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Skarner Build Guide by Sample

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sample

[S4] Skarner Jungle Tank

Sample Last updated on February 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Playing League of Legends as a Mid Lane Carry or a Top Lane Juggernaut is always fun, but what happens when your team needs a tanky jungler? Skarner is by far one of my favorite choices. In this guide I hope to allow you to become familiar and ultimately master one of the champions that I find to be a lot of fun as a jungler. Skarner is one of those champions that seems to have fallen off the radar as a main pick by most summoners. His unconventional play is one that I find to be a lot of fun and many others find to not put out enough damage for enemy teams. While Skarner doesn't do the damage that Nidalee's spear can do at max range, he surely can kill enemy champions he finds in the jungle. My philosophy on Skarner is that if he can see you in the jungle or aggressively playing in lane, more than likely he will catch you and probably kill you. Most champions in League of Legends can get away from a Skarner that has found you alone. Prolonged fights 1v1 are Skarner's specialty and team engagements are definitely swung in favor of the team that has Skarner. Hopefully you enjoy my guide and let me know how you feel about it. I am always open to criticism and even positive enforcement so thank you for checking out my guide!

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Basic Jungling

-Starts Blue
-Clears Jungle in a reasonably fast time
-Can be in any lane very quickly to counter gank

Skarner does have trouble
-Expends a bunch of mana in early phases of game
-Relies on Q to farm efficiently
-Hard to invade other jungle with Skarner at early levels

Skarner's jungling technique is most efficient when he is in middle to late game phase. Once he has the ability to be a true tank. Many champions have a rough time penetrating the innately tanky character that Skarner was meant to be.

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Team Work

Skarner is a champion that goes where only the tankiest champions go. In team fights, Skarner is best when he is directly in the other teams face. Charging in with Skarner is usually the best approach. The AoE Q that Skarner has along with the Shielding/Speed buff given by his W make him an effective penetrator of the opposing sides fron line champions. Once Skarner can peel off the enemies carriers, either taking them directly out of the team fight with his ult or pulling them deeper into peril. Skarner can create chaos for the enemy teams AP and AD carries. If the opposing team doesn't position themselves in a great spot to halt the incoming Skarner, then they will quickly notice how much CC that Skarner has the potential of giving out.

If you are playing with a Skarner on your team, keep Skarner at your front line. He is the best champion for literally moving the enemy away from his carries. Characters such as Riven, Vi, and Udyr will have trouble just getting through the slows which he can put off from using his Q, E, and the Necessary Item of Randuin's Omen. Skarner can be the most effective peel champion in the game so understand this and use it to your greatest advantage. If Skarner can get his ult off on a single champion and then utilize the Champion skills of ghost+W, Skarner can pull the enemy champion quite a distance into territory that for you is safe but for them is very violent and usually deadly.