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Janna Build Guide by KKat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KKat

S4 Speed Queen Janna In-depth (IN PROGRESS)

KKat Last updated on August 15, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Janna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Leona Very easy match-up. Technically she should never be able to touch your ADC. you can tornado her when she goes in for her E on your carry and cancel the dash. You render her useless in the laning phase with your kit. A gank can change this though keep river warded.
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Introduction of the Build


A Little About Me

Hi! My name is KKat, and i've been playing League for roughly four years. It wasn't till this current season where I began to take ranked more serious than I had before and managed to hit Diamond. I am currently sitting at Diamond V 21LP, with Janna as my most played champ! From the beginning Janna was always my favorite champ. Her playstyle was so unique from other champs and at the same time she was always so clutch. Many players look at Janna as a weak champion at the moment, but I feel that's because people don't understand her and tend to build her as a moving utility belt that just does.. ok.

What This Build Is About

I have a new type of build style for Janna that I'd like to share with everyone! I also would like to go in-depth about this champ because I feel she deserves it, and more people need to learn about her true potential. This build I've created has got a bit of a twist to it which may come off as gimmicky, but I've had lots of success with it so let's get this started! Ladies and Gents... I introduce to you, SPEED QUEEN JANNA.

This build gives you:
    560 Base movement speed!
    40% MAX CDR!
    A nice hunk of AP to power your shields, heals, speed, and AD buff!
    A constant 15% movement speed aura for your allies!

So Why Should This Build Stand Out?

I've seen builds come and go in my time of playing, and for Janna she seems to always have been thrown into the typical build of buying utility items for the team. Janna is my main that I know like the back of my hand, and to me I feel like she already acquires enough utility. I got to thinking, why not take the strong utilities that she naturally has and build around them to make them more powerful. So that's exactly what I did.

Looking At The Skills More Closely

So talking about buffing up Janna's skills, lets look at each one individually:


Tailwind was always a hidden OP when it was globally given to every ally. The change made it to only affect the people that were around her. Sadly, this was a nerf to Janna, but at the same time it also made people stay closer to her. As it states, it increases the movement speed of all nearby allied champions by 5%. It isn't totally noticeable, but this combined with your Boots of Mobility - Captain gives your allies a total of 15% movement speed buff. That is the same movement speed buff Volibear is given when he uses his Rolling Thunder. So you're basically giving your team a free Volibear Q that is applied to everyone and doesn't run out!

Howling Gale

I'm not going in to detail with this ability even though AP does affect it. This ability is used purely as a form of CC rather than damage output. (Maybe in some rare cases!)


Unfortunately I have no idea how to change this to the right icon .-. but I will provide numbers. With this build, you are adding to the passive movement speed you are getting by 8%. RACK THAT M/S UP BABY. That changes your typical 12% movement speed boost to a total of 20%. That's a pretty nice little boost that's given to you while it also gives you damage output that is surprisingly good. A typical Zephyr will hit for about 280 magic damage and slow the enemy by 40%. You steroid it and instead of 280 you are hitting for 480 damage and applying a massive slow of 64% for three seconds!

Eye Of The Storm

Now this is where it gets awesome. A typical Janna shield max rank will absorb a total of 240 damage, and give the ADC 50 damage until the shield is broken. It's a great buff for the carry while negating damage, but the only problem is late game how long is that 240 damage shield going to last? Don't you worry because with the Speed Queen build you are going to have a shield that absorbs a total of 519 DAMAGE and give your ADC an AD buff of roughly 90 DAMAGE. That is an amazing shield to have on your ADC that sits on a 6 second cooldown.


Janna's game breaking ultimate. One of the best known game turners in the game just for it's CC. At base numbers, when Janna has channeled her ultimate completely it will have pumped out a total 600 HP of healing, or 200 every second. Now Janna's ultimate half of the time won't be used for the heal, or it'll be interrupted before it's full duration. Pumping it up with AP really changes things around. With Janna's ult rigged up it heals a total of 439 HP a second! That's almost the amount it healed in it's entire duration without AP. 439 HP a second with a three second duration would give us a total of 1317 HP of healing! That kind of heal is something that NEEDS to be shutdown or it will easily win the game standalone itself.

AP differences and numbers were provided from here.

Janna's Massive Movement Speed

The last thing I'd like to touch on is the movement speed that is given with this build as well. Once you have gotten your core items and mobi boots, you will top out at around 560 base movement speed. This may seem absurd, but I tell you to try it. The mobility that this gives to Janna is phenomenal. This massive boost allows you to be everywhere around the map in a heartbeat. The map control it gives is insane as you go in and out of the enemy jungle in the blink of an eye and reign free as you are literally untouchable. Now that I've given my reasons as to why I build like this, lets get talking in-depth about the champ.

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In-depth Look of How to Master Janna, The Storm's Fury

If you were to ask a group of league players their opinions on Janna, I feel like you'd get a lot of mixed thoughts on her. Some would say she's good, others would say she's bad, and you'd probably get a couple people saying needs a rework.. Is Janna a strong support? I'm going to answer that for you and say she's an okay support. She lacks some crucial things, while not really "fitting into the meta". Now I'm not dissing on Janna, she's my favorite champ! I'm just being honest about her. BUT... With a player playing her that knows and understands everything about there that there is to know about Janna, THAT is what makes her a good support, and that is what I'm trying to do here with this in-depth guide to show you the true potential of Janna.

Let's kick it off with a pro's and con's.


+ Amazing Peeling Potential
+ Ultimate is a GAME CHANGER
+ One of the fastest moving champs in the game
+ Late game goddess
Janna excels at the mid to late game phase where team fighting tends to go down at. She can keep her carry untouched, and saves lives with not only her ultimate, but her entire kit. She is the ADC's best friend when it comes to helping them chase or even kite.

+ Weak Early Game
+ Can be very squishy
+ Can get CC'd to death
+ Very reliable on being with other champs
Like all champs, Janna has a few weaknesses which tend to linger in the early game. She can be very squishy and have a rough laning phase. Her transition to mid game can be hard to do if she was shut down in the early game too hard.

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Janna's Skills Explained

// A nice passive that helps out in any situation.

Howling Gale
// This is your interrupt. You will learn to use it well.
Howling Gale is her knockup that can be used in many ways. First thing's first. SMART CAST THIS. You need to smartcast this because 90% of the time you are using it for the instant knock up. This can be used to peel, to interrupt, to chase, to interact with others(ex. [icon=Yasuo size=25). Now when I say interrupt yes I mean like cancelling that ult behind the wall, or to stop that from taunting your entire team. Yes that is interrupting, but the true skills we're looking to interrupt are the dashes. Janna can stop any dash in the game with her Q, it's just all about timing. That is why you must have this smart casted so you can double tap Q and get it out ASAP. Here are some examples of Janna stopping dashes:


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Laning Phase


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Mid Game


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Late Game