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Not Updated For Current Season

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Twitch Build Guide by SonKirito

SEASON 5.20 | Twitch in the jungle. (DEEPLY EXPLAINED)

SEASON 5.20 | Twitch in the jungle. (DEEPLY EXPLAINED)

Updated on October 23, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SonKirito Build Guide By SonKirito 44,373 Views 1 Comments
44,373 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SonKirito Twitch Build Guide By SonKirito Updated on October 23, 2015
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Why twitch jungle?

Well their are 2 build paths for twitch jungle.

Warrior Twitch.
All of the successful games I've played as warrior twitch jungle involve hard counter jungling and invades which involve great timing, constant ganks and proceeding to snowball throughout the game, Now why pick it? well because twitch is an adc which is an unexpected pick for the jungle and can cause incorrect counter picking for the enemy team and just stir havoc. yes the first clears are mediocre but rushing trailblazer = not bad clears and running warrior is a extremely good strategy for succesful invades and pissing off hardfarming sated devourer junglers. I would only suggest running the hard invade strategy of twitch jungle if you KNOW you are going to vsing a HARDFARMING enemy jungler such as Master Yi.

Sated Twitch
Now this could be considered a lot harder or a lot easier. sated devourer twitch require great reaction timing warding and all'round patience and skill you need to consistently ward you're jungle and have extremely fast invisibility reaction time to invades and counter jungling and know what to do in the situation, Why? because once again hes twitch. he has great stealth, poison. not bad clears after trailblazer. Insane ganker and counter jungler (also a mad splitpusher). the only bad thing about him is he is risky. okay, now the only reason you want to sated twitch is to become a huge terror late game, which requires you to know what to do in every situation of early game which can be hard, but once you learn. you will be twice as strong as an ADC twitch late game. which will pretty much guarantee a win if you know what you're doing.
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Why switch between Q and E on first maxes? well you need e for clearing obviously but twitched main problem is being invaded on the early levels and the extra stealth and cdr on Q is a must have for twitch jungle.
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Masteries specifically for twitch jungle.
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You can play around with these you'reself and find which one you prefer using AD/AS/MS/ARMOR But I prefer this setup it works for me and suits my playstyle.
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Split pushing

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TO "H.I.V.E. Incident Report"
Code Violation: Industrial Homicide
Casefile Status: Unsolved
Investigating Agent: Rol, P.
Team responded to report of suspicious character, criminal activity; proceeded to Sump Works, Sector 90TZ. Sector 90TZ notably absent. In its place: sinkhole, smoke, noxious fumes. Interviews with private security indicate urgent need for better private security.

Response team entered sinkhole. Toxic runoff had melted away building wreckage. Two survivors located, one partially liquefied and dripping off catwalk. Six deceased bodies found among wreckage, three of them partial; two appear to predate incident. Suspect seems to have removed jewelry, accessories, and dental implants, then sorted them into piles by color. Causes of death include acute deceleration, caustic liquidation, and/or fatal crossbow wounds. Unclear if lab's destruction was itself the perpetrator's motive or an attempt to cover tracks.

Survivor #1 (Ra Qintava, facility researcher) brought up for interview, but unable to provide statement due to 1) post-traumatic stress and 2) liquefaction of tongue and lower jaw. Awaiting toxin screen and prosthesis fitting.

Search-and-rescue discovered apparent shantytown constructed from refuse. Recovered items include:

57 waterlogged romance novels, illegible, with edits made in crayon
108 bottles, unlabeled (possible toxic runoff or discarded shampoo remnants)
200 pounds chewing gum (possible installation art project)
1 jar toenails, labeled by toe/finger, date, and mood
Survivor #2 (Valori Olant, Sludge Analyst) in recovery; regained lucidity following prolonged therapeutic electrocution. Statement transcript excerpt follows:

NURSE: She's lost so much blood --
P.R.: Her co-workers lost a lot more than that --
P.R.: Ma'am, I need you to focus. Tell me what he looked like.
V.O.: LIKE A RAT! (pause)
NURSE: Like a what?
P.R.: You mean, small? Beady-eyed? Sorta rat-faced -- ?
P.R.: (to nurse) Can we moderate her painkillers?
P.R.: Nurse?
NURSE: (injecting Olant's arm with sedative) On it.
V.O.: We were just scientists, working on refining human waste into inexpensive baby formula... [EDIT] I saw it! I don't know how else to describe this crazed, enormous RAT screaming at us! Kicking over vats! Spitting on food! [EDIT] The lab was sealed. Nowhere to run. Chemicals flooded in through the sprinklers [EDIT] I woke up in the dark. Well, the acid had melted my eyeballs. I could SMELL the twitchy bastard inches from my face. It said, "NOBODY STEALS TWITCH'S JUICE!" cackled wildly, and skittered off. I can still smell it in my mind. OH MY GODS, I CAN STILL SMELL IT!!
End transcript. At this point victim began screaming; has yet to stop.

[UPDATE: Qintava, Written Testimony]
Suspect summary, as reported:
SEX: Male (unconfirmed).
AGE: Unknown.
HEIGHT: 4'9" (hunched)
WEIGHT: < 99 lbs. (wet).
STATUS: At large; armed, extremely dangerous; DO NOT ENGAGE.
H.I.V.E - "Enforcing Progress!"
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Upon selection
Play "What doesn't kill you just isn't finished yet."
Play "They'll have more holes than my favorite cheese."
Play "Mine!"
Play "I demand tribute!"
Play "I demand a sandwich!"
Play "Shooting's easy. Aiming's hard."
Play "Plenty more where that came from! Seriously, I carry a lot of ammo."
Play "Boop!"
Play "I dealt it! It was me!"
Play "Look what the pipes washed in."
Play "How do you aim with all this light?"
Play "Stand still! My eyes are on the side of my head!"
Play "I greased these all myself."
Play "Exterminate this!"
Play "Ripe for the picking."
Play "No touching!"
Play "Hope that gets infected."
Play "What's yours is mine."
Play "Ohoho, that's gonna fester."
Play "I licked this bolt for you."
Play "It'll only hurt 'til you die."
Play "Aim, then shoot. Aim, then shoot."
Play "Are you gonna finish that?"
Play "Aged like a fine egg."
Play "I can't even taste the air up here."
Play "It's sticky so you don't drop it."
Play "Hey, what did I step in?"
Play "Have you met my fleas?"
Play "Hop on, lice."
Play "Don't trust any liquid you can see through."
Play "All pipes lead to home."
Play "Rust is like more delicious mold."
Play "What's 'sharing'?"
Play "They are the plague."
Play "From out of the sewers comes... doom."
Play "Who let all these plants survive?"
Play "Dip it in sewage... leave it in the sun for a while... oh, yes, that's perfect, yes!"
Play "Ohoho, yes, yes."
Play "They're planning something, I know it."
Play "I'm on to you!"
Play "Watch your step."
Play "Who's following me?"
Twitch pulls out a moldy cheese and eats it.

Play "Always pack a snack a month in advance!"
Play "Ah, finally ripe!"
Play "Sneaking around really works up your appetite!"
Play "I'm a connoisseur of the finer things!"
Twitch plays his crossbow like a violin.

Play "One of these is going to get stuck in your head."
Play "They can play this at your funeral."
Play "I'm dedicating this piece to you."
Play "I hear you're trash! Bow before your king!"
Taunting an enemy LeonaSquare.png Leona
Play "The only thing the sun's good for is what it does to milk."
Taunting an enemy JannaSquare.png Janna
Play "Stop moving my stench!"
Taunting an enemy SingedSquare.png Singed
Play "Oohoohoo, Singed! You smell nice!"
Play "I have this uncontrollable urge to follow you."
Play "I see why everyone chases you."
Taunting an enemy ZacSquare.png Zac
Play "You remind me of home."
Play "I thought this place could use a little gooping up."
Play Twitch laughs.
Play Twitch laughs.
Play Twitch laughs.
Play Twitch laughs.
Upon casting Ambush.png Ambush
Play "I'll be right under their noses."
Play "Time to go."
Play Twitch hums a tune.
Play "Sneaky, sneaky..."
Upon leaving Ambush.png Ambush stealth
Play "It's me! Hahahahaa!"
Play "Hi!"
Play "Oh, hello! Huhahahahaa!"
Play "I was hiding! Hehehahaa, grr!"
Upon casting Twitch W.png Venom Cask
Play "You're welcome!"
Play "I'm gonna want that back!"
Play "Here's something that won't wash off!"
Play "Now, there's a smell you can feel!"
Upon casting Twitch E.png Contaminate
Play "You're looking a little green!"
Upon casting Twitch R.png Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat
Play "Share this!"
Play "Sewer skewers for everybody!"
Play "Pins and needles!" (laughs)
Upon being snared by CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Trap.png Yordle Snap Trap
Play "Bleurgh, this tastes awful!"
Play "Must... take... food!"
Play "D'ohh, it's not even stale yet!"
Play "Ow! That almost caught my tail!"
Play "Now I have to gnaw my leg off... oh, no, I'm good."
Play "This is entrapment!"
Play "Oh, not again!"
Upon buying an item
Play "This will do."
Play "It's mine. I licked it."
Play "Ah, a little stench and it'll be perfect."
Play "Oh, this doesn't smell at all."
Play "Shiny? Ugh."
Play "Shiny, not for long."
Upon buying a Health Potion item.png Health Potion or Mana Potion item.png Mana Potion
Play "My ears are tingling. My... tail is tingling."
Play "Needs more... sludge."
Play "You drink this?"
Play "Ooh, this'll put hair on your tail."
Upon buying Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper
Play "My last whisper will be street bacon."
Play "My last whisper will be maggot pie."
Play "My last whisper will be curdle pops."
Play "My last whisper will be yogurt mold."
Upon buying a Sight Ward item.png Stealth Ward or Vision Ward item.png Vision Ward
Play "Nobody sneaks into my turf."
Play "I need these for my stash."
Play "Trespassers will be shot, then looted, then... chewed on for a while."
Upon placing a ward
Play "I'm watching."
Play "Keep out."
Play "Trespassers will be gnawed."
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SonKirito
SonKirito Twitch Guide
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SEASON 5.20 | Twitch in the jungle. (DEEPLY EXPLAINED)

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