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Warwick Build Guide by YoureDown

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author YoureDown

[S5] OPwick - One shot anyone with Hybrid Warwick

YoureDown Last updated on November 24, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Threats to Warwick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Alistar His ultimate negates your ultimate, so when you gank, try to see if his ultimate is down.
Olaf As with Alistar, his ultimate removes yours. Watch for when it's down.
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Heya Mobafire, this time I bringing you a season 5 warwick guide.

Just so you know, Warwick is overpowered right now. Incredibly so.

If you want a fair game, look away.

Are the fair players gone? good, lets get to the explanation:

At final build,assuming you stacked like a true stack brother, your damage per hit should be:

Jungle item + nashors tooth + wit's end + AD = 140+54+42+117=353

Then add lichbane for the first hit bonus: 0.75(117.5)+0.5(260) = 218

In total your ultimate procs 5 hits: first does 571, the next 4 deal 353. Passive deals 16+32+48+48+48=192.

So, total ulti damage: 2175 damage. Split between physical and magic damage.

Add your Q damage: 535 or 16% enemy max health+260, that adds up to at least 2710 damage.

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Pros / Cons


Very sustainable clear
Fast clearing
Insane burst damage
Can carry a game

Virtually no ganks pre 6
No gap closer / CC except ult
Your main damage can be interrupted

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If you have a game to share with us using this build, I will happily add it to this section!

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Eternal Thirst
This is an awesome passive. Both gives you great amounts of damage when dueling (or ulting) and gives you very solid healing and sustain in jungle.
Hungering Strike
A very powerful Q. This both deals really high amounts of damage, and gives you very strong healing. Since it has an AP modifier, this has really good synergy with AP warwick. I max it first for the great damage and sustain it provides.
Hunters call
A very strong Attack speed buff, especially good for clearing speed, dueling, and sneaking an assist when you can't quite reach the target, as it buffs nearby allies as well. I max this second.
Blood Scent
This skill is pretty good for chasing down enemies, as it marks and reveals enemies under 50% health, and gives you a movement speed buff. I take this at level 4 in case you need to chase someone, and max it last as you will rarely find yourself chasing an enemy for a long time with AP warwick. REMEMBER: when ganking or in the jungle, turn this ability off. It will notify an enemy with <50% health of you, and turn it on only when you're chasing / looking for someone actively.
Infinite Duress
Your main assassinating and ganking tool. It's a really good CC and gap closing ult, which is essentially a free kill for either you or your laner early on, and late game, you are guaranteed the kill.
Unlike most warwick playstyles, this ult isn't just used to suppress someone while the laner kills him, this ult is used to one shot people, dealing at least 2175 damage at 18. I level this whenever I can.

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This item is insanely good on warwick, and generally on any farming jungler.
Imagine Feral Flare, now Imagine you start with 40 stacks. At end game you should get around 100 stacks, totaling at 140 damage per hit. Rush this items and get it ASAP, as it is a MASSIVE power spike.

Wit's End is a must have on Warwick since it synergises so well with his ult. 42 extra magic damage per hit, with a bonus of 50% attack speed is just too good to pass. I rush this straight after I upgrade the jungle item.

This item synergises really well with warwick, granting him even more health regen and sustain, making him nearly unkillable.

The extra 8% of current health damage per hit is just insanely good, it is applied on hit, and thus 5 times during your ult. If you ult an offtank you can get it too add over 500 damage over the entire ult, not to mention the health you will get back from it.

Gives you quite a bit of AP for your Q, and the active will make sure that when you Q someone, or ult them, they will die.

Even more on hit effects? Count me in!
This item will give even more damage for the ulti, as easy as that.

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Season 5 Jungle is wildly varied from Season 4 Jungle. Although due to Warwicks great sustain, he still has an easy time in it!

With Warwick, you usually start with the bottom buff (blue for blue, red for purple), you smite it, then do 1 small camp and continue to your other buff. So far this is identical to previous season.

After both buffs are done, get another small camp and head to gromp. Get another one then, and go to the golems. Smite them.
Now that you finished a full run of jungle, you're free to choose what you want to do. Just make sure to use your time as effectively as you can.

Rush to get your jungle item with enchantment, and once you reach 6, start ganking.

Very important: try to keep control of crab. It's a free ward for your laners, gives vision of dragon/baron, and gives you movement speed.

Try to get Dragon as often as you can, as dragon buff is just insanely good right now, especially when you have 5 stacks of it.

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AP warwick is curerntly broken level overpowered. Patch 4.20 nerfed his ult cooldown, but it still doesn't matter much, as you get to farm more and snowball late game even harder.

Thanks for reading my guide, I would love to hear any feedback you have, as this is my 2nd guide.

Enjoy stomping the rift!

- YoureDown