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Lux Build Guide by TheAimlessArcher

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheAimlessArcher

Season 3 Lux - How to Rainbow Piss

TheAimlessArcher Last updated on June 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my very first guide, Ive been playing league for over 2 years now and am confident with my favorite champion, Lux The Lady Of Luminosity, I don't know what it is about this AP mage that makes her so fun, Maybe its the fact she shoots rainbows or maybe its the fact she makes me have fits of uncontrollable laughter when the enemy's health bar drops from max to 0 with the enemy in all chat with "Wtf" or "Omfg so OP" Or even "OMG REPORT THE NOOB FEEDERS ON MY TEAM" But in this guide I hope to Take you through and become a exceedingly well respected lux player.

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Pros and Cons

- Insane Amount of Burst
- Great CC Abilities
- Snowballs hard
- Underestimated
- Has Boobs
- Shoots Rainbows

- Slow Base Movement Speed
- Skill shots can be hard to hit for a new player
- Counters such as talon and Kassadin will hurt

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Skill Order

Q >>>>>> E >>>>>>> R >>>>>> E
If you can hit all the above skill shots in that order as quick as possible the enemy cannot avoid your ult or e whilst chained

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Lane Phase

Place a ward down on one of the river and hug that side that's warded, in case of level 2 ganks you will have enough time to respond and can use your Q to root them and run for the safety of your turret. Against your actual opponent when Harassing make sure you use your passive bu auto attacking them after landing a spell on the enemy, this is one reason for taking the point in the offensive tree "Spell Sword" as it scales nicely since you have to auto attack to use your passive. When going in for harass make sure you are ready with your Shield (w) if the enemy attempts to poke you, use the shield, stun them, auto attack, e them and auto attack again if possible, whilst you have absorbed most of the damage if not all, you have done tons of damage back to the enemy forcing them to play safer allowing you to cs easier.

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Why Q first?

The simple fact, level 2, Junglers can be quite potent at level 2 Such as Jarvan IV/ Maokai / Lee Sin anyone with a root or stun really, by being able to root them allows the jungler to also come in, use a damage spell and CC spell which allows you to auto attack ignite, and maybe get another Q up, this has got be first blood alot of the time when i play with fast junglers or even premades. the other way it can work, is if the enemy runs at you and its 2v1 at level 1, you can flash and root in extreme circumstances and make it out alive with only a 1 summoner down.

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Level 6

Level 6 is huge for Lux her ult is a Huge nuke, so Pre 6 poke as much as you can whilst getting cs, then when the time comes, get yourself into a position where you can Q>>>> E>>>> R>>>> E This huge burst can destroy your enemys without them being able to do anything, not very many mids take cleanse either to dispel Your Q Either

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Late Game

In Team Fights Try to focus Adc, if you done well in lane, you can kill the enemy adc or any other weak champion that lost their lane, if you can harass with E and keep good distance between the enemy the rest should come pretty easy, This is how I play Lux and I feel i do really well the times that I play her, thanks for reading my guide.