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Nunu & Willump Build Guide by torstenthepwner

Middle Season 13 Korean Challenger Disco Nunu

Middle Season 13 Korean Challenger Disco Nunu

Updated on January 11, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author torstenthepwner Build Guide By torstenthepwner 6 0 18,544 Views 0 Comments
6 0 18,544 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author torstenthepwner Nunu & Willump Build Guide By torstenthepwner Updated on January 11, 2023
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Runes: λˆ„λˆ„μ˜ μ‹ 

1 2
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Cheap Shot
Treasure Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
Road To Challenger
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



κ°•μ œλ‘œ μƒλŒ€ 탑 고의트둀 λ§Œλ“€μ–΄ λ²„λ¦¬λŠ”

Champion Build Guide

Season 13 Korean Challenger Disco Nunu

By torstenthepwner
Whats up GG, Torsten back with a guide for them free LP GAINS!
This time around with Season 13 around the corner its time for you to try Nunu Mid, in this guide you will learn how to run around the map and tilt the enemy team to ff15 for a fast and smooth climb in SoloQ. this is a 2 part guide where you unlock the second part when you hit challenger! GLHF
The link to the masterminds channel.
The whole runepage is centered around snowballing around the map and killing everyone.

Keystone: Phase Rush
PASSIVE: Damaging basic attacks, abilities, item effects, and summoner spells, as well as the application of Stun icon.png crowd control and damage over time effects, generate stacks against enemy Champion icon.png champions, up to one per attack or cast per champion. Applying 3 stacks to a target within a 4 second period grants you (Melee role.png 30% βˆ’ 60% / Ranged role.png 15% βˆ’ 40%) (based on level) Movement speed icon.png bonus movement speed and 75% Slow immune icon.png slow resist for 3 seconds.
30 βˆ’ 10 (based on level) seconds

Artifact: Nimbus Cloak
PASSIVE: Using a summoner spell grants Ghost.png ghosting and Movement speed icon.png 5% βˆ’ 25% (based on summoner spell cooldown) bonus movement speed for 2 seconds.

Excellence: Celerity
PASSIVE: All movement speed bonuses increase in effectiveness by 7%.
Additionally, you gain Movement speed icon.png 1% bonus movement speed.

Power: Waterwalking
PASSIVE: While in the river, you gain Movement speed icon.png 25 bonus movement speed and 3 βˆ’ 18 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage or 5 βˆ’ 30 (based on level) Ability Power (Adaptive).
ADAPTIVE: Grants bonuses based on which stat you already have the most bonuses for. Defaults to the first listed.


Malice: cheap shot
PASSIVE: Damaging basic attacks and ability damage deal 10 βˆ’ 45 (based on level) bonus true damage to enemy Champion icon.png champions affected by certain crowd control effects.
Stun icon.png Immobilizes
Blind icon.png Blind
Disarm icon.png Disarm
Grounded icon.png Ground
Nearsight icon.png Nearsight
Silence icon.png Polymorph
Silence icon.png Silence
Slow icon.png Slow
The target must already be impaired prior to the damaging attack or spell in order to trigger the bonus damage.
4 seconds

Hunter: Treasure Hunter
Gain 70 Gold 70 (+ 20 Gold 20 per Bounty Hunter stack) per unique takedown, up to 550 Gold 550 at 5 unique takedowns.
1st unique takedown: 70 Gold 70, 2nd: 90 Gold 90, 3rd: 110 Gold 110, 4th: 130 Gold 130, 5th: 150 Gold 150.
Earn a Bounty Hunter stack whenever scoring a Damage rating.png takedown against an enemy champion, up to one per unique champion.
Nunu&Willump is a medium difficulty tank champion jungler best known for his spam ganks, "double smite" with Consume(Q) and out of vision Absolute Zero(R) one shots. But on the contrary this guide gives you insight into a new perspective on Nunu and that is mid lane nunu, who as a laner is a super wave clearer and a crazy spam ganking tilt-machine who will snowball himself up the ladders of soloQ.
Gameplay: Level 1 you put a point into biggest snowball ever! and from your tower roll nunus big ball into the wave killing all the casters and if you cleared a ward with oracle lens you now hit level 2 from first wave and can proceed with the plan to gank a side lane. After a hopefully successfull gank top you now have a kill or assist and can head back mid with a snowball clearing the wave and can continue to devastate the rift by ganking again. You should be able to rinse and repeat the snowball tactic for the rest of the laning phase and be super ahead while the enemy toplaner has disconnected due to being tilted out of his mind :). In Conclusion Nunu in the mid lane is an even bigger menace than in the jungle because he has super fast wave clear thus he doesnt have to waste precious ganking time in the jungle killing camps, did i mention that you max Consume(Q) so you have no problem staying healthy throughout the game and never missing thos cannons again!
Nunu increases the attack speed and Move Speed of Willump and a nearby ally, and causes Willump's basic attacks to damage enemies around the target.
Willump takes a bite out of a minion, monster, or enemy champion, dealing damage and healing himself.
Willump creates a snowball that grows in size and speed as he rolls it. The snowball damages and knocks up enemies.
Nunu throws multiple snowballs that damage enemies. When he's finished, Willump roots any champions or large monsters that were hit by a snowball.
Nunu & Willump create a powerful blizzard in an area that slows enemies and deals massive damage at the end.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author torstenthepwner
torstenthepwner Nunu & Willump Guide
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Season 13 Korean Challenger Disco Nunu

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