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Fizz Build Guide by cobblerino



Updated on April 6, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cobblerino Build Guide By cobblerino 6 1 350,649 Views 8 Comments
6 1 350,649 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cobblerino Fizz Build Guide By cobblerino Updated on April 6, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Hi! This is my first ever Mobafire guide. I hope it helps. enjoy! :D

While Fizz may be an unconventional jungler, i assure you, with some fast clear times, good dueling strength, powerful level 6 ganks and overall high damage output, he is definitely a viable jungle pick! With this guide i'm hoping you can bring your mid/top lane fizz into the jungle for some fun. :D
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Pros and Cons

+Fast clear time
+Strong dueling and ganking
+Unconventional pick, the enemies will think you are mid/top etc

-Can't stay in the jungle as long as some other champions like warwick
-Early ganks might not work out
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You max W Seastone Trident first because you are auto attack based and that's what W Seastone Trident is based on. Max E playful/trickster second because you want to have the lowest cooldown you can on your main dodge/engage/escape tool. Max Q Urchin Strike last because with the recent patch it was nerfed a lot and the damage it does is not very high without items. You should always try Initiating with your R Chum the Waters because it amplifies the damage done to whatever target it is attached to. Fizz'z passive is called Nimble Fighter. It allows you to walk through units without collision. E.G. minions and champions
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Jungle Route

Route 1

First Clear:

Start Gromp and make sure to smite it before you auto, go to blue next and then red, smite red and back to buy items.

Second Clear:

Kill raptor camp and smite the big raptor for the buff to clear a potential ward. Gank after raptors

Route 2

First Clear

Start krugs and smite it instantly to start the stun proc as quickly as possible, I am usually close to full health after that. Take red after krugs then go over to your blue. you can the take the scuttle crab in the river for vision and some free hp. if you have over 1/3 hp gank top if it is available or just back and buy items. NOTE: that route is a bit more difficult for new jungler's.

Second Clear

Go to raptors, kill all the little ones first and then smite the big one for the buff. If you are low on hp kill the scuttle crab for hp and then gank mid.
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Initiate your gank with a Chum the Waters if the enemy laner is standing still, follow up with Q Urchin Strike,W Seastone Trident and a few autos, try to activate E playful/trickster only once so you get the slow.

If the enemy laner is active open with Q Urchin Strike,W Seastone Trident into your R Chum the Waters with a few autos, try activate E playful/trickster only once for the slow.
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quint of attack speed

Attack Speed Quints
Since autos with your W proc are your main source of damage attack speeds quints is better than attack quints

Greater Seal of Armor

greater Seal of Armor
Basic armour to help survive your early jungling

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Magic Resist Glyphs
Some MR since you will likely only be buying one MR item

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Attack Damage Marks
AD for some early damage
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Smite+ Flash/ Ignite

Smite is essential for all junglers.
Flash is more reliable on most junglers but on fizz you can try to take Ignite instead. Considering your high mobility with E playful/trickster and Q Urchin Strike it is possible to take Ignite for extra damage and kill potential but less chance of escaping sticky situations

I prefer Smite and Flash simply because it is more reliable
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Late game in teamfights fizz's job is to get to the back line of the enemy team.

R Chum the Waters a squishy or fed enemy, activate E playful/trickster twice to get to the back line while hopefully dodging some CC and damage, activate your W Seastone Trident and Q Urchin Strike onto him then auto attack him do death or close. If you kill your target get as much damage out as you can on other enemies and just hope your team plays along with you.
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Item number 1: Skirmisher's sabre-devourer. You get the item skirmishers sabre for the 25 magic damage on hit which goes well with your W. Devourer enchant gives +50% attack speed boost.

Item number 2: Blade of the Ruined King. It gives you +40% attack speed boost, +25 damage, +10% lifesteal boost and a nice active.

Item number 3: Mercury's Treads. +25 magic resist and reduces the duration of slows, stuns and roots etc by 35%

Item number 4: Frozen Heart. +100 armour +20% cooldown reduction and 400 mana

Item number 5: Banshee's Veil. +450 hp, +55 mr, +100% base health regeneration and very important passive: Grants a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability. This shield is refreshed after no damage has been taken from enemy champions after 40 seconds.

Item number 6: Warmog's Armor, Trinity Force or Frozen Mallet. Warmogs gives 1000 hp, Trinity Force gives a bit of everything, damage, attack speed, ability power etc, Frozen mallet gives damage health and a good passive: Basic attacks slow targets movement speed for 1.5 seconds (40% slow for melee attacks, 30% slow for ranged attacks)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cobblerino
cobblerino Fizz Guide
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