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Lee Sin Build Guide by NyanLucas

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NyanLucas

[S4] Jungle Lee Sin - How to dominate early-mid game

NyanLucas Last updated on May 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there,
My name is Lucas.
I am a Brazilian league of legends player, wanting to improve his english.
I was wondering: if I want to improve my second language, and I play the most played Moba, why don't I make a guide of a champ that I dominate in english ?
This is the only guide I have ever made so please, help me.
I am trying to write something that doesn't make you tired of reading. I promisse that I will try to keep you entertained while reading.
I am NOT trying to make a colorful guide, because what I want here is to show you what I think about Lee Sin.
I will also keep track of the league updates to correct or change the informations i am giving to you.
And that is how we start. Go get something to eat and drink, you may need it.
Great ****ing intro right?

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Pros and Cons


- Great mobility
- Early game domination
- AoE CC
- Single target burst
- Flexible on building
- Good to secure dragons and barons with Q > Smite > Q


- Skill-needed champion
- Ward dependent
- Once he falls, not that easy to come back
- Easy to dodge his Q
- Almost doesn't exist in late game
- He is blind

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Why, when and where

Why should I pick Lee Sin ?

Lee Sin is a high skill champion, who can be only well used if played with no mistakes.He is there to dominate early game and don't let the enemies grow through the game.
Lee can be played in many ways, all of them are good, but only some are viable on the actual meta. But, just to get a first look of how he works, here goes a tip, camp the lane that has the squishiest target. Once you get 2 or maybe 3 kills on him, focus on global objectives. He has too much potential and it shouldn't be wasted in only one lane.
Lee Sin is hard. That is why he is so fun to play.

When should I pick Lee Sin ?

You should pick Lee Sin when your team needs a single target focus AND when you have a heavy tanker as top laner or support. As we are going to see below, Lee has to focus the carries, but he needs someone to block the enemy front liner.
Never ever pick Lee Sin if you don't have that tanker. He can do too much as a bruiser assassin, but he is invisible as a tanker.

Where should I pick Lee Sin ?

Jungle, jungle and jungle.
If you play him in any other role, you ARE going to get fed but, you are going to build damage. Lee Sin falls really bad building bruiser so, as a full damage assassin, on a 45-minute-long game, you will be nothing but an ant to your enemies.

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Who you want in your comp

Top Laners

- Renekton

Renekton is, in my opinion, the strongest top laner in the game. He is the only champion that is strong in early, mid and late game.
Renekton is an AoE wall, it means that he can do front line without problems and doing a massive damage.
His AoE will be the key for you. While he is there, making people run away, his AoE magic damage from his ultimate will drain the life of the entire enemy team, what you have to do, is wait untill the enemy carries get at least 70% of their health, then you just jump there and take them down.
This guy is welcome in any composition.

- Malphite

Malphite is a rock, literaly.
The reason why Malphite sinergises really well with Lee, is because his ultimate is an instant knock up, and it is really easy to get into the enemy back line.
Your work, is to wait him to engage, then you just follow using your W on him and, again, focusing the enemy carries.
But, if for some reason he doesn't get any carry on his ultimate, you better wait them focus Malphite, because if you join the fight at the wrong moment, it might result on a disaster.

- Rumble

This one works a little different.
The point of having Rumble on your team, is because his ultimate, with Rilay's, will do a ridiculous damage and a massive slow, draining and CCing the enemy team. But it is not that easy to lend Rumble's ult.
If, for example, Rumble doesn't do his work correctly, it may be really bad for your team, because, as I said before, Lee Sin is not able to do front line by himself.
So, in other words, this is completely awesome or completely bad. I love this.

Mid Laners

- Le Blanc

If I had Le Blanc as mid laner every time I play Lee Sin, I would be so happy.
You are an early-mid game champion, and so is Le Blanc. Your damage plus her instant burst ALWAYS results in a victory. Seriously, it is almost impossible to lose a game with Lee + Le Blanc.
When you are team fighting, you will be able to focus only the enemy marksman, because Le Blanc can easily take the enemy Mage/Assassin down. Each person of your team will have a target. Isn't it amazing ?
That is why I don't want a nerf on Le Blanc.

- Orianna

Of course she would appear here.
Orianna's huge CC will make your top laner's work easier and, as a result, killing your targets will be easier too.
I recommend you to, every time you are going to gank bot, call Orianna to follow you, that is no chance of a fail. She will use her E on you, you will use your Q > Q in any target and then she ults.
Fast, effective and fun.

- Twisted Fate

Ok, I think you would never expect this one.
Twisted Fate mobility and his gold card will make you safer on your jungle clear. I mean, he will always gank the lanes that you are not focusing, top lane, for example. Also, if you are ganking the same lane, you will see how awesome TF's CC and burst are.
He will always catch the enemies that ran away from you. You will have 2 high mobilities on your team. This is almost disgusting, but still awesome.
I just miss the old times, when TF's passive used to give extra gold for every one of the team by killing creeps. Good Times.


It doesn't really matter wich marksman your teammate is going to pick, since you are always going to feed him.
As a Lee Sin, your enemies will never catch your marksman and your support is also there to make your marksman's life easier.
Just don't let the enemies get close to your marksman, then he is going to do his job without problems.


- Thresh

You knew he was coming.
Thresh actually makes the gank happens, you don't have to bother with anything. His lantern will give you an extra mobility ( since you don't have any ) and his hook will give enough CC for you and your marksman take the enemy down.
I recommend you to try the most inconventional ways to gank bot lane when you have Thresh, because it will be a completely unexpected gank. For example, if your bot lane is pushing and you know that the enemy jungler will gank them, stay on the river bush and ward the try-bush ( three-bush, whatever ) untill he appears. Your teammates will walk a bit back and Thresh will counter-engage them and giving you the lantern.
Thresh is always welcome.

- Leona

She works almost exactly like Thresh, but she doesn't have the lantern, obviously.
Leona's high CC will give you enough time to take the enemy down, without even using your ultimate.
What you need to pay attention here, is that every time Leona engages, you will be able to follow. She has too many potential of killing but, after casting her spells she needs to walk a bit back, and that is when you join in the fight.
But, some Leonas love to suicide themselves. In this case, don't follow them. :P

- Alistar

Nothing different here.
I think you have already noticed that on the support topic, you are looking for heavy CC.
This one is not as viable as the two others, since it is really hard to make Alistar works.
He will probably use his Flash > Pulverise combo every time you come to gank, and that is why he is not that good. Alistar usually needs his Flash to do a great play. He can also use his W > Q combo, but only some players know how to do it correctly. Another option is that he can use his W on minion and then Pulverise, but in some cases he will still need to use his flash to perform a great Pulverise.
But, c'mon, having 5 people getting knocked up by a skill that is not even an ultimate, is really OP.

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Routes - Ganking

Lee Sin is the best in therms of mobility, that is not a secret. He has one of the highest early-game potential of killing in the entire game.
If you have a simple vision of team compositions, you will know exactly wich route you are taking on your match. But, if you are starting your jungler career, i will tell you a few routes that you may take, looking on the composition of the enemy team and on yours.
I always suggest you to have at least 1 ward to gank. Without one, you can probably die for one of those good matchups ( you will see it later ) if you get counter ganked, or you can lose a free kill followed by tower/dragon.
But, to get a good head start of this topic, i need to tell you something : Camp the squishy champions. Lee Sin love them. I said it again just to make sure that you will not forget. :)

Blue > Wolves > Red > Mid

This is the best route to use when you have a high burst mage on your mid, Le Blanc is the perfect example of this. Once you and your mid laner reach level 3, certificate that Le Blanc put a point on E , then just wait her Q > W > E combo and sinergy that with your damage.
That IS 100% first blood.
This can be useful against any mid laner, since them don't go barrier.

Blue > Wolves > Red > Wraiths > Wolves > ( New mob ) > Top

If you are still learning Lee Sin, this is the route you should take.
After reaching level 4, be sure to have at least 75% of your life to gank top lane, just to make sure you are not going to die in an eventual situation. Your damage can be totaly dealt with the CC that your top laner is supposed to have.
Just make sure that your top laner is going to initiate.

Blue > Wolves > Red > Wraiths > Golems > Bot

This is a route that you need to have cooperation of your team, just because bot lane is the hardest lane to gank. LOL JK , you are playing Lee Sin wtf...
Lee Sin's job is to dominate early game, and bot lane is the lane that you should camp. This actually can be applied to any other jungler.
If you are playing against Vayne, Varus or even Draven, you should have 100% focus on them, just forget that his support is there. However, if their support is Thresh or Leona, you may have to wait till your support initiate, because Thresh is never letting you get close of his marksman, and so is Leona.
But, if the enemy bot lane has Nami, Sona or any other squishy supports you WILL have to focus them on your first and maybe second gank, then you and your marksman will be more than strong to solo the enemy marksman.

Blue > Top

Ok, I think you should never try this route.
A level 2 Lee Sin is not going to be effective on ganking top lane. If this route goes wrong, your jungle will probably be completely cleaned. An other reason is that you are probably going to use your flash to secure that kill.
' But, I am going to get first blood, I will have an advantage on level and gold and I can carry. You have no ideia of what you are talking about. '
Well, let's reflect.
If you get 1 or even 2 tower shots, even if you have 4 pots ( which are going to be used on your healing to wolves > red ), their jungler IS going to wait you on your wraiths and take your advantage down, he will take your red and probably gank mid or bot with a huuuge potential of killing.
So, you think that being 2 levels ahead their jungler and having your mid / bot snowballed is worth ?
I don't think so. :P
' But you said Lee Sin has a great early damage, so I will be full-healed and able to solo the enemy jungler, don't you trust on your Lee Sin ? '
This is not the kind of thought that a jungler should have. You are now underestimating the power of the other junglers, and it may be frustrating to you.
BUUUUUT, this is a guide, so I am just warning you of what may happen. If you want to try, ok, show them how it is done.

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Team Fighting

You are focusing the enemy carries, no matter who they are.
While you are playing Lee Sin, you will notice how dangerous his ultimate can be or, how ridiculously useless you can get.
There is A LOT of ways to team fight as Lee Sin, but you need to know that Lee Sin can't be, in any way, the main champion on the front line of your team.
The best way to team fight as Lee Sin, is kicking the enemy front liner back with your Q > R and making him knock all his team up, and following this with your second Q. That is the best way to get to the enemy back line, even better than using Insec. This is really hard to be done and you will be really anxious to try this. Just relax. This is going to happen. When you see 4 or 5 people being knocked up because they made a line behind their front liner, you will be so happy that you will instantly want to main Lee Sin.
Lee Sin can also be used to deffend his marksman, but that is not that effective.
And we have the Insec. This is a tecnique that needs practice and good timming. You need to put a ward behind the person you want to kick back to your team, use your W on that ward and then kick his ***. INSEC ! You may use your double Q to get close to the enemy marksman, obviously.
But something that you need to make sure that you are going to do in every single team fight, is using your E in at least 2 people. Then try to make this number bigger. Slow 3 people, 4 people... Once you get the entire enemy team slowed, there will be 85% of winning THE GAME.

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This is a list of Lee Sin combos that you can learn while playing him, but I am going to put only the commands, without description.
I am not putting description because his combos has so many ways to be used, so I can't put description without missing a detail.
I tried to put as many combos as I could imagine, but Lee Sin has an infinity number of combos.
I am using the respective letters of his abbilities, number 3 as Ward, AA as auto attack and R & F as Fast ult.
You will see W after 3, it means that you will use your W on the ward you are going to place.
R & F is a tecnique that is used to make his Insec faster, with no time to react, but it's really ****ing hard to do. You need to press R and, before the animation of your ultimate goes on , Flash. You will start using your ultimate then, as a magic trick, you get behind the enemy. No way to escape of that. No way.
Remember to use your passive as much as you can.

- Q > Q > 3 > W > R Simple Insec

- Q > 3 > W > R > Q Complex Insec

- Q > AA > AA > R & F > Q Complex Insec ²

- Q > AA > E > AA > Q > AA > E > R Unviable solo combo

- R > Q > Q > E > AA > AA > E > AA > AA Complex solo combo

- E > AA > AA > E > AA > AA > Q > R > Q Maximum CC / Passive combo

- Q > R > Q > E > AA > AA > E > AA > AA Complex CC + Damage solo combo

- Q > AA > AA > R & F > Q > E > AA > AA > E > AA > AA True Blind Monk

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Gameplay hints

- Using your W > W > Smite in any creep will heal a great part of your life instantly.

- Always try to use your Q > Q in jungle camps while escaping.

- Never gank without, at least, 1 or 2 wards available.

- Keep the enemy jungle warded.

- Focus on global objectives such as towers, dragons and barons.

- A good Lee Sin never trusts 100% on the damage of his ultimate.

- Never dive someone if you miss your Q while you are under 50% of your health.

- Trust on your W's shield. It saves lots of lives.

- You are not that useful building damage.

- They are never complementing you when you hit your Q, but always blaming when you miss it. Don't bother with that. Accidents happen.

- A good jungler is the one who keeps his team organized.

- Come backs happen.

- If you are having fun during the game, you will play much better.

- Believe in yourself and in your team.

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I made these descriptions looking only to the skill set, building, ganking potential and jungle clearing. Any Outplay or eventual situations can make these informations look totaly false, but remember that outplays are made by the player skills and I can't guess what is going to happen on your games. :P

Aatrox : 5 / 10

The only way to Aatrox become a problem for you, is if you use your combos wrong or don't dodge his Q > E combo. His W and his passive will be no deal for you.

Amumu : 4 / 10

Amumu can't stop you for being a Lee Sin, he has only 1 CC pre-six, and his AoE damage is not enough to outdamage your laner while you are killing his.
Just make sure that he is not going to reach 6 before you, but that is a bit impossible.

Dr. Mundo : 8 / 10

Dr. Mundo is the only jungler in my opinion that can't be taking down by Lee Sin, even in low levels.
If he gets level 4, and you have a 1 v 1 on somewhere, just run. His cleaver has a really small cooldown and a decent damage, plus he has his AoE on W and his AD bonus on E.
Also, you can't do anything with his healing at level 6.
Just keep yourself away from Mundo, just make sure your support is perfectly able to protect your carry.

Elise : 6 / 10

This matchup is basically 100% of the player skill.
Elise has an awesome early burst, and she has a stun.
She doesn't fall that hard through the game and that might be your main problem.
She also can dodge your Q with her E on spider form, so you need to make sure you are going to land that in the perfect moment.
Keep her jungle warded and counter her ganks, Elise is a single target champion, as a result a counter-gank is the key to win this matchup.

Evelynn : 7 / 10

Ok, season 4 made Evelynn become a problem for you.
Evelynn now deals too much damage without even building damage. She is now an AP-Bruiser and thats terrible.
I suggest you to invade and kill her, otherwise you are probably not going to be easily able to kill her. She has Q as dps, she has W for your E > E combo, she has that ****ing E and a shield on her AoE ultimate. This is scary for you. Just don't let her get fed.

Fiddlesticks : 2 / 10

' Feedlesticks '
This guy is so squishy. He is nothing but a toy for you.
Fiddlesticks's jungle clear is not that fast on early levels, and that is perfect. Lee Sin loves slow-clear champions and squishy ones, and Fiddle is both.
The only thing you need to make sure in this matchup, is that everytime he is charging his ultimate, you are going to kick him away or kick him before his ultimate goes on, otherwise he is going to be really difficult to play against.
Hint : If he lands her E on you, stay away from your team, you don't want your entire team silenced and taking that ridiculous damage.

Gragas : 3 / 10

Gragas is nowdays really popular as a jungler, even after his rework, but not a problem for you.
His ganks can be easily predicted and counter-ganked. His E is not going to keep him away from you, since you have a ward.
Maybe he may use his ultimate to keep you away from him, but as long as you are getting good as Lee Sin, you will learn to hold your second Q. So, use your Q, wait him to ult and then use your second Q. Not a big deal.

Hecarim : 5 / 10

Hecarim is really simillar to Lee Sin in therms of cleaning jungle and mobility, and that may bother you. He can be as usefull as you in early game.
But the reason why Hecarim is behind Lee Sin, is because he is going to decay faster than you. He also doesn't have the same potential of killing that you have.
But c'mon guys, that horse is too fast...

Jarvan IV : 4 / 10

Easy to deal with.
Ok, Jarvan can tank all your damage, but he can't deal too much.
Almost every single Jarvan player I have seen do nothing but camp mid lane, so make sure to make mid lane a priority to your ganks.
Every time he ults, you can kick him away and probably knock at least 2 people from the back line. You can use your Q > R > Q combo to get to the enemy back line easily, since the damage of your knock up is really good.

Kha'Zix : 9 / 10

This guy trades really well if you.
Kha'Zix is in second on my top of early-game junglers.
His Q will bother you, his W will bother you and I guess I don't need to say anything about his E.
The only reason I didn't put 10 as difficult, is because you can do an early invade on his red and, maybe, kill him.
If you let Kha'Zix be in the same level as you are, his ganks will be better than yours, because he has almost an instant burst and he doesn't have skill shots ( You call his W/E skill shots ? C'mon man, that is a target skill. ).
Also, DON'T BE FORWARD HIM IN ANY WAY. Kha'Zix becomes a nightmare when he gets level 4, so you don't want to see him 6/0/1 in 15 minutes of game, do you ?

Master YI : 2 / 10

This one is really easy to deal with.
Master YI has no CC and, even if he is ulted, you can still kick him.
You don't even need to counter his ganks to win this matchup, just play. You will see that Master YI will win the game for you. No secrets.

Maokai : 3 / 10

Maokai has not too much to do in this season.
He may camp mid, because that is the only way that Maokai can be useful in a composition.
The number 3 on difficult is because of his W > Q combo, that snares and knock the enemy a bit back.
Make sure you will be out of his ultimate range.

Nasus : 7 / 10

This guy can carry his team by himself.
Nasus doens't have skill shots ( that E is not a skill shot ) and his W is cleary OP.
You will have problems to get objectives like dragon, because Nasus can solo that on level 6 and still kill you.
Avoid 1v1 with him and try to keep him away from your team, or he will destroy your backline.
And never ever, in any situation, Insec him for your team. Never. He will die, but he will bring your marksman with him.

Nautilius : 6 / 10

Different of Amumu, Nautilius has CC in every single skill, but he hasn't tons of damage.
As you know, tankers get stronger through the game, so you want to take him down as many times as you can.
No secrets, just don't get too close of him untill your team poke him. No way to make a team fight with a full-healed Nautilius, even if he is 0/4/1.

Nocturne : 2 / 10

Ok, this is not a matchup for you.
Nocturne can't get counter-ganked, and Lee Sin is awesome in this ***unt.
Just pay attention on his W, make him use it before you use your Q.
As Lee Sin, Nocturne is there just to feed you.

Nunu : 7 / 10

Nunu is good, trust me.
The difficult of playing against Nunu is because you can't mess with his jungle.
' But isn't it good to play against a champion who only cleans the jungle ? '
Well, in therms of ganking and early preasure it IS good but, let's be real, you can't steal his dragon or baron.
Also, let's supose that you are ganking top, what are Nunu gonna do ?
He is going to gank bot. And get a double. And a Tower. Seriously.
His kit makes the enemy marksman a monster, since he gives attack speed, slow and decrease attack speed from the enemies and does a huge AoE magic damage.
You would never touch his marksman, if you weren't Lee Sin.
This matchup can be very hard if you are still learning Lee Sin.

Olaf : 8 / 10

Oh well, true damage.
Olaf's Q, if used correctly, will drain your life really fast, so make sure you are NEVER going to get hitted by that.
His ultimate will also be a problem for your entire team. He get's invunerable of CC.
I suggest you to not join in a team fight since Olaf is at least 50% of his health, in this case you would be very useful by finishing him and turning on the team fight.
Olaf can kill your entire team. Take care with him.

Pantheon : 9 / 10

I call Pantheon a no-skill-needed Lee Sin.
He has almost the same damage in early game as you have and no skill shots.
His ultimate makes you feel like you are playing Warwick, because his movement on the map is really awesome.
We can't forget about his shield... uh, that shield...
Just to make sure that you understood how terrible Pantheon is :
3 seconds cooldown on spears, stun on his W, AoE on his E ( but it actually doesn't hurt that much on early levels ) and a global ultimate ( yes, that is global for me ).
He has a STUN on his W , A TARGET STUN ON HIS W.
I hope he doesn't get nerfed, because I play Pantheon a lot :P

Rammus : 1 / 10

I don't know if there is someone who still plays Rammus but, lets move on.
Rammus follows the same aspect of Nocturne.
Actually, Rammus doesn't exist in this game anymore.
Riot, please, bring Rammus back.
( I've got nothing to say, seriously )

Sejuani : 7 / 10

I love this one.
Sejuani can tank all your damage and still does a huge AoE damage and a decent CC.
I don't suggest you to invade her or focus her on a 2v2, because she will always get away alive from that and with a double kill to the laner.
Dodge her ultimate and her Q and everything will be fine.

Shaco : 2 / 10

This guy sucks. Shaco is not a problem for any jungler.
You have 2 skills to break his Q and your passive can deal more damage than his full combo. Seriously.
You can invade him how many times you want, the only thing he may do to stop it is putting Jack In The Boxes on the entrance of his jungle.
Q > AA > AA > R > Q and Shaco is done.

Skarner : 5 / 10

Skarner needs some special attention.
I feel like Skarner can carry his team, just making a great ultimate.
Skarner will tank the damage of your entire team and pull your marksman or mid laner to his team, and we shouldn't forget about his AoE slow. But even though he is not that difficult to control.
In this case, in some situations, you will have to use your randuins to stop him instead of kicking him. Randuins is more than enough to control that movespeed and gives a good time to counter-engage the enemy team.
You will need to work with your top laner and your support to take Skarner down. Once he gets close to you, you are going to die.

Udyr : 3 / 10

Guys, Udyr is ridiculous, don't play him, seriously.
Udyr needs too much time to get strong, and he can't keep close of you or anyone else. One slow and Udyr is done.
I put 3 on difficult because of his Phoenix and his E, if used correctly it can deal a decent damage.
Hint : Hit and run, kite Udyr, he can't do anything but cry against you.

Vi : 10 / 10

Let's reflect about what Vi actually has.
She has a great clear. Check.
She has really good early damage. Check.
She has only one skill shot. Check.
Her ultimate can chase you from top to bottom. Check.
She is a bruiser. Check.
Ok, you don't want to play against Vi as Lee Sin.
I usually try to gank the lanes that Vi is not ganking, because if you get counter-ganked you are probably going to die, doesn't matter which champion your laner is using.
I guess I don't have to write more than this, you do know how ridiculous Vi is.
When Vi comes by, someone is going to die.

Volibear : 4 / 10

Ok, your red buff might be enough to kill him.
Volibear's passive will be a big problem for you in early levels, but he will never touch your laner when you are close.
You will need to have a special attention on his W, because it does an awesome damage and cancel the attack speed.
After level 6, your ultimate will make him knock his back line up, since he is always the main champion on the front line of certain compositions.

Warwick : 0 / 10

Uh, warwho ?

Wukong : 7 / 10

Wukong can't trade you, thats a fact. But, why 7 on difficulty?
His ganks can easily be sucessful and his jungle clear is better than yours.
Also, his ultimate stacks Black Cleaver and it completely breaks your combo.
Try to ult him when he ults, but take care, his combo is really fast.

Xin Zhao : 5 / 10

Xin Zhao, if building bruiser, can make you look useless.
He will, for sure, ult every time you are going to take someone down and probably counter-engage you.
He may camp your mid laner and his ganks are easy to predict but, as a single target champion, he is really easy to counter-gank.
Every time he comes to gank your mid laner, you need to make sure that you are going to counter-gank that. It is an easy double kill. Just keep his jungle warded.

Zac : 3 / 10

If you take a second, and look to Zac, you will see that he IS an awesome champion whose potential could be much more useful.
The problem of playing against Zac, is that he has so many ways to gank, and it is almost impossible to predict wich lane he is going to. However, Zac is not that tanky on early levels as he should be, and you can destroy his passive really fast, just keep your smite available.
Ok, I put 3 on difficult, but if you don't keep high presure on the lanes, Zac can and will carry his team to victory.
Don't let him ult your team. He may flash to get a 5-man knock up but, if you use your E > E and your randuins on him, he won't be able to get there. But after that, don't join the fight untill your cooldows refresh.

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Final notes

Lee Sin is going to completely dominate early-mid game, or totaly wreck it.
As a good jungler that you are, always keep your team warned when you are going to counter-jungle the enemy team, because it can result in something good, like a double kill for you or, they may kill you, take dragon and a tower.
So, Lee Sin can be super awesome or super useless.
Just practice.
You have potential for it.
Make me proud of you. :)
Uh, just to let you know, if you are getting a skin for Lee Sin, but you don't know which one you want, get Acolyte. Acolyte is the true Lee Sin.

Thank you for reading my guide.
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Hope I helped you. :)