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Yone Build Guide by Hoplite345

Top Season 12 Guide To Carry Yone Top

Top Season 12 Guide To Carry Yone Top

Updated on January 3, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoplite345 Build Guide By Hoplite345 6,309 Views 0 Comments
6,309 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoplite345 Yone Build Guide By Hoplite345 Updated on January 3, 2022
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Runes: Typical Rune Page

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
General Yone Top
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Season 12 Guide To Carry Yone Top

By Hoplite345
Hey everyone! For those who are not familiar with me (which wouldn't surprise me either haha) my name is Hoplite. I am a pretty avid league of legends fan that is literally obsessed with the wind (win "cough cough") twins and Mundo. I am by no means a pro at this game unlike some of the others that I watch (Tempest/Dzukill usually) but, I do have a pretty firm grasp on Yone.

I've played league for about 10 years now and finally decided to actually try in ranked. My ranked goal for this year is to hit high Diamond/Low Master utilizing the 1 trick strategy. After over 1000 games with Yone and 650k mastery with him. I finally decdided after being pushed to make a decent guide to share my experiences and hopefully help some of you climb. I am currently Plat 4 which I know isn't any huge feat, but slow and steady wins the race.

I just started streaming started to upload content to Youtube, if you ever wanna check me out, I more than welcome the company!
Youtube - coming soon.
Yone - The Unforgotten
Yone is an absolute power house champ. I have such a sick obsession with this champ I have a deskpad, keyboard layout, and my entire rig built around this specific champion. His lore, his gameplay, everything about him just gets me excited to boot up my computer and play this game.

Yone is a very flashy champion, with high burst, sustain, and a very versatile kit that has plenty of tricks up his sleeves. The end result allows you to perform some pretty flashy stunts that not only look great, but are devestating at the same time.

Yone is a resourceless champion so farming is super simple. That being said Yone does have some positives and negatives.
The Highs and Lows
High notes:
    Huge burst mid-late
    Carry style champ (known as 1v9)
    Super versatile kit
    High sustain
    Easy to understand fundamentals

    Easy to gank due to wanting to play agressive
    Weak overall pre 6 (depends on match up of course)
    Usually focused down quickly
    Easy outplay potential and weak to CC
    Oportunistic style champ (Timing is everything)

To elaborate a little further on that final note: Yes Yone is a power house champion, hes technically an assasin/duelist. That being said, you do have to be opportunistic with his kit. His kit allows him to get, deal a ton of damage, and return to safety with his E. Using E, Q3, and R combo together deals devestating amounts of damage and can lock a team down very quickly. Take opportunities where they are present as even though you may not secure some kills, Yone's blow up during a drag or baron can shift the game into your teams favor.
Rune Explanations

Primary Runes:

Lethal Tempo:

Lethal tempo is Yone's bread and butter rune right now. Not only does your attack speed increase everytime you swing, but your Q and W cooldowns become quicker and so do their executions. This rune is a game changer for Yone right now as it literally allows you to win right at 1 with a majority of champs.

This is another great rune choice, more sustain when stacked, and constant continual damage increases as you go harder and harder. Lethal is the bread and butter right now, but if you need more sustain later, Conquerer works in a pinch.

Fleet Footwork:
Fleet gives you a ton of sustain early game rather than later. Take this when you are against your toughest matchups with Doran shield and Revitalize.

I always take triumph unless I need just a touch more sustain, then overheal works in a pinch. This gives you so much dive potential and will save you from those near close to death instances when the top laner goes ignite.

Yone's cooldowns scale with attack speed. So do their execution times. The more attack speed you have in general, the better Yone performs. Typically I like to however around 1.4-1.6 attack speed as a Yone. This helps you achieve that much quicker while just farming and doing your thing.

Last stand:
Last stand is a beast of a rune for Yone. Very highly overlooked especially when going top, this is a must. Yone isn't the tankiest thing in the world early game and that damage boost it gives you while you start to get low is pretty intense. Yone's W saves him from taking in quite a bit of damage and while you're low, this rune packs a nasty punch.

Secondary Runes:

This is a general all around good pick for scaling. Yone actually gets pretty damn tanky believe it or not late game and this only adds to it for scaling purposes.

Another great rune I typically rush. This will scale well with Yone's W, Shieldbow, and all the lifesteal you end up picking up with him.

Bone Plating:
Bone plating is a situational rune. Take this when champs have an all in kit that plays hyper agressive, things like Yasuo, Fizz, and Renekton.

This is another great pick when you're against a lot of CC. Especially since it scales with missing health. This will keep you out of trouble a lot espcially since the enemy team is going to focus you down quickly and Yone is weak to CC.
Kind of a given, but gives a ton of utility, getaway, and that flash Q is nearly impossible to dodge. You can also use flash to reposition yourself to knock up multiple enemies at once.

This is usually your go to with flash in the top lane, drawing first blood early, farming, and then teleporting in again with early Berserkers Greaves will put you ahead incredibly early. Also allows for a ton of outplay as TP bottom with a Yone at 6 can get pretty disgusting.

Were focused on top here, so sometimes I may drop my flash for Teleport/Ignite. This gives me a super level 1 cheese depending on the champion and can almost guarantee you first blood. Take this when you want to slam top hard and when the enemy team doens't have a lot of CC.
Kit Breakdown
Way of the hunter (Passive):
Yone deals physical and magical damage. Every other attack deals 50% magic damage, by the end of the game, this seriously adds up. Even if your low on AP, the true damage from his E and the magic damage from his passive, puts Yone in a serioiusly sweet spot. In addition, he gains double the crit chance from all sources like his younger bro Yasuo. That means you hit 100% after Shieldbow and Inifnity Edge. This is Yone's biggest spike.

Mortal Steel (Q):
Simple thrust attack that stacks. After 2 stacks, the next Q will allow Yone to leap forward with a gust of wind to knock up his targets. This is Yone's bread and butter ability. This lines you up for R's allows you to CC, and has some pretty significant damage. Q3 is everything with Yone so try to always keep it up. If you don't plan on using Q3 DO NOT USE IT RANDOMLY, if you hold it, the cooldown will instantly reset allowing you to begin stacking again. This also scales in speed and cooldown reduction based on attack speed.

Spirit Cleave (W):
This ability as well as his Q scales in speed and cooldown with attack speed. Yone cleaves the area in front of him dealing %health damage and giving Yone some sustain with a shield.

spirit unboundSpirit Unbound (E):
Yone leaves his body and gains some movement speed towards enemy champions. In addition after 5 seconds he will return to hit body and deal extra damage based on how much damage he did to a champion. This is Yone's most complicated ability. Many say it isn't an escape tool (which it realy isn't) BUT, it does have some qwerks you should know.
    When the marker above their head turns black, it will kill the target.
    When you are about to get hit with CC (like Xerath E) you can end E early and it will remove the effect if timed correctly.
    You will not snap back if you get affected by heavy CC, Yone can still die while outside of his body. You've been warned.

Fate Sealed (R):
Yone's R is Fate Sealed, Yone after a short cast time slashes forward in a path knocking every champion hit up in the air. Yone will always land behind the last target hit, if no champions are hit, Yone will travel.

This is usually partnered right after a Q3 for a guaranteed land, and to quickly burst your targets. Small note about his R, when the cast goes off, you will perform an auto attack as well right at the end of the cast, so you do actually twice instead of once. This can be the smallest edge that either kills your opponenent or lets them live.
Small Tricks You Need To Know
Q Tricks:

Stacking your Q is the bread and butter of Yone's kit. That being said, a couple of things to touch on.
    Q does not aggro minions if a minion is hit first instead of the champion.

    Q comes off of CD immediately if you don't pop Q3, hold it instead depending on situation.

    Q3 cannot be stopped once casted.

    You can stack your Q on frog camp or using golems to start lane with a Q3, a lot of opponenents look past this which can give you the lead you need.

E Tricks:
    E can remove crowd control effects if utilized correctly. A great exapmle of this is when Zoe tries to hit you with her bubble. Just as the ring around your feet is about to proc for the stun, you can snap back without being stunned. The same rule applies to Morgana Q, and Malzahar R.

    When you are out of your body and hitting a champion a red mark will appear above your targets head. When this turns black, snapping back to your body will kill the champion.

    Your E can be used to go over wall for stealing purposes or to get a pick. You will see many Yone's use this to steal dragons and baron.

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