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Ezreal Build Guide by Samsurser

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Samsurser

Samsurser's ap Ezreal (Read notes)

Samsurser Last updated on February 16, 2014
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Skill usage Q

Your Q don't have really good ap scaling so thats why hex tech gun blade, is a good buy. When you get your lich bane and your hextech gunblade you will be able to make SICK damage when harassing with your Q.

A good trick is to last hit with your Q when you want a skill of cooldown.

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Skill usage W

Your W is your main source of damage as an ap ezreal. It passes through minions and have a great ap scaling. Use it to harass your enemies when you cant hit your Q. When you have a lich bane you can use W and maybe get a basic attack in at the enemy right after, making the basic attack make lots of damage due to the lich bane

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Skill usage E

Ezreals E is just an amazing ability for positioning and lots of other things. Heres a list of things that your E is good at:
[*] Escaping
[*] Positioning
[*] Juking/Dodging
[*] Engaging
[*] Harrasing.

A little trick with your E is that you can teleport over to an eney champ and then get the E's damage and your lich bane basic attack in on him.

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Skill usage R

Your ult is just an overall good ability. It is very useful in teamfight because of the damage and its width, that makes it very easy to hit all enemies. If you suceed hitting all enemies ou will gain full stacks on your passive.
When you get a hextech gunblade you will have spell vamp which will make your ult give a lot of life back to you. That is very usefull. Let me give you an example.

"Youre laning against a Veigar mid and he just bursted you down to a quarter of your max hp. The only thing you can do is to spell vamp yourself up with your Q from a distance. Suddenly you see a minion wave and a low tryndamere at top taking tower. You send a ulti top hoping to kill the minions and trnda to get life back and get gold and a kill. The ulti hits Tryndamere who dosent manage to activate his ulti and you get a kill. All of the minions died so you got gold. Due to your 20% spell vamp you got healed a lot you keep shooting minions with your Q until your ult is up and you dive in to kill veigar with your E. You fire your complete combo on him W, Q, Ulti. And you get the kill plus some time to farm."

Score Card
" K D A CS
AP You 2 61
T Your death toplaner 2 1 1 32
AD random adc 2 1 1 65
S random supp 2 1 3 2
J random jungler 1 1 1 59

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When buying items there are some things that can be switched out, or new items can be added:
When buying boots you can buy ionian boots of lucidity instead of sorcerers shoes

As tank items you can buy Rylais crystal scepter or zhoyas hourglass. Of course you shouldn't build zhonyas against an ap mid, unless they have some skill shots or slow traveling abilities that can be blocked by the active (ex. nidalee's Q, most of veigars abilities, ziggs, zyra).

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Pros / Cons


Every Ezreal ability scales on ap.
He has good escape tactics and you often get ganked at mid lane.
He has great burst.
Good harass.
Good engaging.
Q applies lich bane effect.

When he uses his E for engaging he cant escape if the jungler ganks at the same time.
He dont have sustain until hextech gunblade.

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Ezreals farming is very STRONK. You will have you Q to spam all the time to make your cooldowns go away, and you'll have your W and ulti for sick AoE while farming.

Ezreals early game farming is also spectacular if you get an early archangels or RoA you can farm from a long distance when you're long due to the long range on your Q. Then you will also be able to harass with your W, every time its off cooldown, because it passes through minions.

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Personally i like building my ap mid champions with magic resist runes and ability power, but for ezreal here i go with magic resist and magic pen.I also hate "…per level" runes because i think that runes are only for early game, and they don't do s*** early game. Mana regen runes could also be a smart thing to buy, since it will make you able to harass a lot more. You should just remember that runes are something personal, and it should just fit your playstyle (ex. If you like to harass buy ability power or mana regen. If you like to make trades buy magic resist or ability power. You can probably figure out some more examples yourself.)

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Skill Sequence

The reason that you should max your W first is of course that it is your main source of damage. It is also a good item to harass with since it will fly through minions. Enemies will usually try and stay behind their minions because of you Q, but that won't help them against your W.

If you think that I'm stupid because i tell you to max the Q second. I might also be so, but i take it for the harass and since it is easier to hit than your E

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AP Ezreal has two major combos for engaging, as i see it
1: His first combo is where he engages with an multi and then dives in with his E,W,Q.
2: His second combo is where he dives in with his E,W,Q combo, and then fires his ultimate off. This combo works better on targets that don't have as much health left, because it may not be necessary to hit his ulti. The first combo is anyways the most effective in every situation, since when you hit your ulti you are able to see if your standard E,W,Q combo can do the trick for the finisher.

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Thx for reading this guide. I hope it has been very useful to you. If it has please give it a like since i have spent LOTS of time researching and writing it. Have a GG summoners Remember to check out my teams website for more links to guides we have made:

Remember that you can change the advice i have given you into something that fits you better. "who needs a map".
Have a GG summoners.