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Corki Build Guide by Neomance

AD Carry [S4 Jungle] The Rise Of Corki - FIRE EVERYTHING!

AD Carry [S4 Jungle] The Rise Of Corki - FIRE EVERYTHING!

Updated on March 28, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neomance Build Guide By Neomance 49,640 Views 7 Comments
49,640 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Neomance Corki Build Guide By Neomance Updated on March 28, 2014
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WHY Corki?!

Please note, firstly that this guide is complete but still in progress as i'll add in any new information as i see fit. But I'll answer any questions that you might need. Also I'd very much appreciate any constructive feedback that you may provide in the comments below :D.
  • One of the fastest jungle clearers in the game
  • Very high amount of dps in the late game
  • Mobile champion able to shred tanks or burst carries
  • Fireworks man! they so stylish~
  • Using his ultimate regenerates your mana and health~!!!!!!!! <-- AMAZING

And before you question the viability of this guide, do give it a shot so that you're more on page if you try and start a discussion.
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Hello and Good day to everyone
My name is Neomance, i'm from the SEA server and i welcome you to my guide to the rise of S4 Jungle corki

I am currently a platinum jungle main that has enjoyed himself playing unconventional junglers such as hecarim, kayle, nocturne and now corki. <-- also the standard vi, elise....
Season 4 had started not a few weeks ago and i jumped in winning 5/10 games to reach plat 5. Though ofc i'm just a humble player so i don't rank much.
Now how did I ever think this was viable.. i didn't really. It was one of those games played at around 4am where everything was peaceful when I locked in jungle corki with my 4 q mates. As the game went on i realised that using corki's large AOE kit combined with the new S4 jungle changes where everyone gets sustain, it made corki quite the beast at sustaining himself while clearing camps at amazing speeds.

This Jungle build is based of corki's normal adc build which leads him into practically being an adc but just in the jungle. Following the currently meta of the rise of junglers like phanteon and gragas i think that corki would fit somewhere in a late game second adc which provides high burst potential and tank shred. And in the early game where he comes in with his long ranged gap closer and provides high burst past 6 which is perfect for ganking the bottom or the mid lane.

My current stats using jungle corki have now reached a point where i have a win ratio in my normal games of around 80% where the end game gold amounts always amount to about 2-3k above the next highest.
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The Basics Of Jungle Corki - Pro's and Con's -

Corki is a strange champion in the event that he can dish out almost equal amounts of both physical and magical damage through the use of his phosphorus bomb or missile barrage and not to mention the additional 10% true damage from his passive. Which make him quite a hard champion to itemize against whether you are a damaging bruiser or a standard carry.

So why the jungle?
  • High amounts of AOE
  • Ranged and is able to kite buffs without taking damage
  • long ranged gapcloser or escape that is able to hop large cliffs
  • 20 mana ult that using it will practically heal your mana in the jungle
  • Able to move around the jungle quickly while clearing *stutter step*
  • Focus on farming and you will roll in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Although there are a few things to take into account before picking jungle corki.
  • Corki is best picked when you have a very good front line that out lasts team fights.
  • It is not wise to pick him against assassins as he is pretty much as soft as any other adc
  • his kiting potential and range of his spells are high enough to avoid dangerous bruisers
  • Although he has a very short auto attack range of only 550 which is one of the shortest
  • He can be used to poke down enemy carries but he has to be positioned wisely
  • He can rip apart bruisers with his mixed damage and armor shred
  • He is extremely weak to counter junglers due to his fragility though his escape can help
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Masteries Runes and Summoners

I'm really too lazy to go through the masteries on this champ. So i take the 21 0 9 rune page with the extended buff for jungling and to deal maximum damage to enemy champions. I don't think its very viable to try a 0 21 9 or a 9 0 21 etc etc etc page.

For runes i've added in attack speed and some cdr to help corki through the early game where he has the most trouble if he does fall behind. The attack speed will help with kiting camps and clearing as without them the buff and creeps will reset itself more often.

For the flash and smite
Flash... to reposition from assassins
smite... for dem steals and objectives and not getting your *** kicked by the wright.
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Jungling Sparingly -survive-

OKAY HERE WE GO... early warning(i'm not the greatest at explaining things... sowie)

The first step to jungling as corki, you need to know how to stand at the maximum range from a buff so that your auto attacks will keep the buff aggroed to you while at the same time the buff will not be able to attack you, however this is better with the use of the gattling gun and moving after each shot.( I've had the buff reset alot. its annoying)

Secondly, you'd want to not attempt clearing the wright unless you have your smite up or you will sustain a **** ton of damage, i'm talking 2 - 3 pots worth of damage here so don't do it. The golems however can be aggroed to a certain distance where only one of them may attack you, or if you have your gattling gun up - none of them.

Next, is using the valkyrie spells to kite creeps in the jungle to sustain less damage. Trust me when i say that this is a horrible idea, since doing this will drop your only escape skill on a 20+ second cooldown to avoid one or two creep autos. This can be fatal if the enemy jungler, aggressive or not decides to invade and you're left with burning flash.

Next again~, You have to take care to be aware against enemy counter junglers with gap closers such as the famed lee, vi, phanteon, etcetc. Your early dueling potential against these champions is practically non existent and they will kill you. To avoid this you should get your mid laner to ward your red brush (next to baron or dragon) to provide a cushion of safety at the 2:00 mark. You can always ward the midlane after you've done your red.

If by any chance you've been killed past getting your double buffs, you should not try and gank without them unless you are sure you'll be able to kill them as you lack any form of CC and it will be even harder to catch up if you die again. I would recommend to do the second jungle clear (ward up) and hit at least level 5 and either take the second blue or red to hit the optimal level 6 before ganking again. If they contest your second buff, and your lanes are being pressured. It is best to let the buff go and proceed to clear other camps, its not worth dying and snowballing the enemy jungler even further.
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Jungling Efficiently -speed-

Now i shall talk about the capabilities of corki in the jungle

As i've mentioned above, past 6 your clear is among some of the fastest junglers in the game due to the high amount of aoe in your kit. Also after purchasing your spirit item you needn't worry too much about sustain (USING YOUR 20MANA ULT REGENERATES CORKI WOO). The main thing to focus on while jungling as corki is that you want to clear your camps whenever possible while enroute to gank a certain lane.

This means that you should never stop moving, past 6 your phosphorus bomb along with one or two charge of your ultimate is enough to clear off the smaller creeps in a camp. Therefore you never need to stop unless you need to let off 2 or 3 auto attacks to finish off that last creep . This makes Corki extremely efficient thus even allowing him to come close to catching up to a laner's CS with jungle creeps alone (or be 30-50 creeps behind).

We also need to take into account the use of valkyrie to get across camps faster, for example hopping walls and the like. This is alright past level 6 unless the lane on that side of the jungle is either missing or out of control, which will make that end of your jungle unsafe as your lanes might not be able to help you if things go wrong.

Now about securing Dragon and Baron, Corki is able to solo dragon IF he has stored up a total of 7 rockets. This is because he is able to stand just outside the range of dragon's aggro but he would require the use of his skills to maintain that aggro from dragon as to preventing it from reseting.

For baron in the late game, corki acts as a seperate adc which means that your baron clear is also optimal. You will also have the burst to combo with your smite to secure or steal baron, And no it is highly improbable that you will be able to solo baron due to the applied buff even with the full build in your kit.
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Jungling Aggresively -ganking-

Now even tho this title might be misleading, I do not mean that you should be entering the enemy lee sins jungle guns and rockets blazing and expect to murder him in cold blood.

What i mean is ganking lanes with corki. Post 6 your only form of damage will be your Red buff, Phosphorus bomb, and gattling gun. This provides quite the unreliable first gank as it is hard to land your phosphorus bomb and auto attacks if the enemy has an escape or you get disrupted by a form of cc. I would recommend ganking either the lane where your laner has a form of cc or the squishiest lane (mid).

Past 6, Depending the lane you gank the approach you provide will be different. But in any gank you will want to beable to land your QRA,RA,RA,RA,RA,RA,RA combo for maximum dps. You will also want to have loaded at least 4 rockets before attempting to gank and the big one to be ready.

Mid : You want to enter this lane from a distance using valkyrie possibly cutting off the enemy midlaner from his tower. BUT you have to be careful because corki can be very easily bursted down since his only way of escape will be through you or your mid lane. So enter the fray as soon as your mid laner lands a form of cc or engages. I think that this is one of the riskier lanes to gank due to this factor, but the easiest to kill.

Top : Top laners are the tanky bruisers of the game and they will be naturally hard to kill, however they will be vulnerable to your ability to kite them if they attempt to duel the both of you. Make sure you keep your gattling gun pointed at him and to save your valkyrie to close the gap he might make to escape. I consider this lane one of the harder lanes to gank as it is possible that they may turn around the fight if you get caught out.

Bottom : This lane... The support and the adc, i consider this lane one of the easier lane to secure kills in as your laners are able to dive in and there is almost always enough cc to either lock down the support or the adc. Your valkyrie will also allow you to jump past certain wards or quickly jump in between the enemy and your allies. I think that this would be the easiest lane to secure a kill in if they overextend a little past the river.

Corki is very efficient at cleaning up and you should always be aware of whenever a nearby lane gets ganked so you can respond immediately to countergank and possibly pick up a kill.
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If you fall behind... Chill out

There will be games where any of the below might happen.
  • You get your blue or red stolen
  • You get killed in the first gank
  • Your jungle gets camped by the top lane kha zix or the mid lane zed etcetc
  • You are hunted down continuously by the enemy jungler as he's now living in your jungle
  • You get killed by jungle creeps. (worst case scenario)

If any of these things happen to you!
You have to remain calm... and collected.. and probably not break your monitor! :D
Tell your lanes to get ready, because chances are that they will come pay you another visit and you must be ready for them. Doing this might either help you pick up some kills and help you stabilize to enter the mid game or help snowball your lanes.

If however your lanes have been pressured. Make sure to ward up one side of your jungle and try your best to pick up camps whenever you feel that the enemy jungler might not be nearby. Your aim is to farm to to at least get out your trinforce along with your spirit item. This is when you will gain full sustainability in the jungle and actually hurt in a teamfight.

And finally if all goes wrong and every singe lane has lost and your jungle has practically become the enemies base. Then its probably time you surrender and move on, don't let yourself get caught up on your or other people's failure and instead focus on how you might do better yourself in the coming games.

If you don't win this game. You can win another one!
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The Late Game

This is the point where you'll leave your jungle and start joining teamfights.

The most important aspect you have to take into account here is your POSITIONING... WHY?
  • You will! Get killed by the ap carry's burst or poke
  • You will! Die a quick death if you charge straight at the adc at the back lines
  • You will! Not be invincible with full items
  • You will! Be targeted as a priority kill and will die if you aren't careful
  • You will! Not be able to carry if you're dead
  • GEDDIT?!

So as long as you stay alive, or have someone peel for you. You'll be able to shred any tank or bruiser that charges at you with ease. If you feel threatened, don't forget that you can easily escape with your valkyrie (be warned tho, the cc that targets you will cancel this spell midway). Your job is to keep yourself alive and as far away from insta gibs as you can while at the same time shooting off your ranged ultimate or skills to poke the enemy down before you begin slowly picking them off.
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To sum it all up. These is my guide to the S4 jungle corki where your main role is to scale into the late game while at the same time helping out your teammates and finally deal "Tons O Damage" and carry your team to victory!

Thank You For Reading~!
May you jungle Successfully.
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Updates... ETC ETC

10/3/14 : The Start of the guide
11/3/14 : Added Jungling information
12/3/14 : Chill out and don't rage section
13/3/14 : Updates to rune selections and more testing needed to be done.
15/3/14 : Changes To rune choice
21/3/14 : Minor Grammar Fixes
22/3/14 : Small Mastery Change ( Looking into future CDR quints )
28/3/14 : Updated survival section

More refining of the guild (beautifying)(changes) in the coming future. Hopefully.
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