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Thresh Build Guide by RedNorm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNorm


RedNorm Last updated on September 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Thresh with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nidalee Shouldn't be a problem, her spears are super easily dodged now and she doesn't have any cc to help in fights.
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Hi. It's my first build here on Mobafire so please take it easy on me. I'm currently at Plat 2 and have got here mostly thanks to playing the ONLY support I play in ranked. And that is thresh. I feel that ( and many others ) thresh is the most OP support in the game right now. He can do anything. Engage, peel, disengage, save teammates, zone, do some sick 360 no scope hooks. But I'll get more into that later.

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Pros / Cons


  • Best set of skills for a support
  • Not too hard to start playing
  • Great engage
  • Loads of cc
  • Most OP support in game
  • Looks pretty damn badass


  • No Poke at all(unless u count his q)
  • Hooks can be hard to land, esp at higher mmr's when people start juking it
  • His Flay can be hard to use correctly, esp when quickcasting

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As Thresh, you would ALWAYS want to go for 0/9/21. Why?? Cause all of the cool kids that play thresh go for 0/9/21. This is because you need all the utility the support tree grants. If you had went for a 0/21/9 instead, you would had lacked out on the extra starting gold (which is really useful and you can use it to get an extra ward with 2 health pots,which might just save you from a gank) and the extra 5% move speed from wanderer doesn't seem that extraordinary but believe me, it will get you to places you need to be at light speed (sort of). Plus you don't really need to be that tanky from your masteries because once you get your GA, then your tankier items, it ll make up for the lack of tankiness from masteries.

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There's really not much else to get, since you don't need any offensive runes. This would be the safest marks to get.


Ever since armour seals got nerfed, I feel that it's no longer worth it to get full 9 flat armour seals. It would be better to go half armour and half flat health seals. Which would grant you a slightly tankier early game.


Magic resist per level are my preffered choice but I guess you could get either flat or per level cooldown glyphs but its really just up to you.


There's really nothing else to get besides the gold per 10 quints. You NEED all the extra gold you can get as you won't be getting any farm, and your only stable source of income would be from your ancient coin. These are the only quints that supports should ever get.

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Must have spell

Flash is quite really the must have summoner spell for every champion except maybe nasus or hecarim who would rather get ghost. Flash provides you with an escape and a much needed gap closer.

Any of these should be fine

Exhaust is my preffered second summoner spell because you can do so much with it. Prevent and enemy from escaping, weaken someone thats killing your adc. This is pretty much a must have if the enemy team has a yi, tryn or maybe yasuo who can just instantly wreck your team in a fight.
I've seen some people starting to get Ignite on supports, but I don't really like it that much. Mainly because the philosophy behind a support getting this would be " They can't kill you if they're dead, can they?" But exhaust is overall the better choice imo. Ignite would be the better option if the enemy team has a mundo or swain and for some reason no one in your team bothers to select ignite.
Heal isn't that good anymore mainly cause it doesn't stack as well now. Just let your adc take heal.

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Items(GA only...for now)

You may be asking yourself right now " Why is this thresh build asking me to build GA when im clearly not a-" AND THAT'S WHERE YOU'RE WRONG.GA is the ULTIMATE item on THRESH. You know why? Because you not only gain armor and magic resist, BUT YOU CAN ALSO NOT DIE. "OMG THATS SO AWESOME" DAMN STRAIGHT. You can become WAY MORE AGRESSIVE in initiating teamfights and even if they kill you, you'll be brought back to life INSTANTANEOUSLY (after a few seconds). Which allows you more chances to peel for your adc or maybe hook an enemy target again.

Plus who doesn't fear a thresh with GA. Because the enemy will be thinking "omg this dude has a GA on thresh, he's gonna do some serious 360 yolo scopes". THEY KNOW YOU'RE GONNA DO SOME CRAZY **** WITH YOUR GA ON. Which gives you and your team more pressure on the enemy and will ultimately win you games. 2750 gold for map pressure? I say worth.

But... what if I they aren't aiming me at all, especially since I have a GA. Well.. this GIVES YOU MORE TIME TO SURVIVE. And that means you are able to stay in the teamfight LONGER and to help your teammates out more. Either way you win.

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Different phases of the game


Try to frequently attack an enemy with your E's passive on , as it deals extra damage and grants you gold back(from one of your support masteries). When your jungler comes in to gank bot, always ask him to come from your tower and lantern him then start the fight. E.g. a good way to initiate is to wait for ur jungler to click your lantern and midway of him flying to you, flash into the enemy and flay them back. This will result in a guaranteed kill most of the time. The reason of ganking this way is because river brushes and tribrushes are mostly always warded by bot lane so it is better to utilise thresh's W for a secret surprise attack.

During this phase it is easiest for enemies to juke your hooks, mainly because they are only focused on 2 enemies at a time: you and your adc. Try varying the type of hooks you throw, sometimes use your q at where its most obvious for the to go and sometimes just a little behind them or to the side. Monitor the way your enemy jukes your Qs and look for a pattern. Later on you will know which direction he'll juke you and that's where you aim your Q at.


Try to have 3 wards on the map at any given time and make sure you have a ward on dragon (if its up) at all times. You cannot risk giving the opponent a free dragon. That's about 200+ gold per champion on the enemy team. And you can stop them from getting it just by having a ward placed at dragon pitt.Try to carry a pink ward with you as well, to place in the brush behind red or for when you want your team to do a quick dragon.

Late Game

Your job mainly is to protect your adc at this stage, to just peel anyone from your adc with all your skills. Let your Amumuor jarvaninitiate the fight. Unless you land a marvelous hook on the enemy adc or midlaner. If no one is going straight to your adc, feel free to use your skills to help your frontline out. Do not be afraid to go in balls deep when your GA is up.

Also, in teamfights remember that if an enemy is focused on killing someone else on your team, it isn't very easy for him to focus on every little thing thats happening around him. So its not that likely he would juke your Q. So just aim your Q at where he would be going to.

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Unique Skills

There's a special trick or maybe glitch with Thresh's Q when combined with his E. I'm not quite sure but I think that it was probably intended but I'm not sure. Without further ado, here's the trick/glitch/ whatever you want to call it.

First things first,(I'm a realist), this trick allows you to speed up your Q's cast time by using Flay(E) right after you cast Q. When your E activates, your Q will no longer be winding up and straight away fly towards your target. However, your E has to be facing the direction you used your Q.

It kinda makes sense to for this to be intended because you would be sacrificing your E for a quicker Q, which can catch some people offguard and may just allow you to make a gamechanging play by 360 no scoping the adc or midlaner in their team. And when that happens, you'll be hearing chants of "MADLIFE".

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Thresh is really the best support in LoL right now, just because he's so versatile (except when it comes to poking). I hope that all of you who've read my guide would play thresh as he was meant to be played. With a Guardian's Angel.

Don't hate it before you spate it.

*Spate means try..............maybe.