because this spell is NOT needed at all, unless you want to feed a lot...
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✿ Runes / Masteries


Since you are going AP Sona, some Magic Penetration would help you in getting kills. And usually if your APC is fat and deals large amount of damage, people would build Magic Resist, so you can deal quite some damage with magic penetration.

Like I said, Sona is a squishy champion who needs some defensive stats to make her not to die so "easily". Armor in your runes would help a lot, as enemy's ADC usually aim people with no armor.

Of course, you need some AP for your runes! Why I chose to put AP in glyphs because Glyph of Ability Power gives more AP than Mark of Ability Power and Seal of Ability Power

Usually quints you go with AP/AD, depending on what runes build you are doing. I believe you don't choose movement speed quints, etc. for your quints?



Most of the masteries we are adding in 'Offense' is AP related, but for mastery like Dangerous Game adds health because you do not want to spam too much of your MP, and you can also restore mana by killing a champion. There's also Sorcery, to help you poke more of your enemies and heal more, but please do not spam all your mana!


Like always, defense part is usually into health, armor and magic resist. Have some of this will help you to survive the early games.
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✿ Items

The item which you will be buying at the start of the game, for some AP, health, and mana. Recommended starting item for AP champions.

Buy 2 health potions just in case you have not enough mana to heal, or to conserve some mana xD

AP, Mana Regeneration, Magic Resist, Cooldown Reduction (20%), this is one of your CORE ITEMS for AP Sona. This Athene's Unholy Grail gives you the things you need. Recommend you to buy this FIRST, after your starting items.

This is a good item for AP champions as it gives you Magic Penetration, some health and also AP. Buy the Haunting Guise first, then upgrade it to Liandry's Torment when you have enough gold.

The item which gives you the most AP. 120 AP + 30% of your AP, you might want to buy this 3rd in your core items as you have Athene's Unholy Grail and Liandry's Torment for some AP.

The boots which I buy for all Supports, because it provides movement speed and cooldown reduction which I love it when I uses SP. Upgrade it with homeguard or Distortion depends on what you like.

Probably the most famous defensive items I saw because of its unique passive. Buy this after finishing your core items.

Maybe its a little late for full stacks (unless your game goes on for very long). You might want to buy this if you're having a little trouble with your game.

Oh I love this item xD I always buy this in my games, unless I do not have enough time to complete the build :P This can be a good defensive/offensive item because it gives 70 AP and 45 MR. It also reduces the MR of nearby enemies.

I usually sell my Doran's Ring when its time for the last item in my build. Do not sell this when you are still building it at the 1st to 5th items for the gold...
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✿ Farming

It's not easy to farm when you lane with an ADC, because they are supposed to take all the farms in bot lane during the early games. You may take a few minions if they don't mind, so that you can level faster.

You can also farm when your ADC recall or died, but be careful of ganks if you are farming somewhere in the middle/enemy's turret part of your lane.

*Drag image to new tab for full size


Probably the safest place for farming, because you are close to your turret. If an enemy comes close, you can quickly run to your turret for "protection". But be careful of the grass patch behind your turret, sometimes a jgler or enemy may just jump out and wanting to kill you. But overall, its still the safest place for you to farm.


This is the Neutral Zone because ganks usually happened there. Do you see the grass patch near the river? Its usually the place where people hides, preparing to jump out. Remember to ward that grass patch, its the most common ganking spot during early laning. Be cautious of where you are standing at, because you might just die when you are too focused on farming and no map awareness.


No matter how dangerous this zone is, you will have to come to there AT LEAST ONCE to down their turret. Be REALLY careful of where you are, try not to go into the turret zone and farm. People can easily kill you with the help of the turret. Also, DO NOT try to tank the turrets. You are not a tanker. Ganks happen here usually too, because you have literally nowhere to escape if they jump on you.
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✿ Laning Phase

In the early games, people go to their "respective" lanes such as: top, mid, bot and also jg. But once after a turret is down, people start roaming around, so be very careful of where are you standing.

Enemies may just pop out of nowhere. Once you are caught and surrounded, you can maybe say bye bye and die.

If your enemy team always hide in the jungle, buy some Stealth Ward and also Vision Ward if needed. But one person can only place 3 Stealth Ward and 1 Vision Ward, so ask your teammates to cooperate and also start warding the jungles.

Here's an example of how a "fully warded" place looks like.

Early Game:

Mid Game:

Late Game:

*Drag to new tab for full size

Where you are warding really depends on how well your team is pushing, or the enemy's team is pushing. Ward the jungles near your base if the enemy is pushing hard, ward the jungles near the enemies base if you are pushing a lot. Also ward the "walls" of the base, because people usually hide there and attack you.

Purple --> Vision Ward
Green --> Early Game Wards
Yellow --> Mid Game Wards
Pink --> Late Game Wards
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✿ Full Support (Choice)

Sometimes you might not get ANY kills or 1-2 kills in your game, you might want to consider switching to a Full AP Support to fully utilize your skills to help your teammates.

If you are switching to a Full Support, please do change some of your items...

Rabadon's Deathcap I don't think you need THAT much AP for a full support, as you may want to get more CDR, defensive items or maybe some mana if you are always running out. You can ask your jgler if you could take blue, though they may not agree sometimes.

Change your Rabadon's Deathcap to Morellonomicon. This item gives you some AP as well as Mana regen and CDR. Lovely choice for full supports.

If your team is REALLY going to lose, sacrifice your Athene's Unholy Grail for Vision Ward. Ask your teammates to ward too, you can't turn the game around with just few wards of yours.
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✿ Sona's Combos

All champions have a "combo" of their own.
For example, like LeBlanc, I always use sigil of silence then Ethereal Chains, Distortion and lastly Mimic to secure a kill. Usually after your combo, a champion would be half-dead or fully-dead.

For Sona, its likely impossible to kill a champion with just one combo of your own. You need help from your teammates to kill your target.

Combo #1
Hymn of Valor --> Crescendo --> Hymn of Valor --> Ignite

Combo #2 (Half-SPing)
Hymn of Valor --> crecendo --> Aria of Perseverance --> Ignite

Combo #3 (Full SPing)
Hymn of Valor --> Crescendo --> Aria of Perseverance (Repeat if needed, without ulti)

Make good use of your passive Power Chord too! Auto Attack somewhere in your combo when you have Hymn of Valor as your 3rd skill used.
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✿ Thank You!

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know if there's any errors, or improvement needed. Your suggestion is greatly appreciated!

Please do vote and leave your comments in the Guide Discussion <3

Sona Drawing: justduet @ tumblr
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