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Thresh Build Guide by maximusGram999

Support [S6] Tank/Initiate/Full CDR Swiss Army Knife Thresh Support

Support [S6] Tank/Initiate/Full CDR Swiss Army Knife Thresh Support

Updated on March 16, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author maximusGram999 Build Guide By maximusGram999 16,756 Views 0 Comments
16,756 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author maximusGram999 Thresh Build Guide By maximusGram999 Updated on March 16, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Hello, my summoner name is maximusGram999 and I play on the NA servers. I am not super high elo (currently in Silver 5), but I like to think that I know a fair bit about Thresh as he is one of my favorite champions to play. I like to go for a tanky, max CDR build on Thresh that allows me to engage/peel and survive well.
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Pros / Cons

  • One of the highest amounts of utility/CC in the game
  • High pick potential with long-range hook
  • Great at peeling for carries
  • Decent lane harass
  • Good at engaging/making plays
  • High outplay potential and extremely fun
  • Can save people with your lantern

  • No innate sustain
  • Can be hard to proc relic shield while first learning as Thresh is a ranged champion
  • Not the best at hard disengage in a teamfight situation
  • Mechanically intensive as Q and E are skillshot abilities and E can be hard to land if the enemy is not stunned/rooted
  • Requires teamwork and coordination to use Thresh to his fullest, particularly with respect to his lantern.
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Damnation: Thresh's passive leaves souls behind after the death of nearby enemy units (the drop rate is 1 for large enemy units/champions, and ~1/3 for small minions). Make sure to collect souls left behind, since they give you 0.75 bonus AP and armor. However only collect the souls as long as you can do so safely. Don't take free harass just so you can get a soul. A neat trick you can do is to use your lantern (W) to collect the souls by throwing it near them, but only do this if you have warded the river well or know that their jungler is not near. Thresh does not gain armor per level, so collecting souls is important, but don't risk your life or your ADC's life or miss out on pressuring an objective or participating in a teamfight just because your are collecting them :).

Death Sentence: Throws out a chain in a line that hooks the first enemy hit. The hook lasts for 1.5 seconds and the enemy is stunned for the duration. Before the hook ends, Thresh can reactivate the ability to use death leap Death Leap, pulling himself to the enemy as long as the hook is still attached.

You're going to want to max out [SKILL ABILITY HERE] before/after/equally [SKILL ABILITY HERE] and before/after/equally [SKILL ABILITY HERE].

Tips and Tricks
  • // state a tip/trick of the ability here
  • // state a tip/trick of the ability here
  • // state a tip/trick of the ability here
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Summoner Spells

Flash: pretty much a given, particularly since Thresh has no dash or escape for himself. Flash can also be used as Thresh in interesting ways. Flash can be used not only to re-position yourself but your teammate as well WHILE they are riding your lantern to you.

Exhaust: Exhaust is really useful to have on Thresh, not only for peeling and saving carries from burst, but also for engaging. Its almost like an extra CC ability, and its up faster than you think particularly with the -15% cooldown reduction from the Insight mastery. Taking exhaust vs ignite really depends on the enemy comp. For example, exhaust is really effective against all-in, close combat melee burst champions such as zed, yasuo, xin zhao, master yi, shyvana, graves, etc. It is also pretty effective against ranged autoattack champions. But, vs a team like leblanc or ahri mid, malphite top, nidalee jungle, sona/cait bot it might be better to take ignite to try and get some early kills.

Ignite: Ignite can be very effective early game, but its usefulness falls off considerably late game.
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How to Lane as Thresh

Lvl 1: Generally you want to help your ADC get to lvl 2 faster, so help him push the wave by auto'ing the minions, but don't try to last hit them to proc relic shield. Since you haven't collected any souls yet, your autos are extremely weak (with this rune page atleast) and its very easy to mess up your last hit and cause your ADC to miss CS. Wait until the second minion wave at least to start proc'ing your relic shield. However, if you are taking a lot of poke during your lvl 1, for example if they have a cait/sona lane, then hang back a little and realize that a lvl 2 all-in is probably not feasible.

Lvl 2 all-in strategy: If you and your ADC are able to kill the minion wave faster than the enemy bot lane while taking minimal if any harass, you can both reach lvl 2 before they do. If you achieve this it gives you a big advantage and you have the chance to land a hook and a flay on either their ADC or support and either push them out of lane/force them to back or potentially get a kill while they are still lvl 1.

Trading: During laning phase you can try and land hooks on their ADC (or support, depending). I find that generally during early levels if you land a hook its better to not leap to them but instead during your hook walk up to them and then once the hook ends flay them backwards. This ensures maximum CC and leaves you in a safer position. Only leap to them if you are going to follow up with more CC, for example your ult or another hook if its on a low enough cooldown. Also be sure to throw your lantern on your ADC to shield him and to try and make your trades more efficient.

Harassing: You can try and harass the enemy ADC just before they attempt to last hit a minion by auto'ing them and then immediately backing off a bit. Done repeatedly and without taking much harass yourself, this can whittle down their HP bar significantly and leave you at a significant advantage.

Warding: In general you want to ward the tri bush, the river bush and the middle of the river. Use a vision ward on either the tri bush or the river bush depending on what side your on, so that you have one more regular ward to spare and can place it in one of the bot lane bushes so their support cant camp it and your top laner can TP bot if a fight breaks out. You can also opt to place a deep ward in the enemy jungle to get vision on their jungler if the enemy bot lane is not camping the lane bushes.

Ganking: If your ADC backs and you don't have to, or if you feel that your ADC will be safe if you leave the lane, you can try to look for a good time to gank mid and get your mid laner rolling.
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Once laning phase is over, you want to ward around objectives that are on the table to be taken next. Look at the map and decide what towers can be taken, or if dragon is spawning again soon set up a few wards around it and in the enemy jungle above or behind drag so you have vision on the enemy team. During a teamfight you want to try to lay your ult down so that it either hits the enemy carries or peels for your carries (or both). Try and peel for your carry and CC the damage dealers on their team. During the fight keep track of your allies health bars and try and shield those who are getting low with your lantern and the FoTM item active.
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Tips n Tricks

Clearing a path: If you want to land a hook but there are minions in the way, you can flay these minions either to the side or backwards and your path will be cleared to throw a hook out.

Fighting under tower: Often times you might be pushed near to your tower and their ADC or support comes close to harass you. You can hook them and then flay them backwards so that they come under tower for about 2-3 seconds.

Chaining your CC: You want to chain your CC as much as possible. If you hook someone, don't immediately flay them afterwards. You want to wait until your hook is just about finished and then flay them, as this maximizes the amount of time that they are unable to use their abilities.

Using flay to interrupt: A lot of the time it might be worth saving your flay to interrupt a crucial enemy ability. For example, if you hook a tristana in lane and get some good damage off, instead of using your flay immediately after your hook ends, wait until she uses her rocket jump and then flay. This interrupts her rocket jump and prevents her from escaping.

Two awesome videos explaining really useful tricks:
From Foreflay:
From Rayskat:
League of Legends Build Guide Author maximusGram999
maximusGram999 Thresh Guide
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[S6] Tank/Initiate/Full CDR Swiss Army Knife Thresh Support

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