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Vayne Build Guide by InTheLittleStone

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InTheLittleStone

Season 6 Vayne Jungle - Hyper Carry in the Jungle 6.9

InTheLittleStone Last updated on May 4, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threat Champion Notes
Sion Sion is a tank and Like all other tanks you should not have a problem with aslong as you know kiting. In teamfights try to focus whoever is closest and it will most likely be sion. Definately easy to dodge his entire kit. Be careful of his passive because it hurts like a truck... or maybe 2 trucks :P
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Introduction to Vayne in the Jungle

-=- Introduction -=-
[ Note: if You see text in pink it means the definition will be in the glossary ~~
Also if you see any mistakes or errors feel free to tell me as this is my first ever guide!
First off I would like to say that to pull this off you will need some basic knowledge of kiting in the jungle. First camp you will want to start at is the Krugs and to do the Krugs successfully you should not use any pots and should be between 100 hp of full health. Start with vaynes W (Silver Bolts) We will be maxing that and then at level 2 get your q. you should be lvl 2 when fighting red buff and remember to kite it as much as you can but remember to let it hit you once or twice or else Brambleback will just go back to his camp and reset to near full hp. Next go to raptors and smite the big one and clear the camp with kiting again. Next go to wolves which are the hardest to kite but you don't really need to kite them much as blue is very easy to kite. Go to blue and after blue you should be around 300 hp or more and at level 4. If you are lower than 250 hp back or stay because Gromp will have a higher chance of killing you but usually you should be fine and proceed to killing Gromp. Now you have 2 options: 1 Recall and get jungle item or 2 Go get Krugs again and back and keep jungling. Usually you should do the second option unless you are sub 300 health. There you have it and now you should easily destroy the jungle early and you can gank or get more stacks on devourer!

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Runes and Masteries.

-=- Runes -=-

Runes and Masteries are Extremely important when you play a squishy champion in the jungle and still essential for success with any jungler although some junglers are still good without runes. Basically for my runes I chose full attack speed red and quint's to make my kiting faster and you need the attack speed to properly kite the monsters. For Seals and Glyph's I took MR and Armor so you can take reduced damage from champions and other monsters which will help in ganks because you will not be easily taken down with the armor and MR.

-=-Masteries -=-

For masteries I went a simple 21/9/0 setup to give vayne a lot of damage in the early game while still having the increased attack speed. And also i gave her the tankiness combined with the runes to sustain pretty decently in ganks aswell as in the jungle.

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-=- Items and Build -=-

In Mobas items are an essential part of any team and champion. So when we try to hyper carry we will need the right items along with the Masteries and Runes above to succeed as a Hyper carry. Thats where the Vayne build comes in. At level 18 and at full build this build will grant you 2.3 attack speed, 200-300 damage and depending on your stacks magic damage on hit. You will also have crit damage and also more or less lifesteal dependent on situations and adaptations to the mid and late game.

-=- Item Explanation -=-

-=- Jungle Item -=-

Above you will see the full build and a few adaptation and situational items on the screen. Now to start with the reasoning behind these specific item choices. Obviously you should know that vayne is an AD Marksman with a high skill cap and is very late game oriented. Usually if a vayne can farm steadily into the late game she is almost unstopable dealing tons of true damage to all champions. Because you have smite you will want a jungle item and that jungle item will also improve income in killing large monsters when jungling and only large monsters. When enchanted to either Devourer or Warrior it will give you certain boosts. Devourer will give you a lot of attack speed and will stack on creep kills and those stacks will increase the magic damage dealt on basic attacks by 1.5 Magic damage a hit. So at 100 you should be dealing 150 magic damage on basic attacks. Warrior however will give you a straight 40 Attack damage which is not very useful because you would need a second phantom dancer to replace the devourers attack speed. But the Devourer will make you stronger because people cant just build armor to counter you because of armor pen and you will be doing magic damage to them as well making it harder to counter your strength because they will need to build both armor and Magic Resistance. Overall I would stick to the devourer enchantment because it will speed your clear rate drastically and help you hit people faster triggering your true damage from silver bolts even faster.

-=- Core Items On Vayne -=-
Many peopel reading this should have a general idea of vaynes core items but some do not so I wil help them understand why these items are particularly good on this champion. Core items on vayne are: Blade of the Ruined King or BORK for short, Phantom Dancer PD, Berserker's Greaves and Last Whisper LW. First lets start with Vaynes best item, Bork. Bork on vayne is amazing. It is like bread and butter, the perfect duo. Bork has an active that does magic damage and heals you for a certain amount of health and also slows them fir a number of seconds. This active is amazing and alongside the stats of Bork which is incredible for vayne because she can lifesteal kite and gets damage buff all from one item which in turn will grant her great kiting ability. Combine all of the core items together and you have enough strength and damage output to shred any player with the right kiting micro and knowledge of mechanics.

-=- Situational Items on Vayne -=-

As we are doing a hyper carry vayne build there is not many situational items that will be in the build because the standard build is strong enough against anything as it is along with vaynes kit. But even with all of that there still are some situational items. There are 3 items on vayne that are good dependant of the situation your team is in and you as a player. Those 3 items are The Bloodthirster BT, Infinity Edge IE and Guardian Angel GA. I will go over independantly why you should choose each one in a situation but to basically summarize here is what each of the items will lend you. Choose BT if you have enough damage but are good at kiting and want more sustain and lifesteal in battle. Choose IE if you have enough sustain in battle and dont need to kite a lot and just want insane damage output with crits. Choose GA if you die in fights and are not very good at kiting or if you are just getting caught alot this will gice you two lives in fights and make it easier for your team to win the fight.

-=- The Bloodthirster -=-

The Bloodthirster is a good overall item on vayne that will boost her damage and kiting ability drastically. Usually i will choose this item as personal preference because I like to dish out damage and kite a lot as a player. The Bloodthirster has advantages over the IE and GA though. One it will stack and grant you much more damage than the IE and a good amount of lifesteal that paired together with BORK will enable you to live all day if used properly unlike GA or IE but GA will revive you if you die so keep that in mind. Overall I would say to usually go with BT over the other items but if you cant kite very well or are learning how to kite I would consider going for another item like the IE.

-=- Infinity Edge -=-

The Infinity Edge in League of Legends is one that is very unique in retrospect. It is the Only item in the game that boosts your critical hit damage and combined with the right items like 2 phantom dancers this build would be insanely overpowered. Even though this will boost damage a lot it just doesn't allow much survivabilty which is why many vaynes would rather go with BT or a GA. Personally if you feel that you have enough lifesteal then the infinity edge is definately the item for you but the Bloodthirste will be better if you can manage to kite your enemies. Overall I would say choose this item if you fee lyou have enough lifesteal and that you can stay alive in the fights long enough to have the full potential of true damage crits.

-=- Guardian Angel -=-

The guardian angel is a very sneaky item that will often leave enemies in their tracks when it is used. This item synergizes really well with a team with cc and tanks to protect the hyper carry which is you when she gets revived again. Personally this is my least favorite item because it is the most unreliable. If you are reliable on your kiting skill and knowledge of vaynes mechanics i would say this item is the worst for her just because sometimes if you get caught out and die your team will be their to save you and sometimes they wont and when they aent this item doesn't benefit you as much as a BT or IE would because with BT you could probably take a few enemies with you or at least lifesteal and kite away. Overall I would only pick up a GA if you were dying in teamfights early or if you feel that your damage is already extremely high.

-=-Boots -=-

With all the enchantents on the boots it is really situational of what enchant you want.
Personally on Vayne I think furor is the best because of the Bonus Movement speed when you attack people which vastly improves kiting. The only other Viable enchant is Homegaurd and really this enchant is only good if you are losing and you need more movement speed when you respawn to push the lane faster and defend your base But only get this if you are losing early because if you get furor kiting will be like a hot knife on butter.

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Creeping / Jungling

Always Start Bot side because you can get a better leash. Smite it regardless and as soon as it spawns. Next move on to your buff and be sure to agro it before using your condemn so you less damage taken then you would have if you engaged with condemn. After this you can basically do a full clear, you just have to kite well. If you are low on health then you can just take the scuttle crab.

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Hi guys! I hope you enjoyed my first ever guide on MOBAfire! If you liked this please rate and comment and also feel free to check out my Nidalee guide!

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