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Evelynn Build Guide by Snake And Dagger

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Snake And Dagger

Season 6 AD Evelynn Jungle Guide (Patch 6.18)

Snake And Dagger Last updated on September 10, 2016
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello everyone! My name is Brandon aka Snake And Dagger. If you're reading this its probably because you want to learn how to play Evelynn, and play her to your greatest ability. Well, you've come to the right guide. As I write this I currently have over 200k mastery points on her, so she is by far what I specialize in. I've played this game since Season 3 and have played Evelynn for over a year now so I will give you all the tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

I'll try my best not to make this super long, and if you would rather watch a video go ahead and check out my YouTube channel where I post loads of Evelynn videos along with plenty of other junglers (meta and non-meta). Also, if you want to keep up to date with my content I will link my Twitter and Facebook!

[*] Incredible map pressure, especially early.
[*] HIGH amounts of damage even without ultimate.
[*] Good clears with efficient kiting and Q placements.
[*] Build/Runes/Masteries provide a little bit of everything.
[*] She's ****ing INVISIBLE.

[*] Very squishy.
[*] Needs to snowball or falls behind badly.
[*] Mediocre counterjungler.
[*] Semi item dependent.
[*] MANY other junglers who are better right now.

Evelynn has her strong points and of course, her weak points.

This is the rune page I like to run when I play AD Evelynn. The AD marks + quints not only have you doing more damage on your aa's but your E and Q scale with ad, so those will be doing more damage as well. The 10% CDR is also very important for this build because this will have you capped at 40% if you buy the same items.

There's three keystones I like to run when I play AD Evelynn. Strength of the Ages, Thunderlord's Decree, and Fervor of Battle. I usually go with Fervor because overall this style of playing AD Evelynn is more DPS/bruiser focused. What I mean by that is you are not looking to burst your enemies down (however you will still have a decent amount of burst with a full combo). Instead you will be very tanky while also doing a lot of damage with your auto attacks + Q's. Fervor is the perfect keystone mastery for this.

Here is a screenshot of the build I run in 99% of my AD Evelynn games. I'll break down why each item is good on her.

Starting Items
[*] Hunter's Talisman - This is the jungle item you want to start. Main reason being is your Q has such a low cooldown so you will benefit greatly from the healing. I've tested out both this and the machete, and this is superior.

[*] Refillable Potion - No reason to buy health pots. If you kite well enough you can do a full clear with this no problem.

Final Build
[*] Warrior - Attack damage + CDR. The clear choice for your jungle item when playing her AD. I personally go with red smite but you could also use blue smite if you really want the extra CC.

[*] Mercury's Treads - Your boots will be situational, so sit on tier 1's (basic boots) for as long as you can and see how the game unfolds. Then from there decide between merc treads or ninja tabis.

[*] Iceborn Gauntlet - This is your core item on AD Evelynn. When completed this will cap your CDR, allow you to stick to enemy champs, and of course give you armor and mana which doesn't hurt. Whenever you play her you should always have one sheen item, whether you're AD or AP.

[*] Sterak's Gage - Great item to build right after your iceborn gauntlet. A lot of players don't know this, but this is the only item in the game that amplifies your sheen damage since it raises your BASE attack damage. Also the health + shield is very nice since nothing else in your build provides those.

[*] Phantom Dancer - I love building this on champs like Evelynn, Graves, etc. because it's one of those items that provide you with "hidden tankiness". The crit chance isn't that beneficial but the other stats certainly are.

[*] Mercurial Scimitar - A great finishing item. If they have a lot of hard CC, don't hesitate on buying QSS early and finishing the complete item at a later time. However, if they are majority AD you might want to consider buying something like a dead mans plate. Also, an IE wouldn't be a bad choice either if you are super snowballed.

[*] Vision Ward - Vision is important. Always try to have a pink ward on the map at all times. I like to place them in my jungle entrances that way I can collapse on counter junglers.

[*] Elixir of Wrath - For when I have reached full build. Self explanatory

Now it's time to get into the actual gameplay and how to properly jungle with Evelynn! Like I said before, if you would rather watch a video that contains all this information head on over to my YouTube channel.

Let me start off by saying she isn't the easiest. She's actually one of only 5 champions in the game who have the highest difficulty rating of 10. With that being said, it's not rocket science and anyone can pick her up with a little bit of practice.

Let's start with your first clear, and obviously your most important clear. This is the route you want to take, with a leash from your teammate(s). I will do both red and blue side. The numbers in yellow are when you want to use your smite. THIS IS THE ROUTE YOU TAKE WHEN YOU DON'T PLAN ON GANKING BEFORE YOUR FIRST BACK WHICH I DO NOT SUGGEST.

As you see in this diagram you want to always start and end your first clear by smiting krugs. Reason being is this will be your most beneficial buff when clearing camps and staying healthy. Your E (which you max) gives a big attack speed boost, so basically what this means is you will be almost perma-stunning jungle monsters.

Another thing I want to bring up is kiting your jungle creeps. Evelynn is very weak early game, so to have the healthiest clears you always want to kite the monsters with your Q while your E is on cooldown (if you have the mana for it). If you watch any of my Evelynn videos you can see how I do this. It's vital in her clears and is one thing that separates the good Evelynn players from the bad ones.

One last point about jungling that I want to make that also applies to every other champion is DO NOT NEGLECT YOUR JUNGLE CAMPS. In the majority of my games I will end up with more gold and more exp over the enemy jungler and this is because I actually jungle and take efficient routes rather than gank gank gank. I'm not saying to afk farm, but you MUST keep jungling and not spend too much time in lanes. This just comes with practice and experience.

This is where I'll post updates to the guide. This game is constantly changing and I'm always trying out new things.

[*] 5/30/16 - Swapped out ignite for flash. Ignite is sort of a cheese strat and when you get into the higher divisions flash is almost mandatory.

[*] 6/2/16 - With patch 6.11 coming out this morning, and swifties seeing yet another nerf, ive decided they're not the most cost efficient boot you can buy on Evelynn, or most champs for that matter. I'm now building merc treads or ninja tabis depending on the enemy team comp.

[*] 6/7/16 - Changed the starting ability to Q instead of E and also switched the starting jungle item to the talisman. I had a little free time and did some extensive testing in customs and I found this combo to be the most efficient leaving you with the most health and fastest clear.

[*] 7/26/16 - Did a major revamp on this guide. Switched my runes, masteries, and a couple items. This will most likely be the final update until season 7.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my guide. I put a lot of work into this and have spent countless hours playing this champ so I hope atleast one person benefited from this guide. She's a super fun champion, and while she's not the easiest to jungle or the most powerful at the moment I enjoy playing her and look forward to the day I hit high elo with her. I also have an AP Evelynn guide on Mobafire if you are interested in playing her that way, so check that out, and I'll link all my info again if you guys want to keep in touch with me. Thank you once again and I'll see you on the rift!