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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kalista Build Guide by HastaKalistaBaby

AD Carry [S6 - NOT UPDATED ANYMORE] In-Depth Kalista Guide!

AD Carry [S6 - NOT UPDATED ANYMORE] In-Depth Kalista Guide!

Updated on June 21, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HastaKalistaBaby Build Guide By HastaKalistaBaby 163 14 5,972,004 Views 141 Comments
163 14 5,972,004 Views 141 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HastaKalistaBaby Kalista Build Guide By HastaKalistaBaby Updated on June 21, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Reason: I don't play League anymore, so I don't feel like I can judge about the effectivity of builds.
Thank you for your comprehension.



Hi there! Welcome to my guide to Kalista. I have a lot of experience and huge knowledge about her. You can learn very much from me, even if you are a new to League of Legends or an experienced player. I spend weeks of studying Kalista and found every little trick which belongs to her. This guide is not finished yet, but it is going to be super detailed and very long. I can promise, that this guide includes everything you need to know and I plan on keeping this guide constantly updated over time. If you have got any question about the guide, ask me in the discussion or join my chatroom called "HastaKalistaBaby" on EUW. My summoner name and other contact information are in the Summary chapter below. If you like the guide, upvoting my guide will help me a lot.
Enjoy my guide! :^)


I'm a XX years old XX from a small town in XX. My summoner name is HastaKalistaBaby and my favourite champion is Kalista, so I decided to create a guide to her. I started playing League of Legends August 2013, which was around the middle of Season 3. At first I didn't like League of Legends, because I played an MMORPG for 2 years and I thought it is pretty dumb to start every game at level 1. After playing some games I understand the game and I got addicted pretty quickly. I wasn't the best until I find my first main champ, Quinn. I was a pretty good Quinn player and I still like her eventhough she could need a rework. At this time Quinn wasn't a toplaner, but an AD Carry. And from then on I was main AD Carry. One week before season ends I went in a ranked game for the first time of my life in hopes that I can reach Silver for the wardskin reward. I played champions like Leona to let other people carry me, because I thought in SoloQ there are only gods. Of course I failed. I was too new to League to succeed, so I went with 5 victories and 5 defeats to Bronze 1. Next season, after playing and training much, I got with more self-confidence and as AD Carry Platinum 5 very quickly and I was able to hold it until season ends.

Then came Season 5 and Kalista got released. I played her once and fell in love with her. She was such an awesome marksman with a lot of new features and possibilites. I trained her, I improved myself and I perfected her until I reached Diamond. Then I decided to stop playing rankeds until I succeed my a-levels in school. I need to study way too much to play good in SoloQ.

To sum up, I'm a pretty decent League of Legends player with huge knowledge about Kalista. I am not that self-confident, but I have faith in my skills as AD Carry, especially Kalista. I do my best to help people. I already coached some friends, giving tips until they reached Platinum from Bronze and I think I can help you with this guide pretty well.

Enough to me, you are here to learn something about Kalista, not about my personality :P So let's go!



+ Awesome kiting and chasing
+ You can save your support with Fate's Call
+ (even he is in heavy CC like Galio's Ultimate)
+ Heavy for enemys to chase you!
+ Easy farming using Rend
+ Very mobile
+ Strong mid and lategame
- Pretty squishy.
- Requires skill and experience
- Weak early:
- Level 1 Pretty hard (Try to poke with your W)
- Level 2-5: Goood (Little powerspike. Try to use
- the E Poke)
- Level 6-16: Strong
- Level 17-18: Very strong in lategame
- (especially in teamfights)
- Kalista is not a 1vs1 Champion. Only fight
- with your Support, Jungler, or your whole
- team.


SPA FLASH SPACESP Flash is a must have. The most common summoner spell to make plays, to escape, to chase and much more! I recommend you to use this summoner spell defensive, and try to find other escapes like jumping away with Martial Poise to save your flash.


SPA HEAL SPACI Heal is the usual, defensive summoner spell to keep you alive in trades and give you a speed boost for chasing or escapes.

SPA CLEANSE SPACEl Cleanse is a variable summoner spell to avoid CC. (Use it against heavy CC matchups). Remember that you can buy a Quicksilver Sash early as well while playing with Heal.
Cleanse does not interrupt Malzahar's, Warwick's or Skarner's ultimate and you can't leave Tahm Kench's stomach with Cleanse! Furthermore you cannot clear Zed's Death Mark with Cleanse! Care! (with Quicksilver Sash you can do all these things).

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Unlike Mages or Bruiser, there are is only one standart rune page for AD Carries. I will introduce you two rune pages, but normally you won't need the second one.

Rune Page 1 (Standart Page)


This is the standart rune page, which should be used in 99% of your games. It gives you all the base values you'll need and works for Ashe, Caitlyn, Corki, Draven, Graves, Jinx, Kalista, Kog'Maw, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Tristana, Twitch, Vayne. Only for Ezreal, Urgot, Varus on the midlane and maybe Draven I would use different runes. Here is the standart rune page:
Greater Mark of Attack Damage is the usual way for almost every AD Carry when it comes to marks because it gives you a very solid value on base attack damage. Kalista's Pierce is scaling with 100% of your bonus attack damage, which works pretty well with these runes. Her Rend scales with 60% on the normal damage and 20%-30% on every additional spear.
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration is not the best option, because it only makes your autoattack a little bit stronger, but it is totally useless for her abilities. Furthermore the attack damage marks will deal equal damage to the armor penetration ones on autoattacks.
You can use one Greater Mark of Critical Chance as well if you are believing in lucky crits.


Greater Seal of Armor is like Greater Mark of Attack Damage the standart choice for an ADC. You could use four Greater Seal of Health and five Greater Seal of Armor too, but you will only have 5 bonus armor instead of 9.
The 9 bonus armor are working very well versus an (obviously) autoattacking AD Carry. Versus Vayne you could use the four Greater Seal of Health and five Greater Seal of Armor, because she are doing true damage, which cannot be reduced by armor.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist gives you a very solid value on magic resist which is nice against the enemy support and the rest of their team. Furthermore AD Carry like Corki, Ezreal, etc. will do magical damage, too. Alternatively you can use nine
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. I will explain this in the next rune page.


Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed is the best choice for the quintessences. The attack speed is very nice to get lots of spears into the enemies. Attack speed is very, very overpowered at the moment! Alternatively you could use 2 times Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed and 1 time Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage to get a higher value on bonus attack damage, but honestly the 14% attack speed are working so much better for Kalista than only 9%.


9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage will cost you: 918 IP
9 Greater Seal of Armor will cost you: 918 IP
9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist will cost you: 918 IP
3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed will cost you: 1536 IP

Total Costs: 4290 IP


Rune Page 2 (Scaling Magic Resist)


This is the second rune page, which should be used if the enemies have very low magic damage or an enemy support with no magic damage. It gives you more magic resist from level 8 on than the flat magic resist glyphs.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are like I said good for match-ups with very low magic damage. You could take 9 times scaling magic resist if the enemys do not have an AP support as well.


9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist will cost you: 1845 IP

Total Costs: 3681 IP

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The new season involves a completely new mastery system. With this new masteries you cannot say that one mastery page is the one and only for a champion or role.
I put together pretty nice standart masteries, but please make sure to read the alternative mastery points and decide before a game which mastery points you will need in your matchup.

DELETED PICTURE SPACE 1. Fury > Sorcery, because it gives you a solid value on attack speed.

2. Double Edged Sword or Feast : I would prefer Mastery Feast because it is way more safe. If you take Double Edged Sword make yourself aware that you will take an additional 2% damage.

3. Vampirism > Natural Talent because 10 AD on level 18 are very bad. Eventho Vampirism's lifesteal is quite less.

4. Bounty Hunter > Oppressor : You don't own much CC, so it is better to go on the 5% more damage in the late game. (1% per killed hostile champion)

5. Battering Blows > Piercing Thoughts because you need armor penetration as AD champion.

6. Fervor of Battle > Warlord's Bloodlust : Because you are autoattacking much, Fervor of Battle will be the best option. Only take Warlord's Bloodlust if you are going to play in the late late late game or you are Yasuo :D

DELETED PICTURE SPACE 1. Wanderer or Savagery: I definitly prefer Savagery to deal more damage to minions and monsters. This will make your lasthitting pretty easy. The out of combat movement speed is pretty nice for roaming, going back to lane, etc. It is on you to pick this mastery.

2. Seret Stash > Runic Affinity because you won't need the longer buffs. It is pretty nice for jungler and midlaner, but as an adc I prefer the cookies.

3. Merciless > Meditation because don't need mana regeneration, but higher damage to champions below 40% is really nice as an adc.

4. Dangerous Game > Bandit : You definitly should use Dangerous Game, because Bandit is just a supporter mastery. Dangerous Game restores you 5% of your missing health and mana if you score a kill or assist.

If you like to play with Resolve instead of Cunning, you can use this mastery page:

DELETED PICTURE SPACE 1. Recovery > Unyielding because as an adc you won't build lots of armor or MR, so the BONUS stats would be pretty useless.

2. Tough Skin > Explorer because Tough Skin gives you nice defensive stats. Explorer is nice for roaming but as an adc you won't benefit from this mastery.

3. Runic Armor > Veteran's Scars because your lifesteal and heals/shields on you will be increased heavily. Veteran's Scars is only useful for HP stacking champions.

4. Insight or Perseverance: I prefer Insight, because I think, that a lower cooldown on your summoner spells will be more effective than a better health regeneration, but all in all it is on you to choose this mastery point.

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BLADE OF THE RUINED KING SPA This Item is still a very good option to start with. It gives you lifesteal, sustain, a slow, attack speed and percentage damage.




RUNAAN'S HURRICANE SPA Still nice because of it's passive (that you can attack 3 targets on the same time). Now with crit you need to follow with Infinity Edge.


THE BLOODTHIRSTER SPA For high damage and sustain.


SPA Take Lord Dominik's Regards in 99% of your games.

Take Mortal Reminder if you need heal reduction. For example against champions like Swain, Mundo or Soraka.

[centerDELETED PICTURE[/center]

SPA I would recommend Mercurial Scimitar because it gives you nice defensive stats, but also attack damage and lifesteal!


  • Your jump range scales with your boots tier! [Tiers are: No boots -> Normal boots ( Boots) -> Full Boots ( Berserker's Greaves)]
  • The quickness of your jump animation scales with your movement speed! (Not only from your boots)
  • The jump frequence scales with your attack speed! The more autoattack you do the more jumps you will do.

The jumprange values are nearly like this values (exact values have never been published // Source):
Switch your trinket from Stealth Ward to Farsight Alteration when the lane phase ends OR if you hit level 9, because the Farsight Alteration is viable when hitting level 9. In addition the Farsight Alteration gives you control over dragons and barons.


To finish up the build, I normally buy one of these items:

SPA Fantastic magic resist item with a spell shield. Good against burst champions like Ahri or LeBlanc. (or Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab as well)

SPA Best Item for getting resistance for teamfights. In addition the enemy team won't focus you "that much" (you are still focussed, care!), because trading your GA for 1 (or more) kill(s) for your team is not worth it!

SPA A must have item if the enemys have heavy CC for you in fights. A Quicksilver Sash is a great choice in the early or mid game to avoid CC and in the endgame if you upgraded it to the Mercurial Scimitar, you will get lots of AD as well (+80 AD!)

SPA Awesome item for chasing and kiting. The slow is very strong on Kalista. Even thought it gives you only 30 AD, it gives you freaking 700 HP, which makes you (+ your awesome lifesteal) very tanky and you can survive much more longer in teamfights.

SPA If you need magic resist, but you want also more damage this item is great. I recommend you to only buy this item if you are ahead and don't need more health or so. ( Banshee's Veil could be better in lots of situations). Maw of Malmortius also gives you a shield which absorbs 400 magic damage for 5 seconds (90 seconds cooldown). In addition it gains +1 attack damage for every 2% of your maximim health you are missing.


At the end I recommend these upgrades:

SPA Farsight Alteration
It gives you control over objectives like baron and dragon. Since patch 5.3 it places a ward with 1 hitpoint (HP)! (Allies can NOT teleport to this ward! Care!)

SPA Elixir of Wrath
For a potion I always take Elixir of Wrath, because it gives you a small amount of attack damage (+25 AD) as well as giving you lifesteal bonus. It isn't the generic lifesteal: It heals you for 10% of your dealt damage induced by abilities like Pierce and Rend in contrast to lifesteal, which only heals you for damage dealt by auto attacks and "autoattack-abilities" like Ezreal's Mystic Shot. The extra damage by the passive of Sentinel won't heal you because this spell deals magic damage and Elixir of Wrath only heals for 10% of your physical damage.

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1. E, for easy farming.
2. Q, for more damage (especially poke) and an extra jump with your passive.
3. W, for early vision and poke.

Then I max E -> Q -> W and when ever you can your ultimate (Level 6, 11, 16)

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+Kalista jumps after every autoattack and Pierce (Q)
+Here is my video about the walls you can jump over:
Red lines: Here you can jump over
Blue lines: Looking good, but not practicable jumps!
➤ I did a mistake: The baron wall-jump is possible. I just accidently marked it to be possible. Sorry for that!
➤ But this jump is extremly difficult, so I cannot recommend it for ranked games. It has a very high fail rate.

+The jumprange values are nearly like this values (exact values have never been published // Source):

+Basic damage, depending on spell-level: 10 / 70 / 130 / 190 / 250
+Mana costs, depending on spell-level: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70
+AD Scaling: 100%
+Cooldown: 8 seconds
*tips and tricks are coming soon*


+Passive damage, depending on spell-level: 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20% of target's maximum health
+Max passive damage on minions: 75 / 125 / 150 / 175 / 200
+Mana costs: 25
+Cooldown: 30 seconds (stacks up to 2)
+Range: 5500 (that is intense! it is a distance from botlane to midlane!)
+Here is my video about infinite vision on dragon and baron


+Basic damage, depending on spell-level: 10 / 70 / 130 / 190 / 250
+AD Scaling: 60%
+Damage per Additional Spears: 10 / 14 / 19 / 25 / 32 (+20% / 22.5% / 25% / 27.5% / 30% Attack Damage)
+Mana costs: 40
+Cooldowns, depending on spell-level: 14 / 12.5 / 11 / 9.5 / 8 seconds
+after 4 seconds the spears in the enemy disappear (if you aren't attack him)
+Here is my video about poking with your Rend (E)


+Cooldowns, depending on spell-level: 90 / 75 / 60
+Mana costs: 100
+Range: 1400
+Here is my video about the ult usage with Thresh (defensive strategy)
*Offensive strategy coming soon*

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Attack move

Attack move is a very useful feature in League of Legends. There are two ways of using Attack Move.
  • The first one: Just press A and you will see a range indicator. This is the attack range of your autoattacks. If you click on an enemy after using A, you will attack the nearest target to your cursor. Otherwise you will attack the nearest target to your body. If no enemy is in range you just will walk to the position you clicked on.
  • The second one: You need to press Shift + Rightclick and you will do the same like the first method, but you won't see any range indicator. If you press Shift + Rightclick, you instantly will attack the nearest target like you can read above.
Switching attack move from cursor to body (champion):
As I told you in "The first one:" you will attack the nearest target to your body if there is no enemy in range of your cursor, but there is a feature called "Attack move on body". You can find it in-game if you go to Escape (ESC)GameAttack move on cursor. This feature should be enabled by standart. If you disable this feature you will always focus the nearest target to your body if you use attack move.
Which one is better? It is not a question about which is better, it is just a question about which you like. My personal opinion is, that Attack move on cursor works quite well and I can play with it very good.

Why is attack move a good option?
It will hold you back from missclicking followed by walking into the enemies/minions.


General tips to gain elo and improve yourself:

I'm getting frequently asked how to gain elo and improve. That's what I'm answering always:
  • Play a lot!
  • Focus on your game!
  • Do "/mute all" in-game and disable the all chat!
  • Just focus on your good plays to train them (don't brag in the chat) and your mistakes to do it better next time!
  • Do not rage about your team or in general!
  • Remember that you can not change your team, but yourself! Try to think about a lost teamfight. What did you wrong in this teamfight and how can you do it better next time?
  • For the case that you have a really horrible team and the game is lost by 100%, do not get mad, but use this "wasted" time to train last hitting or try to improve your positioning by not dying until game ends! (And do not go AFK)
  • Remember that League of Legends is a video game and not your life. There are good games and bad games. Just don't get mad :)
➤ This tips do not belong to Kalista, but are just general!

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Here is a tier list of supports whom currently work well with Kalista:

God Tier (Awesome choice): Thresh, Annie, Blitzcrank, Tahm Kench
Tier 1 (Good choice): Morgana, Janna, Nami, Braum, Alistar, Nautilus, Leona
Tier 2 (Viable pick): Taric, Sona, Soraka, Lulu, Zilean, Nunu, Bard
Tier 3 (Not the best choice): Karma, Lux, Zyra, Kayle, Nidalee, Vel'Koz


God Tier Supports:
Thresh is in my opinion the best support with Kalista. Besides his awesome kit (very good engage with hook and flay and also a great disengage with the lantern and the box) he has a huge synergy with Kalista. First of all, Thresh has problems to share gold when he bought Relic Shield, because only the melee supports get the execute damage on minions, but with Kalista's Sentinel passive it is a lot easier. Just autoattack a pretty low minion to get your passive on it so your support does a huge extra damage on this minion. In addition Thresh is pretty tanky so you can safely throw him in the teamfight.

Annie is another awesome support with Kalista. Her long autoattack range makes it possible to get the Sentinel passive very often on your enemy. (Her autoattack range got nerfed, but it still workes very well.) If you autoattack the marked enemys, you will poke the enemys to death! (You can autoattack first followed up by Annies' autoattack as well to get the extra damage on your enemys). In addition the ult combo is freaking strong: Throw in Annie with your Fate's Call and Annie will follow up by using Summon: Tibbers. As Annie make sure to have your stun ready to stun as much as possible enemies.

Blitzcrank has a huge synergy with Kalista. He is melee so he can share easily without you, but the Rocket Grab + Fate's Call combo is unstoppable. We saw it already in the LCS and it was called "Balista", which is a combination of Blitzcrank and Kalista. Important to know: As Kalista you already have to use Fate's Call while the Rocket Grab flying! If the hook hits and you use Fate's Call after that, it will fail!
Here is my version of the Balista combo!

Tahm Kench is, even without Kalista, a very strong support at the moment. He is very tanky, has much poke, huge CC, a very strong peel and mobility. In addition he has a nice synergy with Kalista. You can safe him, he can safe you. He can CC the enemies, you can kill them easily. And a very nice combo is: Tahm Kench eats an enemy, Kalista ults Tahm Kench, and he is jumping with the enemy under the tower.
*video to this combo is coming soon*


Tier 1 Supports:

Morgana is a pretty nice pick. Because of the Frost Queen's Claim Morgana will autoattack the enemys as often as she can. That works very well with your Sentinel passive. Furthermore your ult combo is very nice: You throw Morgana in and she tries to stun all enemys around her.

Janna is one of my favorite supports, even she is not a god tier support. Her Eye of the Storm has a pretty low cooldown with 10 seconds. Actually 10 seconds sound pretty long, but you will have in almost every trade and engage the shield on you. So Janna is very, very strong on the lane but in teamfights she looses a bit of her potential, because she is not tanky and that is a little problem if you try to throw her in 5 enemys :D Try to not use Fate's Call directly in a teamfight. Wait a bit and try to catch someone, or safe your life with it by knocking the enemies up. But every trade of 2v2 or 2v3 should be nice for you.

Nami is another awesome support while laning. She has a heal which can poke the enemys, she does autoattacks on the enemy, which works well with your Sentinel passive and she makes your autoattack stronger. She is also more useful than Janna in teamfights, because when she is on the enemys, she can directly throw a bubble or unleash her Tidal Wave.

"Stand behind Braum", because he is a very good life saver. His passive combined with your attack speed stuns your enemys almost instant and makes every trade worth. In addition his shield is protecting your "squishyness/untankyness" and when you throw him with Fate's Call in the enemys, he can CC them all. And he's extremely tanky.

Alistar is an awesome support with Kalista. You throw him in and he is insanely tanky. He does not need to success his combo, but instantly knock them up and kick the ADC/APC into your team. In addition his Triumphant Roar is pretty nice on lane.

Nautilus is in the Tank-Meta a very good support. His tankyness and CC are insane. In addition he can tank everything if you throw him in.

Leona is all in all a great support and Sunlight works very well with Sentinel's passive. You can throw her in every fight because of her tankyness which leads to a very long CC-chain. She is a very good pick!


Tier 2 supports:

Taric is a very underrated support, which works pretty well with Kalista. On laning he can stun an enemy easily and maybe he get his autoattack on it, which deals an extra damage through his Gemcraft, but you cannot get your Sentinel passive very often on the enemy. Combined with your Sentinel passive a big damage spike. You can throw him on every enemy champion or in every teamfight, because he is very tanky, he is shredding the enemy's armor with his Shatter and stuns the AD- or AP Carry. But it is only a solid pick, because there are much better supports combined with Kalista.

Sona has a strong poke and synergizes very well with your Sentinel(W) passive, but she is very, very squishy and you can almost never throw her in a fight. Resolution: Strong pick on laning, because her poke, but she falls off pretty hard in mid and late game.
Remember that you are not a hero, who can't be beaten by anything only because you are playing DJ Sona! :D

Soraka is almost like Sona. Not the most poke but epic heals all the time, which do every trade worth! Your ult is almost useless except of 2v1 up to 2v3 trades.

Lulu has a strong poke, a great shield and she does many autoattacks, which are working very well with your Sentinel passive. Also your ult combo is very strong on laning even in teamfights. (You throw her in and she knocks everyone up with her Wild Growth.) In addition her safe potential is very huge.

Zilean's Chronoshift is very helpful in teamfights. On laning he has a great poke potential with his bombs. Furthermore he does many autoattacks, which works well with your Sentinel passive and on laning Kalista's Fate's Call is pretty useful, because Zilean can slow them instantly and stun them with two bombs at the same time on one target.

Nunu & Willump has a huge poke with his Ice Blast and if you throw him into the enemys he can directly cast his Absolute Zero to deal lots of damage. You don't need your Sentinel passive, because of this epic damage Ice Blast.

Bard is in my opinion a very solid pick. He hasn't got a very huge synergy with Kalista and he is really hard to play (or to play him perfectly). The only thing which is synergyzing well is his stronger autoattack by his passive called Traveler's Call combined with Kalista's Sentinel passive. In addition he can safe your life as good as you can safe his life. His "Zhonyas" ultimate called Tempered Fate can be used offensive for chasing or defensive by using it on an ally target which is about to die. Negative on Bard is, that he has to leave the lane to collect his Chimes although Kalista needs his support. (Kalista is not strong in 1v1's or higher (1 vs 2, 1 vs 3, etc.)
TL;DR: To sum up, Bard is a very solid pick if the supporter knows how to play him, he hasn't a huge synergy with Kalista, but they are still doing well together. Just try it out!


Tier 3 supports:

Karma has a great poke and she can autoattack with her Inspire pretty easily, but all in all I don't like this combo. It can be a solid pick, but they are not very synergizing very well. I can't explain it very well, but for example Kalista is chasing an enemy, Karma cannot follow up even with her shield-speed up. In addition she isn't really tanky if you throw her in with your Fate's Call.

Lux is not a good support to be honest. You could say she has almost the same kit like Morgana, but she has a very low basic mana regen and she is very squishy so you can't throw her in often.

Zyra has with Nidalee and Vel'Koz the worst synergy with Kalista. You can use the Sentinel passive, but not very well. They all have a great poke potential, but they are "only-poke-champions". That means they do not want to be thrown in and that makes your ultimate almost useless.

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Key: *******************************
*Changes without any buff or nerf are blue.SI*

Patch 6.6 notes:
Sentinel's new passive grants Kalista 9-27% bonus attack speed (based on her level) whenever she is near her Oathsworn.
Base Attack Speed: 0.694 → 0.644
Attack Speed Growth: 2.8% → 2.5%
Sentinel only does 3 laps instead of 7.
Sentinel's passive damache got decreased to 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% from 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% of the target's maximum health.
Fate's Call's cast ramge frp, your oathsworn got decreased to 1100 from 1400.
...(The Oathsworn's dash range is still on 1200)
- This patch looks like a big nerf and for SoloQ IT IS a nerf, but now Kalista fits in a specific team combo,
- which is really nice for teamranked and competitive. I think Riot aims to change every ADC to fit in a specific role
- and come away from these "standard-rightclickers" like in Season 1-5.

Patch 6.1 notes:
Mana Costs: 40 Mana → 30 Mana
Mana Refund by killing one target: 20 Mana → 0 Mana
Mana Refund by killing more than one target: 40 Mana → 30 Mana
- In my opinion it is a hard nerf, because the "Kill one minion + poke the hostile ad carry"-trick will cost mana
- now as long as you don't kill 2 minions.

Patch 5.22 notes:
Base Attack Speed: 0.658 → 0.694
Attack Speed Growth 3.3% → 2.8%
Fixed a bug where The Black Spear remained available for purchase throughout the game
Blade of the Ruined King: Current Health Damage 8% → 6%
Runaan's Hurricane:
- Critical Strike Chance: 30%
- Mmovement Speed: 5%
- On-Hit Physical Damage 10 → 15
- The bolts from Runaan's Hurricane can now critically strike!
- Attack Speed: 70% → 40%
- Bolt Ratio: 0.5 total attack damage → 0.25 total attack damage

Patch 5.20 notes:
A bug was found, that melee supports sometimes need to attack twice to trigger the Sentinel passive. Riot is currently working on it and will fix it as soon as possible.

Patch 5.17 notes:
Sentinel passive cooldown got increased to 10 seconds from 6 seconds.
Sentinel passive damage got decreased to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% of the target's maximum health from 12/14/16/18/20% of the target's maximum health.
Fate's Call cooldown got increased to 120/90/60 from 90/75/60.

Patch 5.14 notes:
Pierce and Sentinel will be cast after your autoattack. You don't need to stop attacking for this now. So your gameplay will be smoother now.
The recommend items, in-game, will show you the Runaan's Hurricane build now.

Patch 5.13 notes:
Base Attack Damage got increased to 57 from 53.5!
Base Attack Damage Growth Stat got increased to 3.5 from 3.25!
Basic Attack Ratio got decreased to 0.9 total attack damage from 1.0 total attack damage.
Pierce can no longer be cast mid-dash. (That means "autoattack ➤ jump ➤ directly Pierce ➤ jump" is no longer possible! You have to wait a short time)

Patch 5.9 notes:
No longer gains 25% bonus distance when dashing backwards.

Patch 5.8 notes:
Recurve Bow deals now 10 physical damage!

Patch 5.7 notes:
Runaan's Hurricane deals now 10 (+50% AD) physical damage!

Patch 5.4 notes:
Kalista's basic attack wind-up (the time between starting an attack and it firing) now speeds up at 100% of her attack speed ⇒ 66% of her attack speed

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That was my Kalista Guide!

I hope you could learn from it.
The guide goes more and more detailed :P Thank you so much for your feedback!
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Positive feedback is always a pleasure :)

Here are the videos of my seven pentakills:

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If you like you can check out my other videos like my Kalista Baron-Steal on that channel! >click<

5M! Thank you for supporting me so well!


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