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Lee Sin General Guide by Chasek64

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chasek64

(S4) Lee Sin: God Top and Mid Lane | Easy win Guide

Chasek64 Last updated on December 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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In my opinion one crit is better than one AD because I don't usually find 1 extra AD to ever be helpful. Some people have been saying its just bad to bring it but at least in my opinion if 1 AD is almost useless why not bring 1 crit and hopefully get really lucky and do a ton more damage. I been doing this for 3+ months and I will continue to do it because I always find myself to get at least 1 crit during laning phase and again, I would rather have the CHANCE to crit somebody then have a constant 1 AD that does nearly nothing. If you really disagree with the 1 crit then bring another ad instead.

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The reason you start with dorans is because of how much health damage and sustain you get with it. Also you get a health pot to so its not as risky as before.
The Next Item I get is a Hydra, every time I get this item I feel 2x stronger. Make sure you have the active on a key you can hit because it does a lot of damage and you can kill a wave instantly with E Hydra combo.
Next is boots, usually get mercs no matter what lane you're against unless the enemy team has a ton of AD. Then get tabi. If you want to roam a lot get mobility, there better for mid lane because you can roam top OR bot.
The next Item I like to buy is Last whisper because if greatly increases your damage. If you don't need more damage or the team isn't building Armour you can just build tanky and come back to the last whisper later when you feel like you need it.
Next you can buy Armour or MR. Buy them depending on what the enemy team has, build warmogs if they are all ap or ad because if you have a lot of Armour or ap it will stack with the extra health and you will be unkillable.
I put Ruby Sightstone in the core items because the vision will make your money back alone, also you will make a lot of plays with it and it will save you but this is only for somebody who is comfortable with making huge plays without messing up. Otherwise don't buy it.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing Q gives you a ton of damage, maxing E doesn't do as much but can slow, making W is only if you're getting destroyed, and even then I usually wouldn't max it.
So I max Q most the time because I like having a lot of damage but if the jungler is gonna camp you, then maxing E will give you a big slow and free kills. Also if the enemy laner is building armour against you then max your E because it does magic damage.
If you maxed E first then I would max Q 2nd because Q is an important skill. But if you maxed Q first max w 2nd because it will give you a lot of sustain, a shield, and you can make plays with it.
Get your ult whenever you can.

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Ignite and flash because Flash is OP.
Ignite is good in lane because you can get first blood easily because of all the damage you do. Also ignite is just good over all.
If you're looking to make a good play teleport is good also but 99% of the time I would take ignite.

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Ranked Play

Lee Sin is an AMAZING champion to main. If you main Lee Sin that means you're playing a champion you're really good at that doesn't only go one lane. Actually he can go jungle also along with top and mid so he can go 3 places. You can support lee sin but its not the best, but very possible. The fact that you can go almost anywhere with this champion makes him amazing to main and will give you so many free wins because of all the places you can go in ranked. Also he is very tanky, mobile, high damage, and annoying to play against.

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Pros / Cons

- Mobile
- Can roam easily
- Playable top mid and jungle (possible to support)
- Tanky
- Lots of early game damage
- Because of early game damage, he can carry from laning phase.
- Super fun
- Rewarding

- Hard to play
- Falls off late (You still should be ahead because you snowball)

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Starting dorans blade in the jungle with lifesteal quints makes him really strong. You can clear without losing to much health and get a lot of kills.

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Team Work

You have abilitys to set your team up for free kills, also you're a great ganker!
You can insec somebody by double Q'ing to them then warding in front, W'ing to that ward and then Ulting them back to your team.

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Unique Skills

Theres a lot of combos you can do with lee, you will learn combos just from playing him. One I learned just from playing him is if i'm in danger I can Q somebody, ult them over the wall and Q back to them to make an escape and probally a kill.

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What I try to do in my lane is reach lvl 2 early before the enemy and get a easy kill on them, after that I try my best to last hit while at the same time denying them farm. If they come to close I kill them.

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A cheesy way to win games

A way you can win a game super easily is by trying to get lvl 2 before the enemy laner. If you have to start E to push and get minions faster do it. Once you hit 2 hit them with a q if they are far away q back to them and all in. If they are next to you when you hit your q just keep autoing until you can't reach them anymore then q again and all in. You can buy a red elixer for more damage if you want but if you don't get first blood you will be behind.
After you kill them push the lane as hard as you can to deny them all the creeps under tower. Once you back you should be a lot stronger. Now you should be stronger AND have a level advantage so you can completly destroy the lane from there. Every time you kill them push the minions under there tower to deny then look to roam if possible. Just like how you snowballed if you roam to give other people kills or even assist they can snowball to. Once you kill them they don't only get the kill or the assist but they get more exp and free farm and they can deny the enemy free farm by pushing also, and you can help them push if they need the help. This is basicly a super cheesy way to own a game just by getting 1 first blood.

A second way to snowball a game just like this would be if you are mid you can ward the enemy buff they they are going to go to second and once they get there they will be really low and they never suspect it. Just walk up and kill them, you will have double buffs and you can DESTROY your lane even harder. Keep in mind you can still lvl 2 cheese your lane and then go kill the jungler after then come back to mid with doubles and destroy more. Once you get doubles you don't have to back because you are so strong. As long as you don't do anything stupid you should be massivly ahead also putting your lane behind and the jungler behind with no buffs so they cant farm well. This can also work top but the junglers 2nd buff has to be the one near you or else it you will be walking across the whole map. This is just a simple way to snowball yourself and help everyone on your team out.
Keep in mind this wont work against every single jungler, some junglers have really good sustain and will be high health with doubles so if you mess with them they will just kill you. Most of the time though junglers get really low and you can just 1 shot them.


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