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Riven Build Guide by ChrisM481

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChrisM481

[S4] Mid Riven, A Guide To Stomping Low Elo

ChrisM481 Last updated on November 24, 2013
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Great champion with amazing mechanics, great damage, and a high skill cap. Normally played top can be adapted to a high damage mid lane champion like Zed or Talon, but with better mobility, heavy CC, and a larger sustained damage potential.

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Team Work

This build is for maximum damage; you can't do your job if you're CC'ed all the time. Make sure your tank initiates and the CC is wasted on them or else you get stomped. After you see it's safe to go in, jump in the fight, the high lifesteal will keep you alive and, of course, focus the squishies first then you can finish off the tanks with the majority of your team still intact. Your shield is large because of the high AD so spam it to avoid dying.

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After Bloodthirster and Hydra you can farm with impunity. Once out of a fight you can kill wolves and be almost full health again from about an eigth. This guide is made to farm champions but it makes it that much better at split pushing and farming minions and monsters.

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This build provides 30% CDR while CDR maxes out at 40% so make sure to take blue all the time for maximum ownage.

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How To Fight

Sustained Damage-Preferred

Bursty-Not Advised
R-Q-Q-Q-W-R (insert auto attacks as needed)

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Pros / Cons

-Amazing Fighter
-High Damage
-Can Assassinate Targets
-Easy To Farm And Push Lanes
-High Mobility (easy to dodge skillshots)
-Decent CC
-Enemy Thinks You're Top Lane And Fails At Countering

-Gets CC'ed Easily In Teamfights
-Gets Focused Heavily
-Somewhat Squishy
-Bad Against Lanes With Targeted Roots/Stuns ex. Ryze