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Fizz Build Guide by Bertsicle



Updated on February 5, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bertsicle Build Guide By Bertsicle 17,583 Views 0 Comments
17,583 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bertsicle Fizz Build Guide By Bertsicle Updated on February 5, 2023
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Runes: Regular

1 2
Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Ingenious Hunter

Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide


By Bertsicle
Hi, this guide was written for mid lane Fizz. The goal here is to teach you how to play this champion and learn it's strengths and weaknesses. This guide will go over many concepts like his abilities, matchups, items, rune and gameplan. I have been Challenger since season 9. If you wan't to come ask me questions or just watch and learn, I stream my games on
I truly think watching to learn is best for seeing the champion's true limits and following on twitch is free so I'd say why not (help ya boy out too l0l).
Summoners Spells
This is the regular set up for most lanes, take this because Fizz is a feast or famine character and this will make your lethal range much wider. They have to respect you more when you can all in with ignite compared to without it. I still take this 95% of the time even after Grandmaster.

This is decent if you vs a lane where you need to just survive, TP after nerfs really isn't that worth anymore but still good into really good lucian/akshan players with exhaust and lanes where you can't really kill.
I'd still recommend taking ignite/flash in any elo under Challenger because your lane opponents will int if you take ignite.
Item Build
Start with Corrupting most of the time, dark seal start is only good with biscuits into melee matchups but you can literally go corrupting 100% of the time and do well.

Corrupting keeps value all the way into mid game with mana regen so it's VERY good on a melee champ like Fizz who gets poked all lane anyway and havs mana problems until lost chapter.

Full Build


CDR Boots for More E Spamming and Lower CD on summoners, these boots are VERY useful/ you can go sorc shoes if you struggle to get kills. Go CDR boots if you are good enough to get kills without extra damage from Sorcs. (CDR Boots=if very experienced Fizz, Sorc= if beginner and need the extra damage to kill).

Luden's is supreme, Fizz has HUGE mana problems with you CANNOT get away with after a certain MMR. Harvester/Rocket belt are great cheese items but that strategy will fall short after a certain MMR and you HAVE to learn to play macro/proper laning to climb past those games.
Luden's will give you damage so you can still cheese and give you a massive mana pool to fix your problems (as early as lost chapter).
Liandry's is an okay item too vs high HP teams btw so don't sleep on it but you can go Luden's 100% of the time and do fine.
Crown? no they can poke your melee champ too much to make it useful
Everfrost? It's viable but awkward on Fizz because of lower range than your Ult.

Rest of Build:
Boots (CDR if pro/ Sorc if noob) -> Luden's -> Zhonyas
Zhonyas is TOO GOOD to ever give up on Fizz, you MUST take this so you E into a fight and be able to buy time for your E CD to come back up.

Boots (CDR if pro/ Sorc if noob) -> Luden's -> Zhonyas -> (cdr part first) Lich bane -> Deathcap/Voidstaff/Mejais (any 2 of these options)

Only buy Mejai's if you are giga fed and have 10 stack dark seal, this will give you Mejai's movement speed when you upgrade at 10 stacks so it's actually useful.

Deathcap/Void, If they have a lot of magic resist just go void, otherwise Deathcap (pretty simple)

Swap out Mejai's for Deathcap late game.

Honorable Mentions:

Shadowflame: You can get this instead of Void Staff if they don't have a lot of MR but do have shields.

Morello: Usually you just use ignite for heal reduction but if they have a LOT of healing (like 3-5 healing characters) then it can be useful but very situational.

Everything else: No just don't, trust me I've tried it all.
Abilities are very simple actually:


1. Always Max Ult when you can
2. Always Max E first (unless you are vs Leblanc/Lucian/Vlad/etc basically matchups where you can't reliably hit your E, go W max in these few matchups)
3. W max
4. Q max because it gives the least upgrades for leveling it.

*Things to know*
Your Q can be dodged
Your W is an auto reset

Your E can be double tapped to jump over terrain and travel far but has a smaller AOE when you land. Pressing E only once will make your AOE range BIGGER when you land but it's slower.
There are times where you should double tap like trying to escape but generally try to press E once because it will slow them too if you don't double tap it (it's really good for peeling teammates and slowing people from getting away).

You can R flash and Q R, Just make sure to hit the guy without Zhonyas.

Usual combo is something like Q - auto - W - E out or in depeding on if they die or not.

Note: 12.19 Fizz E ap ratio was buffed so late game scaling is a bit stronger, landing E for damage is more valuable now instead of using it to escape. Perhaps Q minion to escape/zhonyas may be higher value. Still depends on situation.
Very standard Page Electrocute is just perfect on this champ (much better than PTA since you can't waste time late game autoing in a team fight when 5 malphites want to ult you omegielul

But all jokes aside the only thing you could change here is Zombie ward line to your preference, although I think zombie ward with sweeper all game is broken op.

Ingenious Hunter is great for all your items coming up faster (Luden/Lichbane/Zhonya) AND your sweeper is up for often so more zombie ward stacks.

Can take presence instead of triumph if you'd like more mana refunds and can take tenacity instead of coup if you are vs heavy CC.

You COULD also take boots biscuits for second tree if you don't want to run precision second, it is viable since you can buy your mythic faster when you save boots money.
How to play
In this section I will give you a general guideline on how to play early/mid/late. Ofcourse every game is different so thing's can be flexible but generally this is how you would play the game in challenger.

Early game
You will wan't to farm what you can comortably in lane (you have bad laning because melee champ with mana constraints) so giving some cs here and there is normal. You will want to look for favourable trades (check matchup section on how to do that. Your real job early game is going to be looking for fights in lane and sides because your champion's kit is good for fighting and creating a chaotic game. If you were viktor or something your kit would be all about getting your gold through strong laning (because he has great poke and good wave clear). With Fizz however, you have a great kit for fighting early and coming out on top because you can get your damage off first in most scirmishes. So keep looking for ways to dive sides and fighting with your jg. Sometimes it won't be so easy, they may have something like a full hp thresh sivir bot lane, so diving side is hard for you, there will still be chances to dive them sometimes but they have to be in bad positions or waste key abilties like lantern and sivir E before yo ucan do much. Some game's you will end up farming for 10 mins because no real chances to roam but eventually there will be a chance so make sure you don't miss it. This is learned from experience and practice. Also dragon fights are great chances for you to scrimish (thats what your champ wants) so be sure to capitalize.

Mid Game
First tower is usually down and you will usually catch side lane waves before roaming to mid or jg for fights. You don't want adc catching side waves once tower is down because he lane becomes longer = have to push further from safety of tower to get waves. Fizz is fine away from tower but Adc is not, so try to be in side and if you are in low elo where ADC's dont listen, then try to kill enemy ADC who overextends in sides past tower. It really is all about side lane wave catch into mid fight or kill in the side lane.

Late Game
Make sure to not get caught because death timers are long and yo ucan easily lose baron or the game off it. Try to get picks because death timers are long (we just talked about this lol). Look for R from side flanks (make sure you have red trinket by now). Sometimes you won't get a chance to flank, if you have a fed ADC or team then it's ok to ult from the front and just try to buy your team time while you do damage/CC so they can clean up. Make sure to use every ability before dying, last thing you wanna see is you lost the game and still had flash or zhonyas up.

You can see examples of all of these on my twitch steam:
It will take time and practice to improve at the champion, you can always refernce this guide if you forget what to do, thanks for the read and good luck.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bertsicle
Bertsicle Fizz Guide
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