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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Miss Fortune Build Guide by Eyurs

AD Carry [S6] ADC Miss Fortune - Level 1 Hypercarry (Updated!)

AD Carry [S6] ADC Miss Fortune - Level 1 Hypercarry (Updated!)

Updated on July 23, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eyurs Build Guide By Eyurs 74,760 Views 3 Comments
74,760 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Eyurs Miss Fortune Build Guide By Eyurs Updated on July 23, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

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Why Miss Fortune?

Miss Fortune is one of the highest damage outputs for any ADCs. Her early game can easily be significantly better than even Caitlyn's, her mid game is easily one of the best if not the best of any ADCs, and while late game she falls off, if left unchecked she will blow up the enemy team. She works well with any support of the game, and counters most ADCs and Supports. She has powerful dueling and able to effectively duel two targets at once, while also having some of the best teamfighting of any ADC/Marksmen, including Sivir if used properly. If Miss Fortune isn't fed she still can be useful due to being able to push waves and her high base damage ultimate, but if she's fed it's almost impossible to fully counter her as she does high magic and physical damage on both abilities and auto attacks and can easily one shot many squishy people if she rolls a critical hit. Overall she's a really well balanced, strong pick with not many fall offs. If you like to go 10-0 in the laning phase alone and carry games single handedly once mastered, then Miss Fortune might be ideal for you. Though she has very low mobility and is very difficult to master. Still, anyone can learn her and enjoy the champion.

Who Am I?

I have mained Miss Fortune for an incredibly long time now and she still is my favorite champion in the game. When I first played her I had no idea what I was doing and fed every game. Now I find it more difficult to lose a game than to win one with Miss Fortune. My favorite role is Marksman/AD Carry but I also enjoy playing utility mages like Lulu or minion mancers like Zyra.

Is Miss Sarah Fortune Really Viable?

Miss Fortune is considered unviable mainly due to having "bad scaling" and "no mobility". However her scaling isn't bad, she has AD scaling on everything but her Make it Rain (E), and her auto attacks deal both physical and magical damage (the magical damage is extra on auto attacks and can deal around 140 damage late game so building armor shredding items still works.) so you can't fully counterbuild her similar to Vayne. If you build too much armor, you'll only block the primary damage, if you build too much magic resist you'll mainly be blocking her abilities (which still do high damage.). Miss Fortune is viable due to her ability to make tank's lives horrible, scary early and mid game, and her great synergy with and against any team comp. She's pretty reliable and can do more than most ADCs once mastered. By all means, Miss Fortune is viable and maintains around the 30th highest pentakill average with a 51.70% winrate constantly. Meaning statistically she's a slightly above average champion but still well balanced.
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Pros and Cons


+ Highest Level 1 Damage of any ADC
+ Godlike Laning Phase
+ Powerful Pentakill Teamfighting Capability
+ Fairly easy To Pick Up
+ Counters Most ADCs Early Game
+ Can Carry Games Alone
+ High Skill Cap
+ Isn't Common, So No One Knows Counterplay
+ Works With Any Team Comp
+ Easy To Roam With
+ Gets In Lane Before Everyone
She is a pretty good pick for any team comps and against any team comps. She is known for getting fed early and mid game and like all ADCs, can carry games alone. If you want a really powerful early - mid game champion and a fairly good late game champion then Miss Fortune is probably your best pick. She's incredibley fun to play and since she's uncommon and she is rarely banned, nobody knows how to counterplay her and if you get ADC there's a really high chance you will get to pick her.


- Hard To Master
- Very Squishy
- Passive Is Easy To Counter
- Falls Off Late Game
- Not Many Emotes
- No Direct Escape/Self Peal
Miss Fortune doesn't really have many fall offs. Her main ones being she falls off late game in comparison (but still is very powerful) to her early and mid game, and she has no escape. You can escape with your passive and your E but unlike Caitlyn or Ezreal you don't have a dash or blink. A bonus to this is that you have more room for other abilities but you still are most likely dead if you get cc'ed in a 1v5 and aren't close to allies or a turret.
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Abilities and Explanations

Strut is a defining ability of Miss Fortune. It's her passive and can be used for a ton of different reasons. Her base movement speed is 325 and if she doesn't take damage for 5 seconds she gains 25 movement speed for 5 seconds for up to 70 movement speed. The passive cuts off when you take damage, however if you are shielded by any shields in the game, your passive won't pop. Also it is important to remember that Damage-Over-Time abilities or DoTs will not break the passive. The passive is immediately active when you enter the game.
    -Use to get into lane faster
    -Scout the enemy jungle more safely
    -Dodge skill shots
    -Becomes really fast with boots
    -Any damage aside from DoTs will break the passive
    -Can be used to chase effectively
    -Can be used to engage/assassinate someone more quickly
    -Shields can block the passive from falling off

Double Up is your Q and it's the primary ability you will use, level up, and it's what makes Miss Fortune so powerful in dueling, laning phase, and farming. Double Up scales off both AD and AP, having an 85% AD and 35% AP scale on the first target you use it on, however the base damage is doubled and the scaling is 100% AD and 50% AP on the person who recieved the second hit. At level 1 this will hit for about 175 damage which may not seem like much but always amazes me when I execute someone in the fog of war with the Double Up. The real, important reason why this ability is your key ability is because it executes. When attacking someone ALWAYS use auto attack, Q, auto attack. Your Q will immediately reset your auto attacks meaning right after you Q you will auto attack. Another interesting feature is that when you execute a unit, meaning a minion, champion, monster, or anything else, the Double Up does 150% of the damage you did. This is insane poke and easily can one shot minions. When you execute a minion with your Doubled Up, it also counts as a critical hit and applies 1 stack of your Frenzy mastery. Abuse this huge advantage Miss Fortune has over other ADCs.
    -Use to secure minions/cannon minions
    -Poke people with it and the doubled up verison
    -Remember, the doubled up verison does 125% more damage
    -It has 100 more range than your auto attacks
    -If you execute a unit (anything attackable in the game) the Doubled Up verison crits and does 150% damage.
    -The Doubled Up version if the initial bullet executes a unit, counts as a critical hit and applies 1 stack of Frenzy for a free 5% attack speed

This is your W, Impure Shots. When activated it gives you 20% - 60% more Attack Speed. The real reason it's so strong is that it gives your auto attacks +6% of your AD, stacking up to 5 - 8 times (depending on your Ultimate level.)this means that late game Miss Fortune with her auto attacks can do around 130 more Attack Damage with her auto attacks. This makes her an extremely strong damage output and make building against her very difficult. This is why people who stack armor will never be able to actually use it against Miss Fortune because her damage is so mixed. It now also reactivates your Strut, so use it to chase, escape, or kite after a melee opponent has used their gap closers like Xin Zhao or Fiora.
    -Use before engages/duels
    -The maximum damage is increased with your ultimate levels
    -This gives your auto attacks a lot of magic damage
    -The damage from this also is extra damage put onto your ultimate
    -Don't spam this, it has a 12 second cooldown all game long
    -Don't be afraid to use it to reactivate your passive

This is your E which you level up secondly. It has a lot of unique uses but it doesn't really do damage. It does 90 - 310 base damage with 80% AP Scaling over 2 seconds but the base damage is taken over time so really it's useless to last hit people. The real reason it's used is for the slow. It can slow from 40% - 60% of their movement speed while they're in it. This has so many uses and can be even used as an indirect escape./color]
    -Zone the enemy team off
    -It reveals bushes/anything you can't see
    -Use it to stop minions waves so that your own waves can push farther
    -It's decent when you use it to farm
    -Do not try to last hit someone with this, unless they literally have 10 HP
    -Use this on top of yourself against melees/gap closing champions
    -It has 800 range which is massive, you can put it in front of escaping enemies to slow them
    -Don't use it randomly in a team fight, save it for disengages or escaping enemies
    -It deals magic damage like half your kit
    -It's one of the best CC abilities for ADCs early game, use it to follow up hard on ganks

This is an iconic League of Legends ability. Bullet Time. It's your gg ez pentakill ultimate that can be used in dozens of ways and can be used in synergy/counter with so many people. First thing is, for each level your ultimate gains it increases +1 stack on your W's passive. The range for this thing is 1,400 meaning it's gigantic. For 2 seconds Miss Fortune channels this ability (it can be interrupted by any cc but it can be used during roots) and every .25 seconds the ultimate does 50 > 75 > 125 damage + 36% > 42% > 48% Bonus AD + up to 216% AD. Meaning it can do over a thousand damage easily if someone takes all 2 seconds (8 waves of bullets.) of the ultimate. A cool feature to help you in dueling, is that the damage is increased a bit according to how many stacks you already have on the target. So never be afraid to use this in the middle of a duel.
    -Use this to last hit people, it does a LOT (A LOTTTT) of damage early game and can be used to execute people under turret.
    -If a Jarvan ults your team, use this. Trust me, their team will hate Jarvan.
    -This can be interrupted by CC
    -Don't use this randomly in a teamfight if you know you can't deal a lot of damage with it.
    -It has a channel of 2 seconds so use it at a safe distance
    -Use this during a duel if you're going to die but the enemy is low too
    -It does Magic Damage and Physical Damage, so if a tank is too much on Armor or Magic Resist they'll still take plenty of damage
    -This can secure Baron and Dragon so easily if the enemy doesn't smite or their smite was off by just a single health point
    -Ult'ing an enemy team in Baron and Dragon pit can be gg, especially if they're hit by a Leona, Sejuani, or preferably a Sona ultimate
    -If you have a
on your team, when she ults the enemy team, ult after it and it can very easily give you a pentakill.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Take 9 of these, most champions in the game do Magic Damage some where and almost every current Support in the game including tanks do magic damage. This will help you out a lot early game especially against poke supports like Sona, Lulu, or just some tanks who get in your face like Nautilus.
    Optional: You can take 9 Glyphs of Scaling Health for 87.48 more health at level 18
9 of these will increase your attack damage by exactly 8.55, that may not seem like much but it gives you the ability to farm more easily and trade other people.
    Optional: Taking 9 Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration will let you more effectively ignore the enemies' magic and armor, especially early game. Miss Fortune does a lot of mixed damage so these work really well on her.
These are mandatory for all ADCs, always take 9 of these. They give you increased armor and will let you trade without taking as much damage from minions or the enemy ADC, many supports like Janna and Soraka will often poke you from afar too with their auto attacks early game. Always take these no matter what.
    Optional: If you don't need much armor which almost never happens, you can take 9 Greater Seals of Scaling Health. This will make you have an extra 225 health at level 18.
Take 3 of these, they give you exactly 6.75 AD at the start of the game. This on top of your Marks will give you a total of 15 more Attack Damage.
    Optional: 3 Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration are really nice on Miss Fortune, she does mixed damage so these work very well with her like I previously stated. They will give you 5.37 armor penetration and 12.6 magic penetration which is insane for level 1.

In total you will have; 12 Magic Resist, 9 Armor, and 15 Attack Damage.

If you take the Optional Runes remember that they are not the best, feel free to mix up whichever runes you want though. It can also depend on the people you are going against, if you feel like you will die a lot then using defensive runes are still good due to Miss Fortune's high damage output regardless of what AD build you have on.
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Ability Sequence

Why level up Double Up first?

Double Up (Q) allows us to spam our auto attack resets more, poke more effectively, and overall increases our damage output.

Why not level up Impure Shots first?

Impure Shots (W) on leveling up only gives you an attack speed bonus, you don't gain any more attack damage from the passive. You can only get this from AD items.

Why not level up Make it Rain first?

Make it Rain (E) takes 2 seconds for the damage to be fully effective and it scales off AP, and also has high mana costs. Don't ever level this up first. Remember that it's also a one-point-wonder. The rank 1 slow is enough and can set up really easy ganks early game.
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:It makes you do 1.5% more damage, but also recieve 1.5% more damage. Worth.
:Mandatory for all ADCs, it gives you total 5% more attack speed at level 1 which is awesome.
:Used by most AD champions, this lets your auto attacks deal 2 more damage to minions and monsters letting you farm effectively early game.
:This doesn't do much, it gives you 0.55 AD every level but why not. It gives you 10 more AD at max level.
:This is awesome for sustain, every time you kill a minion you gain 3 health and 1 mana. On top of your level 1 sword, this will reward you for farming. Remember if you're low and in combat but necessarily can't do a whole lot, kill a few minions to get some health back.
:4 free AD at level 1, take it always.
:Champions below 50% health (at max rank.) take 5% more damage from you. This is awesome on top of your poke in lane as after you poke them down you can do much more damage. 5% is no joke.
:This point is mainly used for fillers, but it gives you 2% of your bonus AD which means any AD from items you get an extra 2% extra of.
:Perhaps the best mastery in the game, when you kill someone or get an assist you gain 5% of your health and mana back. This is lifesaving and remember to abuse it. If you get a pentakill that means you instantly restore 25% of your health and mana.
:This is useless early game but becomes really effective after a few items. Every time you critically hit, you gain 5% more attack speed for up to 3 times for 15% attack speed. Remember when you don't critical this effect wears off after 3 seconds.
:This is perfect for Miss Fortune, it gives you 6% armor and magic resist penetration. Typically ADCs only benefit from the armor penetration part, but the magic resist penetration just makes you even stronger due to your high magic damage output mid - late game.
:Pretty much you do 3% increased damage no matter what. Really nice to have and gives you a nice edge. Remember that armor/magic resist can mitigate damage though.
:This at max rank lets you block 2 damage from all auto attacks. Nice for going up against the enemy ADC.
:You ignore 15% of all slows. I believe this works with other Tenacity, but this can make a huge difference. A lot of popular supports have one or even multiple slows on them.
:It follows up with Block, it allows you to block 1 more Attack Damage from Ranged attacks and 2 more from melee attacks. In total you will take 4 less damage from melee opponents, and 3 less from ranged opponents. This may not seem like a lot but it can make a difference.
:With 3 points at max rank, you gain an extra 36 health. This allows you to take a tiny bit more damage but it's great for being able to block minion auto attacks.
:Arguably the best mastery in the Defensive tree, this allows you to block 10% of all crowd control effects, which is known as tenaacity. With Swiftness and Tenacious you can ignore 25% of all slows, which hurts CC supports like Nautilus, Braum, and Thresh tremendously.
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Summoner Spells

Viable Spells

Heal is a really good spell for ADCs, it not only allows you to heal your Support any other teammates aside from yourself, but you both will gain a movement speed buff. The extra movement speed isn't much, but it can be helpful in engaging, disengaging, kiting, or repositioning. The biggest mistake is people only use it for the heal, and not the ability to reposition yourself.

This is a must have for Miss Fortune, it lets you escape, secure a kill, or flash+ult a teamfight for those pentakills.

This spell is really nice to have early game, but Miss Fortune excels at last hitting. Take this if you know you're going to dominate early game if you want though as it can easily pick you up a few kills if the enemy isn't careful to your poke. Still, It's not the best to take.

Barrier gives you a higher shield than heal gives you, plus a lower cooldown. But it can't be used for healing both of you and giving the movement speed buff. Still this is a good idea as it counters Grevious Wounds in comparison to Heal.

Usually supports take this but it's still viable on pretty much everyone. It reduces their Armor and Magic Resist by 10, slows them and their Attack Speed by 30%, and reduces their damage dealt by 40% for 2.5 seconds. This on top of your E will be a secured kill basically.

Unviable Spells

Miss Fortune really doesn't have any mana hunger issues, if you spam her E then you'll run out fast but her Q, W, and Ult usually aren't that costly.

While I think this spell is underrated and could be viable on some supports, Miss Fortune isn't one of those champions. Never take this.

Cleanse isn't really viable on any ADCs. This is because Mercurial Scimitar is the same thing on a lower cooldown, with AD, and a movement speed buff. It could be used with some APCs however.

Ghost is becoming popular among tanks but Miss Fortune really doesn't need it. She tends to have decent chasing ability anyways, never take this.
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Synergies and Supports

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Items and Explanations

Starting Items

Doran's Blade is the only starting item any ADC should get. It gives you 70 health, 7 attack damage, and 3% lifesteal at level 1. More damage, more sustain, and a bit more tanky.

You will probably switch this out for a blue trinket later on, but use this to ward your lane or your jungler's jungle if not already done so.
Attack Damage Items

This item is the base to all of your damage, once you get this it will go in sync with most of your items very well. It gives you 80 Attack Damage, 20% Critical Chance, and your Critical Hits do 250% of your AD instead of only 200%. Always get this item, try to back first with a BF Sword for this item. Don't get the Cloak of Agility unless it's the only thing you can get though, it's not worth it as a first back item.

Very good for countering tanks and also dueling. It goes along very well with ADCs who stack damage like Twitch and Vayne, and due to your W passive you are also similar to these guys. It gives you 25 Attack Damage, 10% Lifesteal, 40% Attack Speed, you passively do 8% of the target's total health in physical damage (meaning Armor can mitigate it.), your auto attacks do a bonus 10 more physical damage, and when activated you deal 10% of the target's total health in physical damage (Again, it can be lessened much by armor.) you also steal 25% of their Movement Speed for a few seconds. You can actually use this to keep up with someone if they are fleeing or quickly use it on an enemy to make an escape. This item can be used in/against any team comp.

A great item for playing a bit more defensively while still maintaining a damage output. It gives you 60 Attack Damage and 40 Magic Resist and has two passives. For every 2% of health you are missing you gain +1 Attack Damage, it doesn't seem like much but this item alone once you're low enough can give you 95 Attack Damage. The other passive is life saving and makes you a great duelist, if you get below 30% health (you can actually trigger this by accident if you're low on health and go to clear waves/farm the jungle.) you gain a shield that absorbs 400 magic damage for 5 seconds. Watch the cooldown, it's pretty high at 90 seconds. If you can't complete this item fast enough, just get a Hexdrinker. It's almost the same exact thing except it has weaker stats.

80 AD and 20% Lifesteal, also if you get more health than your maximum health with the item you can get a small shield. The shield only shields for a few hundred but it still is really good and makes you difficult to duel. I often buy this most games, if you're low in the field and don't have time to back you can very quickly steal a ton of health from minions or monsters, so always use that tactic. Try to go into battle with the item's passive up for that extra shield, which once in a while might save you from dying. Buy this against Thornmail/Cinderhulk and you shouldn't feel as much damage, be careful they both can still easily kill you. Miss Fortune's passive can also be shielded from breaking off with the Bloodthirster shield, so this synergizes really well with her unlike a lot of ADCs in comparison.

This is a great item against heavy CC comps, it gives 80 AD so you still stay on top of your damage but also 35 Magic Resist and the active removes all CC on you and gives you a big movement speed buff for one second. Not much to explain about this item, use it to counter people like Leona, Nautilus, and Amumu who have hard CC. Remember that the active gives you a nice movement speed buff so even if you're not CC'ed you can use it to catch up with someone or disengage.
Attack Speed Items

Currently this is one of the best if not the second best, behind Infinity Edge, item for ADCs. It gives you 50% Attack Speed (second to Runaan's) 35% Critical Chance, and also some mobility with a 5% Movement Speed multiplier and makes you able to go through any units. I always get this item with Miss Fortune, the extra mobility works great on her but in combination with Infinity Edge you can really start doing damage. Not much to say, but remember that this gives you less wave clear than Statik Shiv and costs a bit more. Still this item is almost always superior to Shiv.

This item is used mainly for when you're behind, it gives you great wave clear, a bit extra money, and also is good for keeping up with damage. 40% Attack Speed, 20% Critical Chance, and 6% Movement Speed Multiplier. The passive is that every few seconds basically your next auto attack will do a zap of lightning and can zap up to 4 more extra units/champions (including Baron and Dragon). It also can critically hit, it also because of the Avarice Blade gives you a few more gold every few seconds and gives more gold for farming. The item is still somewhat inferior to Phantom Dancer because it gives -10% less Attack Speed and -15% less Critical Chance, plus if you're already doing well in the game it's passive is almost useless to you.

Runaans Hurriance A really interesting item, it gives you 70% Attack Speed, easily the largest amount in the game and every basic attack you have fires two extra bolts dealing 50% of your base AD. It's really good for wave clearing and it can also hit enemy champions. Another interesting thing is that it gives your auto attacks another 10 AD, but it doesn't go along with your base or bonus AD. This item can be used to replace your boots if you want, but I normally would never buy this.

Always get these as your second item (it's not often referred to as a second item, since they only cost 1,000 gold and are even sold at the end of the game.) they give you more movement speed and 25% attack speed, which is great for early game.

Don't ever use these in ranked games, but on top of Miss Fortune's passive you can get 175 movement speed + your base movement speed. This makes you great for roaming and ganking.

These are rather popular for anti-CC. They reduce the CC you take significantly at -35% but also give you more movement speed and more magic resist. Using these against a fed Ahri, Kassadin, or Viktor is great and can even save you from their slows/stuns.

This item is decent but it doesn't give enough for it's own large item slot, however it's possible to sell your boots at the end of the game and works pretty well on Miss Fortune. The reason why Zephyr is used in replacement is because it gives you 10% Movement Speed Multiplier, gives you -10% reduced cooldowns (Which is awesome on Miss Fortune), +25 more Attack Damage, and you also get -35% crowd control on you, similar to Mercury Treads. Another great thing about this item is that it gives you 50% Attack Speed. So this is a really good late game item since it's a combination of Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Berserkers Greaves, and Mercury Treads and can also be similar to Boots of Mobility with the 10% Movement Speed multiplier.
Armor Shredding

This item is infamous on Miss Fortune, when it was overpowered and you use to be able to deal true damage to someone quite easily, Miss Fortune was one of the champions who benefited it the most. Why is it so infamous on Miss Fortune? Her ultimate applies stacks of these and since it fires 8 waves out of bullets, and the max stacks is 6, you can quite easily apply this to an entire team. This is a really strong item on Miss Fortune for everything, it gives you more health, a bit more AD, and Cooldown Reduction which lets you spam your Double Up even more. Plus whenever you hit/kill an enemy you gain a burst of movement speed. I always get this item if I'm against a heavy Armor stacking comp. Remember, you still do a lot of mixed damage too.

One of the most popular items in the game, if you have absolutely no idea what to build just get this. Even if the enemy isn't stacking armor, it still ignores their base armor and gives a nice amount of AD. If they have tanks stacking armor, then get this. If they have no tanks and are all squishy, then get this. There isn't a reason to not get this due to it's extremely low cost for how strong it is.

So this is the item you get when you want to be the most annoying ADC in the game. This item is mainly built by melee champions but it works well on ranged too. It gives you 30 AD, 15% crit chance, 10% cooldown reduction which again, works better on Miss Fortune than other ADCs, 20 Armor Penetration which is huge against anyone without armor, and when you activate it you gain 40% attack speed and 20% movement speed. This item works well with almost every ADC build, I usually get this as my 4th - 6th item.
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This is my first guide on Mobafire and I hope you enjoy it's build for Miss Fortune. I will update the guide as Miss Fortune progresses on in the Season. If you like it, giving it an upvote helps the guide a lot so people can see it more on the front page. Thanks. If you have any questions on the templates I used or any questions on Miss Fortune feel free to ask and I will answer them as soon as possible.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eyurs
Eyurs Miss Fortune Guide
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[S6] ADC Miss Fortune - Level 1 Hypercarry (Updated!)

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