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Veigar Build Guide by IllyaB

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IllyaB

[S6] UP-TO-DATE | VEIGAR - The Tiny Fake Support from Hell

IllyaB Last updated on July 5, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Veigar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Garen Garen will hardly be a threat for you, so you can damage him and egress without getting too harassed. But don't let him get too close, otherwise he may be a problem for you.
Teemo Te emo won't stand much of a chance against you. Just avoid getting caught by surprise by his Mushrooms and his Q and you'll be able to outplay him with ease.
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Me, Myself and Veigar

Hello, you fabulous basterds! I'm IllyaB, an unranked brazilian summoner (because I didn't want to go ranked yet) and I brought you an interesting noob-friendly guide on a fake support Veigar assault build. I've been playing with lots of champions since my gf introduced me this game, with my favorites being Xin Zhao, Ashe and Morgana. Then I met this annoying voiced Yordle mage named Veigar. My life changed since then and you'll eventually understand why as I move forward with this guide.

Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil is a small, but extremely powerful mage. He's paper-thin, just fairly mobile but is very versatile and has godlike bursting capabilities. The main thing witn Veigar is the capability of literally farming AP points by using his abilities against champions and permanently gaining AP by hitting them with an ability, courtesy of his amazing passive and delivering it at once in astonishingly powerful attacks. This build gets me an average of 45K of damage per match against champions, no matter if I won or lost.
My record damage with this build was of 69389 of damage against other champions (yes, 64K of damage in a single match), while bordering whooping 1250 AP, with my ult ( Primordial Burst ) doing over 2300 points of damage. In resumen:

>> You HIT a champion with your ability = +1 AP

>> You KILL a champion with your ability = +3 AP

Keep in mind that stacking AP is your main goal here, so farm shouldn't be focused unless you're in a urgent need of Gold to craft a core item. Basically this play style is simple, yet somewhat risky, because in order to cage an enemy and deal your damage, you'll have to get close and this is the fun. Since Veigar isn't by all means a tanker, you'll have to rely in your damage to harass and deal damage to your enemies. A well played Veigar can even hold or push a lane all by himself, although this is ill-advisable.

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It's all about the Combo

Veigar possesses the following attacks:

Baleful Strike - An unguided fireball that deals damage to up to two units

Dark Matter - After one second, a jolt of energy falls from the sky, dealing damage in a narrow area. Damage is maxed in the center of the area

Event Horizon - Veigar summons a pentagon shaped cage that snares enemies that hit the edges

Primordial Burst - A guided fireball that deals a HUGE amount of damage on enemy champions. Damage is maxed out against champions with less than 33% HP

Henceforth, to play the Fake Support Assault Veigar role (I'll refer to this as FSAV from now) you'll have to follow these simple three steps.

>> Step 1 << Trap the enemy using your Event Horizon.

>> Step 2 << Call in Dark Matter.

>> Step 3 << Immediately after casting Dark Matter fire your Baleful Strike at your opponent or opponents, since Event Horizon can trap more than one unit.

>> Step 4 (only if the enemy is not killed or is below 33% HP and you really think it's necessary to take him out) << Wait until Dark Matter does its damage and cast Primordial Burst to finish off your opponent, since it'll do full damage to enemies with less than 33% HP.

Playing this role basically turns you into an AP carry and a force to reckon with. Depending on how good you're doing in the match, you'll probably be hunted down because of your one hit potential, so keep that in mind and use this into your advantage. Also make sure you have a good synergy with your ADC, since you'll be playing like a support at first. When you remove your mask and go full AP carry, try to advance with your team. League of Legends is not only about kills, but teamwork.

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The Good and the Bad

If Veigar is played like a damn fiddle (couldn't resist the joke :D ), this Tiny Master of Evil can be a relentless desintegrating machine. If well fed, Veigar can absolutely destroy AD and AP champions simply with his Baleful Strike + Dark Matter combo and with the correct use of Primordial Burst not even Tanks are safe from this little devil. But if mishandled, Veigar can feed the enemy team easily, since he's easy to kill if bursted (low HP and AR). So keep in mind to ALWAYS keep your distance and close in only when it's safe and necessary.

Don't take unnecessary risks, always have your map awareness at full and you'll do well. AD Champions with a high damage output like Ashe and Graves can be devastating against you if you don't manage to keep a safe distance. Also stay away from bushes since junglers like Xin Zhao and Jax can be a nasty surprise and end up stomping you.
If you end up losing a team fight, use your Event Horizon to slow down chasing champions, as well as Frost Queen's Claim so you can have a chance.
Keeping in mind that you're a papercraft assault cannon, here are the pros and cons of Veigar - The Tiny Master of Evil while playing FSAV:


>> Extremely high damage output per ability
>> Small profile
>> Direct AP stacking ability
>> Fair early game
>> Not usually a priority target at first
>> Amazingly powerful at late game
>> Can turn the tides of a battle within seconds
>> Very low HP
>> Eats lots of mana in Early Game
>> Squishy
>> No built-in escape mechanics
>> Will be a priority target in late game

>> Desintegrate opponents easily in mid game
>> Faster AP stacking
>> Awesome synergy with AD champions
>> Good hunter (if well fed in mid-game)
>> Amazing damage against turrets with basic attacks
>> Single key farm in mid game (just bring Dark Matter in a pack of minions. It's satisfying to watch them turn into dust)
>> Dangerous game
>> Lesser minion farm in early game
>> Play mode may be frowned upon by teammates
>> Exposed to ambushes by jungle while playing in front line

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Positioning FTW

Remember: you're playing an extremely high powered minion. No matter how much damage you cause, you can't afford to take much. Veigar may be extremely powerful, but he can't withstand much of a beating. As FSAV you're extremely powerful and will play very aggressively, but you'll eventually expose yourself. Positioning is the key for survavial, whether camping for a kill, or just staying in the best supporting position for your team.

Let's take a graphical approach. It'll help in the explanation.

This guide is specifically for Summoner's Rift, but the tactics here can be applied to other maps, because the mechanics presented here are all the same. First of all, let's begin with the basics. I know most of you already got past the tutorials and have some basic knowledge about what is what, or where is where, but it won't hurt to refresh your memory a little bit.

This is Summoner's Rift, your well known arena, with tags for easy understanding of the surroundings. While playing this role in early game, positioning is essential in order to make sure you are an effective harasser and farm your AP well without getting too punished. Since FSAV is more focused in bot lane, I'll make this guide bot biased.

When you're in mid or late game, focus on moving together with your teammates and don't straggle, unless it's safe and necessary to do so.


As you can see in the image above, you should ward as much as you can in order to have eyes everyhwere and avoid getting flanked. Common routes enemy champions follow (mainly junglers) take are the River and the passage that comes from the Red. By approaching from these locations, your escape route is really narrowed, so you'll have to kiss the wall if you feel you'll be jumped at ( Rengar and Kha'Zix love to do this, so be careful).

The front bush is a good area to attack from because you can push your enemies back while your ADC farms, but leaves you a bit exposed to the river flanking routes. Warding the top river bushes grant you plain sight of the dragon and alerts your team about possible incursions.

Be careful not to be way too exposed in the River, since escape routes are scarce and you won't have much room to maneuver. Besides in mid game, these routs may be booby-trapped by Teemo 'shrooms, so keep in mind that this is a dangerous place to move around. Only go there if your team is backing you up or if you're really certain that there are no ambushes or champions set there.

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Wise words of Advice

>> Playing FSAV is tricky and you are required to muster the largest amount of AP as possible to aid in your stacking, so buy stacking items (i.e. Rod of Ages) in early game.

>> Only focus Tanks if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. AD and AP champions are your priorities.

>> Use your Dark Matter to soften and even clear waves of minions.

>> If your target isn't Snared by your Event Horizon, call in Dark Matter in the center of the cage, since it'll try to avoid everything you throw at it. Your ability's damage radius will grant the damage and, eventually, your extra stack.

>> Keep your eye in your Thunderlord's Decree . This talent will grant you extra damage and can be useful if you're looking to finish a fight.

>> If you can get a Blue, then get the Blue!!!

>> Veigar can be a jungle menace too. If you can hide in a bush and wait for the team fight, you can turn the tides to your favor in a finger snap. While hidden and there's a big concentration of enemy champs in one place, use your Event Horizon to trap as many as you can and combo. When you do it, fall back to your team group and watch the world burn :) .

>> Your Baleful Strike will usually be devastating in late game, so if you're being chased by an enemy and your Event Horizon is still reloading, fire your Q to disencourage the chase. AD champions will likely want to chase you down, so use it to deal a good amount of damage and change the opponent's mind.

>> Your map is your friend, so always keep an eye for it.

>> In mid game, your basic attacks will deal extra magic damage against turrets, so use this to your advantage to push lanes

>> If you're trapped by another Veigar with Event Horizon, do the following:
- Stay away from the edges at first
- Try to avoid his Baleful Strike
- When he calls Dark Matter (supposing he'll try to combo you), hit the farthest edge of his Event Horizon (you'll be snared, but you'll stay outside the center, where the damage is maxed).

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Wrapping up

This was a not-so-serious guide on how to AP carry with Veigar while faking a Support role. Keep in mind that your goal here is to support, but by doing damage. Veigar can be both a true support, but can also be another force to reckon with during the lane phase. Your life will be a lot easier from level 3 onwards, since you'll have everything you need to deal your damage, so focus on kiting but without letting go of harassing, which is important for you AP farm. Basically, if you're way too lazy to read the entire guide, here it is, completely zipped up for you:

>> Stack as much AP as you can during very early laning phase with your Baleful Strike

>> Aid your stacking with AP stacking items, like the Rod of Ages and get yourself the Sorcerer's Shoes for increased MP and CR items, like the Morellonomicon.

>> As for level 3, unleash your potential by snaring the opponent whth Event Horizon, then by performing the Dark Matter + Baleful Strike combo and Primordial Burst if you think it's necessary (the ult will be available at level 6, so stack as much AP as you can until you unlock it)

>> Kite and harass, kite and harass

>> Use the Frost Queen's Claim to slow down enemies whenever possible to help you trapping them with your E

>> While in team fights, try focusing enemies with high damage potential. These ones usually have less HP and MR

>> ...

>> Profit?

That's it! This was my first guide, so please, take it lightly folks. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing this guide. Thank you and go out there and do damage!

Coming soon:

[S6] Xin Zhao - The Burst King


- v0.1 06/29/16: Guide created
- v0.1a 06/29/16: Visual update
- v0.2a 06/30/16: Visual update | Grammar update
- v0.2b 06/30/16: Updated "Wrapping Up" section | Removed repeated parts in the "Wise words of Advice" section | Added "Sorcerer's Shoes" to the "Enter the AP" build section
- v0.3 07/01/16: New "Positioning FTW" section | Added maps to aid in explanations | Changed skin to "Final Boss Veigar" since I just bough it and it's awesome hehe
- v0.4 07/05/16: Added "Positioning FTW" title image