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Elise Build Guide by Lesten B Phel

Season 6 Patch 6:11 Elise jungle Guide

Season 6 Patch 6:11 Elise jungle Guide

Updated on June 13, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lesten B Phel Build Guide By Lesten B Phel 2,891 Views 0 Comments
2,891 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lesten B Phel Elise Build Guide By Lesten B Phel Updated on June 13, 2016
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Before you embark upon my most extensive and elaborate guide I must first tell you of my own endeavours to which lead me to becoming the infamous Elise god. It all began at a time when I was a gullible and naive Silver 4 jungler wannabe. I was playing with people who were very good at the game , and their friend laithe. I was unable to jungle at an appropriate level when playing with them. And as such was herded into bot lane like cattle. I could'nt stand the injustice . Someone with as big a dik as me should be making plays displaying this very quality and there is no better jungler for over compensating for a small *****s than elise. Other than maybe rengar.
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Unique Skills

Why play Elise? Well for starters she is one of the more unique junglers in the sense that she can tower dive early , has seven abilities and can fit most team comps ,She is extremely flexible as shown by numerous "Fan Art" which we wont get into.

Tower Diving - At level 3 you have 6 abilties , one of which "Rappel" allows you to negate significant turret damage and escape. Make sure however that your top laner is just as well endowed as you are before attempting this display of masculinity. Ensure you land your cocoon throw your w q and then R W Q in spider form to execute them and then Rappel Before the Turret hits you.
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Scaling magic resist because you are not taking much AP early on and this scales better.
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Strength of ages is the best keystone for jungling in my opinion and makes elise surprisingly tanky. The "Veteran Scars" mastery helps with early tower dives and clears. I take 12 points in the ferocity tree for the "Opressor" and "Expose Weakness" mastery as well as the spell vamp.
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Runic Echos and Boots of Swiftness are the core items for excessive ganking. I then rush rylais because the AP HP and slow it provides not only make it easier to land your E but also synergise very well with her spiderlings once Liandrys is finished. Its a late power spike but scales very well in comparison to other junglers. At this point you will have damage and HP so to survive and use more rotations CDR and MR/AR Items are essential for the teamfights youll be missing. But in the off chance there are no kruggs get Frozen Heart. This item gives an autistic amount of defence its actually autistic build it when you can. However zhonyas and deadmans can be bought as well for extra armor , movement speed or to reset the rotation on her Spells. Abyssal is like the only good MR items for mages , build it last but build it eventually.
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Skill Sequence

W first to clear faster , Q second and then E. Max your Ultimate when it is available and then your Q.
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Unique Mechanics

Elise revolves around her spiderlings to do sustained damage. At level 1-5 they are very weak so to maximise clears if they are less than 2 use your spells then go into spider form and attack the camps. This is optional as her Mage Q does damage based off of current health. So clear times are fastest with this in mind. When she has 3 spiderlings up it is still more efficient to stay in spider form however and q w the camp. Then as the spiderlings die so into human form and Q W. It is important clearing becomes second nature as elise so that you can look for tower dives.
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Creeping / Jungling

Elise's damage is single target so camp mid and top. You cant take early dragons anyway due to the fact all 3 spiderlings die in one breath. This means that the optional start in my opinion is red buff (considering your on the blue team) so that you can spend more time top side applying pressure without having to spend much time in a null zone. If you are out of camps ward the enemy junglers red side and counter jungle. Ganking Top and Mid is much easier and effective than ganking bot when playing elise.
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Pros / Cons

Use her all the time in their games because they have read my guides and realise how strong she is.
Fits most team comps.

Not very useful when behind.
Difficult to play/
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lesten B Phel
Lesten B Phel Elise Guide
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Season 6 Patch 6:11 Elise jungle Guide

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