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Shaco Build Guide by abelzis

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author abelzis

Season 3 OldSchool Shaco Guide

abelzis Last updated on June 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jarvan IV Very weak fighter; easy to invade for free buffs/kills.
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Hi, my name here is abelzis, in-game I'm abelzyderis and I want to share with you my own Shaco guide. I play League of legends for more than 4 years (since 2010 april). I was such a ****** noob back then, in season 2 had elo lower than 900, in season 3 was stuck in bronze for a long time, ended in silver IV. Now, season 4, or how Riot says now season 2014, as making this guide Gold III (my lolking: abelzyderis ). I used to love shaco a lot and i still love him. Season 2-3 was his gold age. Not really sure about season 1, because i mostly played twisted treeline back then, so ap shaco FTW! But as jungling i had plenty of experience with those two seasons. Season 2 win ratio with shaco ~45%, season 3 - 65%. Now i don't really play Shaco, but the wriggle's changes made me try it. And it was absolutely bullsh*t and useless item. You get your feral like 20min+ (even with old one, when you needed 25 stacks). I recently found out that feral as whole item is completely useless on every jungler, even on Master Yi, Udyr, Xin Zhao.. Reason is - waste of time and gold. To make a success with feral you would need Wriggle's Lantern and [[spirit stone]. Which combined is about 2450 gold. Don't forget you need to spend at least 12 minutes afk farming in the jungle to make success. Enemy jungler might babysit your lanes and you won't be able to finish your feral when you lost the game. Of course you can gank with wriggle's and finish feral at 20-25min, but i find it useless. Spirit of the Lizard Elder brings almost same damage like Feral Flare without even sitting in jungle for whole game. It gives opportunity to gank lanes more often with higher force (ganking with wriggle's makes you ganking like with long sword). So applying early pressure may win games, rather than carrying your team late game. Yes it's possible, I had plenty of feral Udyr (Godyr) games: about 25 with 75-80% win ratio. But somewhat happened, maybe better players or new patch, but I started to lose more than win, so i stopped with feral Udyr. And began with OldSchool Spirit of the Ancient Golem build called Flamedyr. It was a lot better. Same with Master Yi, feral was great for him, but something changed and it became useless. So i started to play again like OldSchool. So let's get to the guide!

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I like to start with blue buff, so i take this buff first in couple seconds with my W. Remember, don't put your Jack In The Box between 00:00 - 00:59. Always put your boxes AFTER 1 minute. The reason is, they last for 1 minute, but they shoot for 5 seconds. So If you put at 00:55, the first box will die when the blue spawns and it will be completely useless. So you should put first box at 01:00 in-game time to have maximum clearing speed. In season 2-3 people started wolves (they spawned at 01:40 back then) and then going blue. But they get a very big leash. Now you don't need it: place boxes (begin from 01:00) and when the blue spawns (01:55) you should have 4 boxes shooting at him. Smite instantly to increase speed even more (smite will be off-cooldown when you make your way to red). Take the wolves and go to red. After taking red you should be level 3 and start looking for possible ganks. Be careful, some junglers may invade you as they "counter" you, like , so before starting red, ward the bush near him to prevent possible steal and death.

There is also second way I used to jungle at season 2-3. It is invading. You have to make sure the enemy starts blue (ex. , , ..), not red. If they start red, don't even bother as you will waste time. Remember that you are the faster level 1 jungler in the game, so you can easily steal enemy buff. So start blue but and kill it as fast as possible, but I recommend to keep your smite, as it may not recharge in time. As you finish your blue, don't take Two-Shiv Poison, go for Deceive instead. It will make you much faster and safer, but still you'll be able to deal lots of damage to target. Most junglers don't rush their red after blue: they take wight or wolves camp, so you'll have plenty of time to take their red. After stealing their red, camp in the bush for the possible easy first blood/kill. You will be level 3 (they should be level 2) and with red buff. It's a big advantage. So you should kill even such early game 1v1 gods like , and maybe . With that you can start ganking lanes with advantage and without getting your lanes ganked so much. You can always steal second red, but you have to be very fast: take blue at about 07:03-07:05 minutes in game and rush again for enemy red. They won't be taking their red, as the blue spawns first and it will take their time. I don't suggest you fight again, but if you wish, go on (reason is that, it will take longer to kill enemy and you might die from someone, ex. enemy midlaner coming to help his jungler).

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Never gank level 2 - you will struggle so hard. At level 3 your ganking becomes really strong. Try to aim for easy kills (midlane, botlane, but if enemy top is pushing hard, you should gank him as it is long way to run to the turret), if enemy is pushing - easy, if your teammate is pushing it will be hard, but if nobody is pushing it will be still pretty easy to take kills/waste summoners. Always try to gank behind enemy. The strongest level 3 gank i do is Q behind your target, and placing my box (W) behind the target where they should retreat (mostly they retreat to tower), so the box won't be useless and make it difficult to escape for enemy (they should kill the box or go in other directions). Don't be afraid, your next basic attack within couple seconds will still 100% critically strike. And just bash your target, if need use your ignite.

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Team Fighting

Then mid game arrives, teams are starting to group around midlane for possible teamfights to get advantage or just win the game. Try to not initiate first, but i never said you can't. I always recommend to initiate on their squishies - adc/apc. You will die, but jungler for carry - #WURF. That means you always have to assassinate enemy backline, then going for frontline. If enemy carry dies from your hand, you can still focus tanks: ex. kill enemy and then start attacking their jungler/top/support, as you don't have your Q (cooldown). But if enemy is for ex. , he will be vulnarable for your movement speed (~450) as he doesn't have slows/stuns (he should had used his ultimate in the start of fight).

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Falling behind

I had plenty of games where i felt behind without getting kills/assists and having a lot of deaths. Best way to fix it - splitpush. You splitpush not for pressure mostly, but to get that gold you need for your expensive items. It will be a long game (+40min), but it will increase your chances being useful and winning fights. I usually don't even take towers, just taking farm (mostly at bottom lane, because to defend, an adc will come, so you'll be able to one-shot him with your new farmed items). When falling behind i still go for same build, maybe just buying them not in the same way. Remember that your team shouldn't fight when you split push, as they'll have disadvantage (4v5 or something like that).