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Taric Build Guide by Wendoson

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wendoson

Save them all

Wendoson Last updated on January 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Honor Guard

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Utility: 23

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First of all, I am not a native speaker. My english is realy bad. I try to make it readable for you guys. I am not a pro.I am a usual player with high theoratical knowledge who plays on EUW, and mains support. I dont like to play ranked games, because i dont like the mentalety which people have there.(flaming and blaming, even more than in normals) This is my Taric guide.



    can set up high burst Damage
    is naturaly tanky
    gives high sustain to your lane
    good at soloque
    gives a huge Aura for teamfights
    good at protecting your ad carry
    counters the right now very strong Ad casters with his armor

    slow stun speed
    can go oom fast
    can get chased easy

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gp10 seals

As support you cant cs. The gp10 helps you to get some gold, and to get your sightstone faster.

armor seals

The extra armor makes you even more tanky and helps at trades.

Ms Quints

Ms Quints help you to get kills, where you usualy couldnt. Often they make a difference, of getting a kill ore not. Anyway, you shouldnt change to far as taric, because he is best at short burst trades.

Mana regen glyphs

More mana --> more sustain --> helps you to play more aggresiv

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Summoners Wrath:
The 10 less Armor can make a big difference. If 1 Masterypoint gives you a very notable difference, you should get it.(under normal circumstances)


The most underrated spell in the game. It can set up so many kills and the cdr doesnt help taric as much as awareness does.

I think the rest of the masteries are obvious choices and dont need to be explained.

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Starting Items

Faery charm,3 Health Pots, 3 Sight Wards

Core Items

You should always get the sightstone at the moment you get 700 gold. Try to avoid going back earlier, because every ward you buy, which you could buy with a Sightstone makes you fall behind.

Philosopher Stone
The gp10 helps you out alot and the mana and healthregen gives you even more sustain.It builds in one of the best support items in the game.

Kages Lucky Pick

IT builds into Twin Shadows. The ability power helps you too. It is definetly a core item.

Mid-Lategame Items(listed in no order)

Usualy you get those items, but the order can change often.


It gives Taric even more Auras. Get it earlier if you think you and your team need some tankynes.Often if the enemy has high aoe Damage ore if they have some burst damage and you think aegis can help you and your team to survive the initial burst.

Shurelya┬┤s Revive

If you need some form of disengage(The enemyteam, engages you often, ore if your team just gets often caught this is a good choice.

Twin Shadows

Get this if you want to catch someone out of position, if you need some form of engage ore if you think you will need to use them for vision(if you want to place a baron ward by yourself, ore sth like that)

[b]Zekes Herold[/b]

Usualy i get this as last item(if it goes that far), because at this stage of the game the adc is realy strong. You can get it earlier if your adc is fed.

Ruby Sightstone
Get this early if you need some more wards(if you want to ward the jungle too or some other lanes need wards too.

Ninja Tabi

Get these if you need the extra Movementspeed.
Get the upgrade if your whole team needs just some extra movementspeed to get away.

Most of the time, you wont need other items. In my opinion the only choice you have is in which order you get the items.

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Passive(Gemcraft): Its a nice to have. If the enemyminion wave does push to your tower you can do a few autoattacks, but usualy you shouldnt push the minion wave because you make yourself open to ganks.

Imbue: Use it for sustain. If you make a 2vs2 fight on botlane try to use it before the enemy can use ignite(if they have it). Avoid to use it on yourself. Max it second and get it first at lvl 2

Shatter: You can explode it to make fast damage. Dont fear to use it for burstdamage when your adc can folow. You need to get a feeling when the extra armor is superior and when you need to explode it. Its hard to explain.Max it first.

Dazzle: This is the skill that makes taric what he is. Do not waste it. You shouldnt use it if you are far ahead of your ad carry. The enemy ad carry will just make a step back and your stun was wasted. Try to position yourself in a line to make fully use of the spell.(sometimes you can outzone them if you are ahead of them, but sometimes its just good to save the spell and w8 for the right moment.(your lane is warded/the enemy jungler is on another lane, your adc can follow.)
Max it last.

Radiance: You can use it for Burst damage in lane. In teamfights its often the best to give your team the aura. They will do much more damage with it than you can do with your ult on an enemy. Max it whenever you can.(6,11,16).

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Laning Phase.

Try to push the lane a bit. You will hit lvl 2 first. Look at your exp bar. Run a bit before you hit lvl 2 to the enemy adc. (Your adc should follow, if you are not duoque ore in a team, inform him in pregame chat.) Than stun him use your shatterer and your adc will do some damage. The adc will be low life. If you can kill him(you dont have minion aggro, do it, if not just go back.) Dont chase to far. The enemys might change the tides of the fight. GJ you have just harrased the enemy out of lane.

This is the way every exchange with Taric works. He loves short bursty trades. Its not always the best to all in.

Try to position yourself in a way your adc is able to follow you. If you are far ahead of your adc the enemy adc will make a step back when you stun them(your stun has a slow missile speed.) and until your adc can follow, the stunduration is over and you will loose the trade.(If you are far ahead of the enemy you should position that way.

If you are loosing your lane, just try to sustain your lane. Taric is good at making his adc survive too.

When you get the chance to push a tower, just do it. Than run to the midlane and push the tower too. (with your adc) GJ you have secured Dragon control,can easily counterjungle and you got a 2k gold lead. If you have some time you can rush dragon too.

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Your job as support is to protect the adc. Its better to stun an assassin diving your adc than to stun the enemy adc. Try to use your ulti for the Aura and not for the damage. Sometimes its good to block some skillshots which are going on your adc. Better they hit you than they hit the adc.

Do not go alone anywhere, if you dont have vision of the enemy. If i need to ward baron and my team doesnt follow, i like to use my twin shadows, so i wont get caught.

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Synergies and counters


Graves:Taric and Graves are made for each other. Together your burs is huge, and Graves will get even more tanky than he already is.

Ezreal: With ezreal you can zone the enemy out much farther away, because he can arcane shift to follow. You give him some nice sustain too, which is what ezreal loves.

Vayne: You can make a double stun and can help him to get to lategame. If the enemy is out of position you can easily kill them and make Vayne snowball.

Taric works with many Adcarrys but i recommend going with the listed ones.


Taric has only has one hard counter.

Nunu: Nunu is just, Nunu. He destroys Taric. He outscales him lategame with his huge speedbuff attackspeedslow and ulti and you wont be able to stun the enemy adc, ever. If you are near him, he can just slow you. The adc nunu likes to play with(Ashe, Kogmaw, Caitlyn)also have a slow, or are very longrange(caitlyn) so you wont be able to reach them. Nunus speedbuff makes it even harder to reach the enemy adc. If the enemy team has a Nunu on the Botlane i suggest you to lane switch.

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Ask for Help

It would be nice if someone would correct the text because my English is very bad.I hope you learned something and please make constructive critic.