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Nidalee Build Guide by Zekrow

[S5] Clear & Concise - Nidalee - A Jungle Nightmare !

By Zekrow | Updated on March 8, 2015

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Step by Step - Jungle Route

1. Start at "Golems" (Smite them before attacking them, you still get the buff)

2. Do your "Red Buff" (Good idea to use your trinket in the side brush)

3. Help "Mid Lane" or get "River Crab"

4. Kill "Wolves" (Smite wolves to give you vision near your "Blue Buff")

5. Recall and Buy "Ranger's Trailblazer" + HP Pots

6. Do your "Blue Buff" & "Gromp"

7. Try to GANK lanes, otherwise attempt to steal enemy "Red Buff"

8. Get enough money to buy "Ranger's Trailblazer - Magus" + "Level 1 Boots"

9. After that follow the item builds mentioned above !

Enjoy ~
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Skill Sequence - Ganking

Nidalee is extremely potent at securing kills.
(Provided you land your spears)

When ganking lanes, you should attempt this combo !

1. Spear the enemy

2. Switch forms by pressing R

3. Press W when in range to dash to the target

4. Press E to deal Aoe damage
(Usually you end up in minions)

5. The target will try to escape. Press W again to close the gap.

6. If you are close enough press Q if not Flash and Q.

7. At this point if the enemy isn't dead you can press R and throw your spear again.
(It should be off cooldown)
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Jungle Tactics

Remember that it is easy to steal enemy buffs with Nidalee !
If you are confident enough, try to steal them.

The first buff the opponent does will respawn at 7 minutes.
Spawn a Bushwack across the wall to check if the buff is there.
(You get brief vision)

Good luck !
League of Legends Build Guide Author Zekrow
Zekrow Nidalee Guide

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[S5] Clear & Concise - Nidalee - A Jungle Nightmare !

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