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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by 102030405

Say hello to Dr.Mundo

Say hello to Dr.Mundo

Updated on January 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 102030405 Build Guide By 102030405 5,366 Views 1 Comments
5,366 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 102030405 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By 102030405 Updated on January 21, 2012
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Hello there i am 102030405 and this is my Dr.Mundo build. Before i get down to business i want to say that i am not a pro player or anything like that ,i don't really play ranked so if you gonna hate me for that be my guest i don't care =) . Why did i choose Dr.Mundo? First reason is that he is a extremely underrated Champion , second reason is that i was bored and decided to try something new .
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Pros / Cons

+ hard to kill
+ very fun to play
+ solid damage throughout whole game
+ very mobile
+ can escape ganks easily
+ low cooldowns

- somewhat squishy pre 6
- needs a good farm to be 100% effective
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9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - i pick these runes because it helps alot with damage from Q and W

9x Greater Seal of Vitality - i pick these runes because they help alot with survivability early game and providing you with more health so you can spam Q more

9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction - i pick these runes because they help alot with cooldowns , Dr.Mundo have small cooldowns but with these runes you can spam all your skills including your ultimate more often

1x Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist - i pick these quintessences because they help you mitigate damage early game

2x Greater Quintessence of Armor - same as above these runes help alot early game against annoying harrasers

You can run different Quintessences if you feel there are better ones to get .
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With masteries i go with 9-21-0 setup , getting enhanced exhaust and magic penetration along with 4% cooldown from offense while going full tank in the defense tree with a very important cooldown reduction . This setup will give you a very good amount of survivability throughout whole game .
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-PASSIVE- This is a very good passive that will help you survive in a lot of different situations . 0.3% might not look as much but the more hp you have the more it will heal you each second , pair this with Force of Nature passive + hp regen from other items and ultimate your hp regen will go through the roof .

-Q- My favourite Dr.Mundo ability , its his bread and butter. It deals a very good amount of dmg combined with a 40% slow for 2 seconds . With my setup you will have a lot of CDR and you can spam this ability a lot so no enemy will be able to run away from you .

-W- This ability can help you farm lanes faster and in teamfight it provides you with a much needed additional damage so you can finish off your opponents faster . I almost forgot it gives you a much needed crowd control reduction .

-E- Same as the Burning Agony this ability will give you additional damage although you don't have any armor penetration its still a good ability to use .

-ULTIMATE- This ultimate will make you IMPOSSIBLE to kill duo to a HUGE ammount of health regen for 12 seconds , it also gives you 35% movement speed . With my runes/masteries/items you can have your ultimate every 40 seconds .
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- this item helps you alot with survivability early game

- 10% cooldown reduction will help you alot early game and 15% regeneration effects will help your ultimate heal through a lot more damage

- some magic resistance and always important tenacity

- more hp = more survivability

- armor,hp regen,cooldown reduction, atk/ms debuff whats not to like?

- this bad boy will make you unstoppable duo to its 40 hp per 5 + unique passive combined with your passive and ult

- good ammount of armor and damage from your 3800+ hp ( you can change this item with other items if you think there is a better choice )
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Summoner Spells

This comes down to your preference , i run Exhaust/Ghost because they help me catch my opponents easier and run even faster.
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In teamfights your job is to run around cleaving people and just causing havoc , turn on w,ult and spam q as much as you can , use exhaust on their carry and turn on ghost if needed to chase down people that are trying to escape .
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Here are some results i got with this build i made .

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I hope you will like my guide and will help me make it even more better by giving me suggestions and tips in the comments section . I had a great success with this build and i hope you will have too .

Thanks !

PS, don't forget to get WARDS WARDS WARDS!
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18.1.2012 - guide published
20.1.2012 - added screenshots of recent matches , disabled comment to vote , edited some stuff
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 102030405
102030405 Dr. Mundo Guide
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Say hello to Dr.Mundo

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